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20/20 needs glasses
crash214 February 2007
Back in the days of Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs, 20/20 was the best news magazine show on TV. I especially liked their undercover investigations, busting scams and criminals. John F. Stossel did his "Give Me A Break" part very well at the time. The older 20/20 shows were the best! And I never missed a show. But ever since Hugh Downs left, the show just hasn't been the same. And now that Barbara Walters has left too, the show has become much of a joke. 20/20 used to be all about protecting the consumer and busting scams and criminals. But now, all they do on 20/20 (besides covering stories that are already all over the news, a lot of which is simply entertainment news) is bust myths. This is sadly, the exact same concept that has also brought down the Discovery Channel. The Discovery Channel used to be all about shows investigating both a lot in science and law, but now all they do is show stupid "reality" shows and bust urban myths. I just can't understand all of this, obviously the people in control of these TV networks today are just some really stupid (and lazy) people.
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20/20 going down the tubes.
Lee Bartholomew30 January 2004
Guess I should have figured John Stossel was becoming corrupt. The minute he said that drug companies should be charging high prices to seniors, he lost me as a fan.

The show truely became stale when Hugh Downs left. :( Hugh and Barbara were a team. No wonder she's leaving. Probably can't stand John.

Frankly when she leaves, the closest competitor to 20/20? Bill O Rielly. I'm guessing it won't last long if John's the sole host.

Give me a break!!
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Good news magazine show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh20 July 2007
"20/20," in my opinion, is a good news magazine show. During the time he was on the air, I enjoyed seeing Hugh Downs as the co-anchor. When he retired in 1994, I was really sad. My reasons for this are very hard to explain. If you ask me, it seems that nobody stays with a TV show throughout its entire run anymore. Still, I enjoyed hearing him report about what was happening in the world. I still think about him to this day. The only thing I don't like hearing about was when someone had been murdered or gone missing. Now, in conclusion, I'd like to say that Hugh Downs was a fine reporter who will be sorely missed. There will never be anybody like him.
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The best one hour TV news program in TV history!
Danny Blankenship12 December 2006
Over the years, when I can it has always been a tradition to watch "20/20" on ABC Friday nights at 10PM. This one hour news program has always been the most informative, and it features stories that touch your life, and the segments are often about the average American citizen just like you or me. Many of the stories aired are often controversial involving the law and crime, plus many reports are educational about your health and sex life and even sometimes they have celebrity reporting, but overall this program sticks to everyday common reporting. Plus the hosts, and reporting have always made this show A+ material, it was always great with legends Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs, now the torch has rightfully been passed to the fact finder John Stossel and the flashy Elizabeth Vargas. The myths, lies, and stupidity segments of Stossel's are just great, I love the way he proves the media powers and so-called experts wrong by his research and common wisdom. Overall "20/20" is a TV news legend that should continue to last many years more with great reporting like it always has.
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The quality has plummeted beyond repair.
Clothes-Off3 July 2012
Since the departure of Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs, there is not a scrap of the show that 20/20 used to be left. It's as if they put Geraldo Rivera in charge. With every story, be it a murder case, political story, or profile of a company, they manage to find the LEAST credible interviewees to discuss the subject, to the point where you have to assume they were the absolute last program to pick of the scraps of the few remaining people on any given story who would talk to the press. As for the correspondents on the show, they are no longer of the quality of, say, Lynn Sherr. They tend to ask the most insipid questions in a tone of voice that suggests they think they're brilliant. They are so not. I wrote the show off the day I turned it on and saw smarmy John Stossel and vapid Elizabeth Vargas staring back at me from the anchor desk, the perfect symbol of how OVER the show was, and is.
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Moreover Dateline NBC
Liz-593 September 1999
The articles on this show are all extraordinarily well done, and even some articles I wouldn't have ever found interesting (e.g. - a man who wrestles snakes) I find myself clung to. Also, Barbara Walters has passed anything above average in the world of news anchors.
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Like 60 Minutes, A Tradition of News!
ShelbyTMItchell12 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Like it's sister show on CBS of 60 Minutes. 20/20 Is also a great show. For the news. As I used to watch it with my parents on Fridays. As we were growing up.

Though I did not at all like Barbara Walters, still the show is very informational and really educational. When it shows news stories that has a little bit of the news.

Some news stories are news and are serious. And some are comic. Still it knows when to be not funny and knows when to be. Really one of the best news programs.

Not the best like 60 Minutes. But it is up there!
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