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Good flick, but I have a few problems with it.

Author: Robin Arthur ( from Oklahoma
23 June 2003

Lizzie Williams is a high school senior and an honor student with a drinking problem. Now, I know parents automatically want to believe their children but these parents were so consumed with their own affairs that they didn't notice that their under-age daughter was constantly getting smashed??? It's not like she was doing a little drinking with friends...she was getting hammered...often. Also, if you discover that your child is addicted to alcohol, would you continue to keep it in your home? If you have any sense, the answer would be, "No!" On the other hand, the movie does a good job portraying the perils of under-age drinking (or any age of drunkenness for that matter) and the consequences that may follow.

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We watched this in Driver's Ed

Author: Caity from United States
15 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lizzie, Janie and Kate were three best friends who shared a love of a lot of different things: studying, partying, and drinking. Both Lizzie and Janie were bright honor students, but lacked some common sense. Especially on one particular night, a night that Lizzie decided to drive both herself and Janie home from a pre-Graduation party while still under the influence. Both girls had done this several times before, but nothing bad had ever happened, until now. That night, the girls were in a terrible car accident, with only Lizzie making it out alive. The movie continues on as Lizzie struggles with both the consequences of her mistake and the knowledge of what the mistake caused.

I believe this movie is good because it truly shows you what can happen, and what the consequences can be, when you drink and drive. I think this should be a required movie to watch for all people preparing to obtain their licenses.

Please, everyone, never drink and drive.

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Well-directed message movie...

Author: MarieGabrielle from United States
16 January 2008

well-written and effective, this LMN addition is worth a view, especially by any teens and parents concerned about drinking and driving. The message: it only takes one mistake to destroy a life. Many lives are affected, not just the victim, his/her family, but EVERYONE.

Kate and Lizzie (well-portrayed by Deanna Milligan and Bonnie Root) are celebrating high school graduation with their friend Janie.

At first it seems harmless, socializing, having a few drinks, they have their freedom and can go out and party. In one scene they are pulled over by a cop, were drunk, but get away with it. They drive to parties, enjoying their senior year.

One night as Lizzie is driving them home, she incurs a tragic accident her friend Janie dies, and her life is altered forever.

Bonnie Root is excellent as Lizzie, who becomes suicidal, self-hating and in despair. Her parents attempt to help her, but she at first refuses treatment. She continues to drink and drive, and at one point knocks a child off his bicycle. In court she is sentenced to probation; unintentional vehicular manslaughter.

This film addresses the fall-out and complicated issues of alcoholism/binge drinking. More than 50,000 teens per year are involved in alcohol related accidents, many fatal. However, the film does not just preach, it shows the frustrations of Lizzie's parents, Lizzie's own issues, and why she chooses to drink, and how the victims family is forever affected as well. Very well-presented. 8/10.

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Time for a collection of 'Moment of Truth' DVDs

Author: juliafwilliams from New York, NY
23 September 2005

'Playing to Win', 'Champion's Fight (a/k/a 'Shattered Hearts'), and 'The Accident' -- all gripping movies under the popular 'Moment of Truth' franchise. (Oh, let us not forget 'Secret Between Friends'). If ever there is a collection of movies that belongs on DVD, the 'Moment of Truth' franchise is the one.

'The Accident' deals with the dynamics of drinking and driving in a tactful and educational way and should send a strong message to adults AND children (future adolescents) -- DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE, and if you believe you have a drinking problem, or if anyone you know has a drinking problem, GET SOME HELP! For your sake and the sake of those around you.

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Despite its derivative moments, this movie has taught me much

Author: gavin-thelordofthefu-48-460297 from United States
9 May 2011

This TV movie focuses on three girls named Lizzie, Janie, and Kate from high school who share a lot of things in common: crushes, gossips, and drinking alcohol at a party. One night, on the way home, while turning the music up loud, Lizzie and Janie get completely drunk and accidentally crashes the car. Lizzie survives but unfortunately, Janie dies.

At first, Lizzie starts to feel guilty about the tragic accident and must learn to stop drinking alcoholic drinks and just keep moving forward.

I've watched it in Health Class last week in high school until today, we finished watching it.

There happens to be a lot of negative things about this movie. The storyline suffered from too many dramatic moments and a lot of emotional moments, but to be fair, it did taught us the important lesson about not to drink alcohol and somethings the acting and cinematography turned out to be very interesting.

The Accident: A Moment of Truth is an interesting TV movie with an educational premise and a good atmosphere despite its derivative moments.


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Lizzie, what the hell were you thinking?

Author: covergirl10452 from United States
2 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After seeing The Accident: A Moment of Truth Movie, I am so appalled in Lizzie and her friends' behavior. They had no business drinking and driving, especially when they're under age. They have lost their minds. Everything the teacher told them about doing drugs before they graduate, they should have listened. Now, Janie is dead and can forget about graduating and going to college. That's out of the picture. When people tell you something for your own good, please listen. Doing something brainless, like drinking and driving, can either get you in trouble, like Lizzie, or cost you your life, like Janie. Just like Lizzie's father said "What the hell were you thinking?" Unbelievable. Well, I hope she's happy. She killed her best friend and nobody is going to see her again. Well, as for Lizzie, I hope she never drinks again, even if she is at legal age to drink.

