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The card handling that Jennifer Love Hewitt does in the restaurant (saying it relaxes her) was taught to her by stage magician Ricky Jay. She actually learned more tricks than that, but was unable to do them in the movie because she broke her finger.
Jennifer Love Hewitt broke a finger while filming the 'flopper dive' scene.
The most expensive shot in the movie was when Jennifer Love Hewitt leaned against the car to talk to Ray Liotta near the end of the movie. Because it was cold on set, she had a white sweatshirt around her waist that was in the shot, and it had to be digitally taken out.
Back when the movie was supposed to start filming in 1997 actress Alicia Silverstone was originally cast in the role of Page and Doug Liman (the director of Go (1999) and Swingers (1996)) was set to direct, but as time passed Jennifer Love Hewitt ended up playing Page and David Mirkin (who also directed Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997)) took over directing duties.
In the DVD commentary, director David Mirkin states that being a native New Yorker, Sigourney Weaver did not know how to drive, which made her extremely nervous during her driving scenes in the film.
The music played during the scene where Gene Hackman gives Sigourney Weaver the gift of a lighter is the same classical piece that was used as incidental music in Weaver's debut film, Alien (1979) (it's playing while Dallas is sitting alone relaxing in the shuttle). This has to be an in-joke intended by the filmmakers.
The original casting choices were Jennifer Aniston, to play Page, and Cher, to play Max.
Hewitt's line, "There is only one man," is a reference to Chasing Amy (1997), which also starred Jason Lee.
Jennifer Love Hewitt never actually drove in any of the car scenes in the movie.
The film was originally entitled "The Breakers", after the swank Palm Beach, Florida resort. The company passed on the rights to include their name as the title of the movie, and removed all clear association with the production - except that they allowed MGM to film on the hotel's premises.
It was Sigourney Weaver's idea to dress Nora Dunn's character up like in Rebecca (1940).
Cameron Diaz, Alicia Silverstone, Cher and Anjelica Huston were all considered for roles.
Despite Jennifer Love-Hewitt's character Page being portrayed as a smoker she once stated in a Rolling Stone interview that she abhors the habit and finds smokers disgusting.

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