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Best of all, it proves that there are still directors cut from the John Waters mold who aren't content just to push the envelope -- they rip right through it.
Like everything else Parker puts his mind to -- is equally outlandish, part skewed morality play, part sophomoric slapstick, and wholly ridiculous.
The A.V. Club
The film too closely resembles what it's attempting to spoof--minus the obvious payoffs, of course.
Village Voice
A ridiculous soft-core kung-fu porn film about a ridiculous hard-core one, Orgazmo is the kind of movie that improves according to the lateness of the hour.
Cheerfully raunchy and undeserving of its prohibitive NC-17 rating, Orgazmo is a harmless sex farce.
One of those things that probably seems hilarious when a couple of guys are sitting around hashing out the plot over a couple of beers.
Faced an insoluble problem: how do you make a boundary-shattering gross-out farce about the porn business that isn't itself pornographic? Having the actors wear silly costumes embellished with sex toys just won't do the trick.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Pretty limp, and works far better in theory than practice.
Film Threat
The wackiness that unfolds is boring, ridiculous and, to most, offensive.
The very soul of sophomorism. It is callow, gauche, obvious and awkward, and designed to appeal to those with similar qualities.

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