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You killed her as sure as if you put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger

Author: sol from Brooklyn NY USA
15 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

**SPOILERS** Celebrating their upcoming graduation from high school Lizzie and Janie, Bonnie Root & Marisa Rudiak, got themselves stoned on booze and beer. With the designated driver Kate, Deanna Mlligan, also a bit tipsy the two girls decide to drive home despite their being in no condition to be behind the wheel. What happens later destroys both girls, Lizzie & Janie, lives. Lizzie ends up with a concussion and Janie dead!

It's later with Lizzie still trying to get over her friends Janie's tragic death that it comes out that she, being behind the wheel at the time of the accident, had a alcohol/blood lever of .12 making her legally drunk. If Lizzie didn't have enough problems already she now has to face the music, in court, in her responsibility in Janie's death and that in the end will, if she wasn't already, turn Lizzie into a hard core alcoholic.

The film accurately not only shows what drinking and driving can do to those involved but their families and friends as well. Lizzie who's already depressed over her parents Valerie & Ray Williams, Donna Bullock & Matt McCoy, separation is now driven to drink not only over her responsibly for Janie's death but her being socially ostracized by everyone in town for it.

Even though she was given a suspended sentence in her vehicular homicide trial and made a touching and heartfelt attempt for reconciliation to Jani'e single mom Mrs. Nancy Palmer, Teddi Siddall, and brother Ben, Scott Vickaryous, forgiveness was not in the cards for Lizzie.

We get to see how a sweet and friendly girl like Lizzie descends into self-loathing not just over what happened to her best friend Janie but how she's treated by Janie's mom and brother Ben as well as her classmates in high school. We also get to see how booze destroys those who are addicted to it both physically as well as emotionally.

Lizzie for her part still didn't learn her lesson even after her trial and let the bottle, in this case a fifth of vodka, control her life. ***SPOILER ALERT****It wasn't until Lizzie got behind the wheel again, being both boozed up and with a suspended license, that reality hit her right between the eyes and finally made her finally turn for help. Lizzie became a a member of AA, Alcoholic Anonymous, which in the end not only saved her life but got her back the respect and forgiveness of those, like both Janie's mom and brother Ben, who up until then wanted to have nothing to do with her.

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Not Justice

Author: kirknclaysmom from Kennesaw, Georgia
12 May 2008

The movie was very good but the part that bothered me was the fact that nothing happened to the girl that caused the accident. She chose to drink, she chose to drive, and even though she may not have wanted the girl to die, the choices that she made caused it to happen. She was not punished for killing someone. That was so sad that the family had to go through that and the girl that killed her drank through the whole movie. She wanted her friends and others to boycott graduation because she thought she was not being treated fairly. OMG! The whole movie was poor poor Lizzie. Please tell me this girl did not get a happily ever after life. No one wishes her dead but she should have paid for her crime. I am not sure why they continued to have alcohol in their home and the fact that the girl was such a liar did not make it any better. If she had been poor and not an honor student, there would not have been a movie in the first place. The movie was done very well it was just the injustice that bites!

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i taped this movie back in september

Author: James Zenor ( from Perry, Iowa
7 January 2004

i saw it on lifetime movie network and i think that it should be educational for anyone to watch.

when i watch that movie over and over again i think that lizzie did tell the truth in court when she killed janie in the car accident by accident. i think that nancy and ben wanted to hurt lizzie in the movie by not speaking to her and not letting her go to graduation cause lizzie was looking forward to graduation all year.

i took drivers ed my senior year and we had a guest speaker talk about the dangers of drunk driving and what it can do to u. we also got to watch a video about it, and in PE as well we even got to wear goggles by trying to throw a ball to the guest speaker, and in PE, we also got to try to shoot a basketball into the hoop.

don't drink and drive everyone, be safe drivers.

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We watched this in Driver's Ed a few weeks ago.

Author: Megan_Koumori
19 April 2003

The story focuses on Lizzie, Janie and Kate (Gee, really original names people.), three best friends since kindergarten. Kate's the sickly sweet one, Janie's the rebel, and Lizzie's somewhere in-between. Lizzie has a crush on Janie's dumb jock brother, and the feeling is mutual.

Lizzie and Janie (who are none too bright)'s favorite past time is to get smashed on the weekend with vodka and beer. One night, they drive home drunk and end up crashing. Lizzie lives, Janie (the interesting one) doesn't. Now Lizzie's on trial for vehicular homicide, Janie's mother's got a thirst for vengeance (She does a good job of making us wish she has been in the car), and Dumb Jock Brother's not speaking to Lizzie.

The movie is well meaning, but so completely corny, it kills the message off. And for some reason, Lizzie's mom looks too old for Lizzie's dad (Just my opinion, people.). So don't drink and drive, and you won't have to watch this movie (unless you take Coach Brown's class).

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