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9 Sep. 2016
Episode #40.1
Elizabeth Vargas is interviewed by Diane Sawyer, in the Season 40 premiere, about her secret struggle with alcohol and anxiety, as revealed in her memoir, "Between Breaths".
16 Sep. 2016
In-Laws and Outlaws
Detectives suspect that the 2014 murder of a Florida State University criminal law professor may be the result of a family feud.
23 Sep. 2016
Love, Hope, Faith
Police provide correspondent Ryan Smith access to their investigation into the brutal murder of a University of North Carolina sophomore in September 2012, Included: a DNA generated composite of what the alleged killer may look like; interviews with the victim's parents and her siblings.
30 Sep. 2016
Rear Window
The murder of a 12-year-old child in October 2011 is investigated, after the man accused of strangling the boy to death, was acquitted of the crime.
7 Oct. 2016
Her Last Chance
Kimberly Long serves seven years in prison for the murder of her boyfriend, Ozzy Conde.
14 Oct. 2016
What Happened to Jackie?
Nicole Eramo talks about the Rolling Stone article, detailing the alleged gang rape of a University of Virginia student.
21 Oct. 2016
How to Get Away with Murder
Christopher Waide is convicted of the 2014 murder of 19-year-old Lea Porter.
28 Oct. 2016
U.S. authorities scrutinize a supposed miracle cure for autism that a fringe church is promoting; employees faking injuries to receive disability; an American woman convinces people that she is a descendant of French nobility.
4 Nov. 2016
Chandra Levy: Mystery in the Park
Information leads to the dismissal of charges against a man convicted of the murder of Chandra Levy.
11 Nov. 2016
Donald Trump: The Making of a President
A look at the life of Donald J. Trump and how he captured the presidency, featuring interviews with his family, longtime friends and campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.
18 Nov. 2016
Crossing Lines: Women and Men at Work
Journalist Gretchen Carlson speaks out about the sexual harassment she's experienced throughout her life; a former Wall Street trader talks about the sexist atmosphere he observed at work; the lengths that people will go to prove harassment claims.
23 Nov. 2016
The Real Designated Survivor
Real-life designated survivors Dan Glickman and Gale Norton; actors Kiefer Sutherland and Kal Penn (Designated Survivor (2016)).
25 Nov. 2016
Finding Owen: A Boy's Story
A profile of Owen Suskind, an autistic young man who learned to communicate with the help of animated movies and was the focus of the documentary, Life, Animated (2016).
2 Dec. 2016
Episode #40.14
A conservation with Keith Papini, husband of Sherri, the California mom who disappeared on Nov. 2, 2016, and was later found bound and injured 150 miles from her home.
9 Dec. 2016
The Mark Carver Case
Mark Carver, serving a life sentence for the 2008 murder of University of North Carolina student Ira Yarmolerko, speaks out.
16 Dec. 2016
Jonbenet: Grand Juror Speaks
A man who served on the grand jury that voted to indict John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey in the 1996 murder of their daughter, JonBenét Ramsey, believes he knows who committed the crime.
17 Dec. 2016
Home for the Holidays
Investigative genealogist Pamela Slaton; three siblings, who were abandoned as infants, are reunited.
23 Dec. 2016
Legends We Lost
Entertainers and legends, who passed away in 2016, are profiled, including Prince, Muhammad Ali, Florence Henderson, Fidel Castro, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Merle Haggard, Pat Summitt, Arnold Palmer, Craig Sager, Gene Wilder, Doris Roberts and others.
30 Dec. 2016
Debbie and Carrie: A Hollywood Love Story
A look back at the lives and careers of actresses -- and mother and daughter -- Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.
6 Jan. 2017
Scientology: A War Without Guns
Ex-members of the Church of Scientology who crusade against it; actress Leah Remini discusses her fight against the Church of Scientology and her goal of making it lose its tax exemption status.
13 Jan. 2017
My Reality: A Hidden America
Profiles of working individuals and families across America, who are struggling to stay in the middle class; issues of dwindling job opportunities, income inequality and community solutions are explained.
19 Jan. 2017
America's First Family: The Trumps Go to Washington
Interviews with President-elect Donald J. Trump's family, including Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and his wife Lara Trump, and Ivanka Trump; a look back at the road to the White House.
20 Jan. 2017
The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump
Highlights of Inauguration Day; coverage of the inaugural balls.
