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New York Daily News
The overall result is a romantic comedy that indulges fantasies, calms insecurities (can an ordinary bloke stack up?), and breaks and mends hearts with surgical precision.
Has buckets to spare of that rarest screen commodity — genuine, engaging charm.
In the end, the movie works because Grant and Roberts are disarming geniuses at playing themselves -- and then some.
San Francisco Examiner
The deft, hilarious Notting Hill finds Grant's dour-droll-deprecating affliction at its most dead-on.
Chicago Sun-Times
The movie is bright, the dialogue has wit and intelligence, and Roberts and Grant are very easy to like. By the end, as much as we're aware of the ancient story machinery groaning away below deck, we're smiling.
Los Angeles Times
A smartly cast and consistently amusing romantic comedy.
Roberts fans will, of course, be delighted to see her in a role that plays to all her strengths -- fresh-faced looks, charming gangliness, air of infinite approachability -- and neatly sidesteps her glaring inability to act by having her more or less play herself.
The A.V. Club
It may boil down to little more than a minor variation on Four Weddings' formula, but it's an interesting and entertaining one.
Chicago Reader
At once a light comedy and a reasonably serious meditation on the perils of fame.
The result is two films: a big, dreary star vehicle that sags whenever its leads spend quality time together, and a mettlesome British caper whose nutsosecondary characters walk away with the movie.

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