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24 Jan. 1980
Episode dated 24 January 1980
Liza: Born to be a star; The dangerous duty of New York's decoy cops.
28 Dec. 1984
Episode dated 28 December 1984
"Pro Wrestling Exposed" looks behind the scenes of professional wrestling and asks whether or not the fighting is real.
16 May 1985
Episode dated 16 May 1985
"The Devil Worshippers" investigates Satanism and focuses on allegations that there are satanic cults committing crimes and murders in the United States.
15 Jul. 1988
To Bring Her Children Home
Vivian Shillander left the cult, Children of God, with but one of her five children. Her husband, Richard Shillander supported by the cult, did not let the other four children leave with her. Vivian, aware of the reputation of the cult that encourages adult sex with minor children, and other abuses, got a court order awarding her custody of the children, hired two private investigators, and flew to Bangkok, Thailand, where her husband and children were located and set up a sting operation to bring the children back home to America with their Mother.
25 May 1990
Slapped Into Silence
SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) are a tactic being used by corporations, government agencies and other powerful interests to stop individuals and groups from speaking out against environmentally questionable development. A co-production with the Center for Investigative Reporting.
4 Nov. 1994
The Ugly Truth
Jury Trial reenactment showing how a defendants 'looks' can affect jurors perceptions of guilt or innocence.
11 May 1998
Fresh Hazards
First network report on E. Coli 0157:H7 in vegetable produce, with reporter Lynn Sherr. The deadly strain of E. Coli ended up in pre-washed pre-packaged lettuce, which nearly killed four people. The piece traced the source of the germ back to a cow pasture near the produce field.
13 Dec. 1998
Riding the Rails
Report with John Quinoñes on hobos and the dangers of living on freight trains.
7 Feb. 1999
Free at Last
Report, with host Elizabeth Vargas, about Betty Tyson, a black woman wrongly imprisoned for 25 years. A single page from her police file was illegally hidden from the defense, and this exculpatory evidence eventually freed Ms. Tyson, who ironically credits her time in prison for keeping her alive and allowing her to get an education. The piece was nominated for an Emmy Award.
12 Feb. 1999
Andrews' Singing Career Over?
In an interview with Barbara Walters set to air on tonight's 20/20 Julie Andrews confirms that throat surgery last year damaged her vocal cords. In a pre-recorded interview, Andrews told Walters that she is trying to remain optimistic that her voice will return: "To not sing with an orchestra, to not be able to communicate through my voice which I've done all my life and not to be able to phrase lyrics and give people that kind of joy, I think I would be totally devastated , " she says.
8 Dec. 1999
Episode dated 8 December 1999
People hire hit men to eliminate problems; Liza Minnelli returns to Broadway; Billy Bean discusses homosexuality in baseball.
20 Dec. 2002
Episode dated 20 December 2002
Peter Jennings interviews Charlton Heston and his wife, Lydia, in what would be Heston's final public interview before his death in 2008.
8 Aug. 2003
Episode dated 8 August 2003
Tribute to actress Katharine Hepburn; medical weight loss treatment called mesotherapy; professional athletes and promiscuity; organ transplant donors.
6 Feb. 2004
5 Nov. 2004
Sex: Myths, Lies and Straight Talk 20/20 Sorts Fiction from the Facts of Life
Actress Deirdre Lorenz goes undercover as a tourist visiting New York in order to help determine if the myth about blonds having more fun is true or false.
7 Sep. 2005
Katrina Special Coverage
Coverage at scene in New Orleans and surrounding environs.
9 Sep. 2005
Hurricane Katrina Aftermath
Continued coverage of the swamping of New Orleans; various segments including NICU babies evacuated from downtown hospitals.
9 Dec. 2005
Episode dated 9 December 2005
Does the use of pheromones really work?
16 Dec. 2005
Episode dated 16 December 2005
Elizabeth Vargas offers a revealing look at Charity Hospital famous for its work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Bob Brown takes a look at freegans. Deborah Roberts interviews actress LaChanze.
17 Mar. 2006
Vanished: Two Coeds, Two Horrifying Mysteries
20/20 examines the disappearances of two young women: Brooke Wilberger and Maura Murray.
27 Apr. 2007
My Secret Self: A Story of Transgender Children
A 6-year-old boy begins living as a girl during kindergarten; a 10-year-old, born a boy, lives as a girl; a transgendered 16-year-old takes testosterone injections.
13 Jul. 2007
Hell: Our Fear and Fascination
Do you believe in hell? If so, where is it? And who goes? In today's age of reason and political correctness, do the fires of hell still burn bright? Bill Weir anchors this special report.
14 Dec. 2007
Lost Luggage
Aviation issues.
22 Feb. 2008
What Would You Do?
Hidden Cameras are used to capture reactions during everyday scenarios.
30 Apr. 2008
11 Jun. 2008
Young, Beautiful, Dead
The Sixth Sense: Discover how a dogged detective cracked a mind-boggling mystery.
15 Dec. 2008
Drama High: The Making of a High School Musical
Takeing viewers backstage for an intimate look at the making of a real high school musical. Over 100 students audition, but only 4 will win the chance to star in the performance.