27 Jan. 2017
Mary Tyler Moore: After All
The life of actress Mary Tyler Moore, from her childhood to her groundbreaking career.
3 Feb. 2017
Lost at Sea
A man, found adrift at sea in a life raft, claims his mother disappeared when their boat sank during an ill-fated fishing trip the two had embarked on.
10 Feb. 2017
Anna Nicole Smith: Tenth Anniversary
Playboy model and reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith is remembered, 10 years after her sudden death; new information about her glamorous and mysterious life is revealed through conversations with Larry Birkhead and others who were close to her.
17 Feb. 2017
Shark Tank: The Road to $100 Million
The ex-wife of Justin Ross Harris -- who is currently serving a life sentence for leaving their son in a hot car, resulting in the child's death -- talks about the incident.
10 Mar. 2017
A Boy Named Lucas
A 16-year-old gay teen, whose mother sent him to a series of Christian-run youth camps that practice so-called "gay conversion therapy", talks about his experience.
11 Mar. 2017
Soccer Mom by Day...
The investigation into a soccer mom's disappearance reveals she has been running an escort business.
24 Mar. 2017
Episode #40.32
After spending 11 years in prison for allegedly murdering her mother, Noura Jackson is released and a new trial is ordered.
31 Mar. 2017
Episode #40.33
After running out of gas while driving alone in the desert, a young woman survives five days with limited food and water, before being found by a rescue team.
7 Apr. 2017
Episode #40.34
Two mothers hire a private investigator to search for answers concerning the mysterious deaths of their children, Lauren Agee and Jonathan Crews.
14 Apr. 2017
Episode #40.35
A Canadian woman, who served time for cat-fishing professional basketball player Chris Anderson and a 17-year-old girl who had a social media presence, discusses the reasons behind her scheme.
21 Apr. 2017
Episode #40.36
Two years after the interview, during which she announced she was transitioning to female, Caitlyn Jenner reconvenes with Diane Sawyer to talk about the realities of her life.
5 May 2017
From Classroom to Captive
A Tennessee high school teacher, accused of kidnapping his 15-year-old student, causes a 38-day manhunt that ends with the two being found in northern California; interviews with people close to the case.
12 May 2017
Episode #40.38
Computer programmer and businessman John McAfee discusses being named a person of interest in the murder of his neighbor and the resulting tumult. He also discusses what his life is like today.
19 May 2017
Episode #40.39
Tracking families that have been affected by severe attachment to digital devices, from the height of unmanageability to the journey toward recovery.
27 May 2017
Help! I Need Love
A world renowned matchmaker helps a Bronx school teacher find love and complete her family.
2 Jun. 2017
Behind the Closed Door
When a 16-year-old girl accuses a classmate of raping her at a party, the investigation divides the small Alabama town.
16 Jun. 2017
Watergate - Truth & Lies
Exclusive interviews, photos and footage related to the Nixon Watergate scandal.
23 Jun. 2017
A Hostile Act
An international investigation into Otto Warmbier's 17-month imprisonment in North Korea, and his death, which occurred less than a week after he was brought back to the United State in a state of unresponsive wakefulness.
30 Jun. 2017
Freeway Fury
An exploration of the nationwide crisis of road rage and how incidents can quickly become dangerous; traveling across the country with the Colorado State Patrol.
7 Jul. 2017
Dying to Be Famous: The Versace Murders
Investigation into the questions that still remain surrounding the 1997 murder of designer Gianni Versace.
14 Jul. 2017
OJ: His Last Play
Friends of O.J. Simpson discuss the former professional football player and the armed robbery on memorabilia dealers that landed him in jail.
28 Jul. 2017
Life & Death at the Border
Footage of U.S. border officers accused of encouraging a 16-year-old to drink a dangerous liquid to prove he's not a smuggler; cases of border agents and officers being accused of abusing those crossing the border.
4 Aug. 2017
Death by Text
A jury finds a young woman, whose boyfriend committed suicide with her encouragement, guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
11 Aug. 2017
Episode #40.49
A jury convicts a former FBI agent and his daughter of second-degree murder.
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S40, Ep130
10 Mar. 2017
A Boy Named Lucas
A 16-year-old gay teen, whose mother sent him to a series of Christian-run youth camps that practice so-called "gay-conversion therapy", talks about his experience.

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