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Season 1

The Friendly Head Hunters
While Clutch is at an in-store signing for his new book he gets a telegraph telling him he must go to South America to find a lost friend.
The Arctic Bird Giant
Clutch's tiny Eskimo friend needs him to save a friend from a bird giant.
The Desert Queen
A twenty-nine pound ruby is missing and Clutch must find it.
The Pearl Pirates
Clutch's south seas island vacation is cut short when the natives tell him their rare black pearls are being stolen.
The Vanishing Gold
On the way home from a mountain hideaway, Clutch encounters a miner whose gold is disappearing.
The Race Car Mystery
Clutch's friend has his car sabotaged in a race.When Clutch shows up, the same thing happens to him.
The Rocket Riot
When their plane has mechanical problems, Clutch and friends are forced to land in the desert.After passing out from the heat, they are rescued by a rocket scientist.
Twaddle in Africa
Colonel Twaddle goes missing while on a secret mission in Africa and Clutch is called on to find him.
The Lost Plateau
The medical association asks Clutch to go to the Amazon to find a rare plant that can cure night blindness.
The Ghost Ship
While relaxing in a small fishing village, Clutch discovers that a ship piloted by ghosts is keeping the locals from fishing.
The Rustlers
On the way home from an adventure, Clutch and friends stop to see a rancher friend and find that someone is stealing her cattle.
The Missing Train
Clutch plans to take Spinner and Paddlefoot to the circus but has to change their plans when a train full of gold goes missing.
The Devil Bird
After a giant bird makes the natives of Taka Napa flee to Rapa Tapa, Chief Mambo sends a message to Clutch asking for help.
Pipeline to Danger
When Clutch is called upon to find out why a new oil pipeline isn't working, mysterious strangers try to eliminate him.
Mister Abominable
A storm forces Clutch and friends to land in the Himalayas.There they meet Prince Gung Ho who tells them that a sacred blue yak has gone missing.
4 Jul. 1959
Operation Moon Beam
Clutch and company enter a rocket race to the moon.
Air Race
Clutch Races an airplane against the ace.
The Haunted Castle
Clutch goes to Scotland to investigate his friend's haunted castle.
The Elephant-Nappers
When a rare white elephant goes missing, Clutch is asked to find her.
Dragon Fly
One of Clutch's old friends is being tormented by a giant dragon fly, or so he thinks.
Sky Circus
Clutch enters a sky circus but the airport manager wants to make sure he doesn't win the $5,000 prize.
The Midget Submarine
An atomic submarine is stuck on the ocean floor and Clutch must find it before another country discovers it and it's secrets.
Cliff Dwellers
After crash landing in the desert,Clutch and company stumble upon the village of a lost Indian tribe.
Jungle Train
Chubb Perkins sends a message to Clutch saying he needs help but Whiplash wants to make sure that Clutch doesn't make it to Chubb's plantation.
5 Sep. 1959
Space Station
Paddlefoot is chosen to pilot a spacecraft due to his high dog IQ. However, when the spacecraft gets lost, Clutch and Spinner must journey to find him.
The Dinky Incas
An American expedition to a lost Incan temple has gone missing.
Kangaroo Express
A plane loaded with treasure is forced to land in the Australian desert and Clutch must recover it.
Alaskan Pilot
Klondike Ike and Sourdough Mike are missing but Gumboot Hogan and Moose Nose Mack don't want Clutch to find them.
Swiss Mystery
The Greenwich clock has a broken main spring and the only person who can make one,Hans Clockenspiel has gone missing.Clutch and company must travel to Tickertocken to find out the correct time before they can begin to search for Hans.
Pirate Isle
Clutch gets a mysterious telegram telling him to go to the Galapagos Islands.
Crop Dusters
Col. Greenleaf Julip is losing his cotton crop because of an unusual amount of bugs and now he may lose his plantation to Mr. Hansen.
The Smog Smuggler
A mysterious dirigible is dumping soot on Sunnydale and Clutch has to stop it.
Global Test Flight
Clutch is test flying a new design for Andy Anderson but the competition tries to sabotage his global trip.
Dead End Gulch
When stage coach bandits come to Dead End Gulch, Clutch decides to run for marshal.
The Missing Mermaid
Minnie the mermaid has been abducted by spies and Clutch must save her.
Flying Bus
The Smog brothers are trying to sabotage a new airbus design so they won't lose the city bus franchise.
Road Race
Clutch enters the Forgonia Grand Prix but someone is trying to sabotage him.
Feather Fuddle
Professor Chickadee has gone missing at Big Wet Lake.
Water Wizards
Clutch and Spinner enter the boat races at the regatta and Spider Black tries to sabotage them.
The Terrible Tiger
Clutch and company go to the Bingo Bengal jungle to save their friends from a giant tiger.
The Circus
Someone is trying to wreck the circus and Clutch intends to find out who is responsible.
Bush Pilots
Pete Moss sends a mayday from the Northern wilds and Clutch must rescue him.
Cheddar Cheaters
Dutch cows are going missing and Clutch is asked to find them.
The Blunderbird
The friendly headhunters ask Clutch to come to the Amazon and save them from a giant bird.
The Case of Ripcord Van Winkle
A pilot who has been missing for 30 years suddenly appears and throws and an air show.
The Fortune Cookie Caper
Clutch gets a note in his fortune cookie from Chin Chew Chow, saying that he is being held prisoner in a cookie factory.
Big "X"
Professor Stargazer sends a paper airplane to Clutch asking for help when a big thing is going to collide with the moon.

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