13 Feb. 2009
A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains
A Diane Sawyer special report on the 1/2 million people living in poverty in Central Appalachia.
6 Mar. 2009
Episode dated 6 March 2009
Special Edition on Sigfried and Roy featuring their Final Farewell Performance.
24 Jul. 2009
Over a Barrel: The Truth About Oil
The hour-long documentary, hosted by Charlie Gibson, traces a gallon of gasoline from the gas tank back to the source, and along the way investigates problems within the oil industry, including price instability. The Piece was nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Business or Economic Reporting (Longform) category.
2 Oct. 2009
Children growing up with albinism. 20/20 also travels to Tanzania, where albinos are being murdered so their body parts can be sold to rogue witch doctors on the black market.
4 Dec. 2009
Amanda Knox Verdict/Chris Brown/D.I.Y. Cosmetic Procedures/Indoor Tanning Salons
"Amanda Knox Verdict" examines the guilty verdict in the Amanda Knox murder case. "Chris Brown" discusses his relationship with Rhianna. "D.I.Y. Cosmetic Procedures" investigates websites that features do-it-yourself cosmetic procedures. "Indoor Tanning Salons" looks at the cancer risk of tanning machines.
12 Mar. 2010
10 Sep. 2010
7 Going on 70
Barbara Walters profiles 3 little girls who have Progeria, a genetic condition that causes them to age at 10 times the normal rate.
22 Oct. 2010
Brian Ross Investigates: Make-a-Wish Swindle/Wife's Secret: She Was Born a Man
"Brian Ross Investigates: Make-A-Wish Swindle" features an investigation into an Internet charity scam. "Wife's Secret: She Was Born a Man" examines the case of Nikki Araguz a married trans-gendered woman who is in a legal battle with the family of her late husband who argue that since she was not born a woman she cannot be a beneficiary to his life insurance.
10 Dec. 2010
7 Wonders
Real people with superpowers they've developed.
8 Jun. 2011
Reality Rule$
A behind-the-scenes look at the pop culture phenomenon of reality television.
10 Jul. 2011
Jaycee Dugard: Her First Interview
Diane Sawyer interviews Jaycee Dugard who was kidnapped when she was eleven and held in captivity for eighteen years by her abductor Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy. Chris Cuomo examines how law enforcement and the justice system missed several opportunities rescue her.
13 Sep. 2011
Jacqueline Kennedy: In Her Own Words
First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy's never-before-heard conversations are revealed.
23 Sep. 2011
Generation YouTube
How the explosively popular video-sharing site has changed lives.
28 Oct. 2011
Billionaire Secrets: What They Know Can Change Your Life
Wildly successful moguls give back, share their secrets with Barbara Walters.
30 Nov. 2012
True Confessions 2
Get ready for a big dose of the shocking truth as "20/20" gets the dirt from the professionals we depend on... who confess what their colleagues do and say behind closed doors, what they really think about you, and how they mess with you if you get on their bad side. Plus, Toni Braxton tells all about her roller coaster career as a platinum recording artist. Reports include True Confessions on "Hotel Horrors", "Gym Trainers", "Tow Truck Drivers" and "Cops".
7 Dec. 2012
Holidays Unplugged
From extreme shopping to saving yourself from embarrassment at the office holiday party and from holiday scams and real life Scrooges to Christmas-crazy neighbors "20/20" has the ultimate holiday survival guide.
What Remains
In 2004, during a Napa Valley Halloween night, housemates Adriane Insogna, Leslie Ann Mazzara, both 26, and Lauren Meanza's home is invaded. After the first two women are viciously murdered, Meanza, whose bedroom is located on the first floor in the back, manages to escape harm. Though Lauren Meanza seeks help, it is too late and she becomes the lone survivor. Lauren tries to assist in the police investigation, but has no idea who would harbor such rage for her friends. When cigarette butts are found around the property, Meanza only knows one person who smokes. Will ...
1 Feb. 2013
Stars, Scars and Showbiz Kids
Born into the spotlight for better or for worse, "20/20" reports on the kids of celebrities: "Stars, Scars and Showbiz Kids". Nick Watt rides along with the the paparazzi to find out if they have gone too far by following and photographing celebrity kids like Suri Cruise wherever they go. Deborah Roberts reports on the young daughter of Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead is following in her late mom's modeling footsteps. Sachi Parker, Shirley MacLaine's only daughter, talks to Elizabeth Vargas about growing up with a famous mom. Chris Connelly examines the lucrative...
17 May 2013
Work Wars
Extreme quitters, 'bossholes' and other inside tales from the office.
27 Jun. 2014
The Secret Life of Elliot Rodger
A look at the life of Elliot Rodger, the perpetrator of a killing spree in Isla Vista, California on May 23, 2014.
18 Jul. 2014
The truth behind the Sheila Eddys case.
31 Oct. 2014
Do Your #@&*! Job
Even movie stars, live news anchors and burglars have been caught taking an unexpected rest. Featuring advice from career expert Cynthia Shapiro.
24 Apr. 2015
Bruce Jenner: The Interview
Bruce Jenner sits down with Diane Sawyer in this most anticipated interview.
28 Apr. 2015
Captive: A Journey of Hope and Survival
Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus on their abduction by Ariel Castro and their plans for the future.

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