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Cute and unusual
Sam-28528 June 2001
If you would like to see a few actresses that you will not see anywhere else, then you must see this movie. If instead good acting is important then you probably would prefer to avoid this one.

If you are looking for an "adult" type movie then the story is relatively good but otherwise is average or less. The women are pretty but for the guys looking for skin there is not much of it.

To understand the movie it is important to pay attention to the first few minutes. The movie begins with a burglary and what happens to the huge diamond is important to the story from beginning to end. Something else that is significant that is easy to miss is the woman in the car that witnesses the capture and related events.

The movie is cute and at least it moves fast to be interesting, but it might move a bit too fast because the relevance of some portions are unclear.

Taking all that into consideration, the movie can be interesting enough to be entertaining.
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