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New York Magazine (Vulture)
The movie is a volatile combination of ambitious mythmaking and nasty reality, and like most of Spike Lee's work, it is also an inextricable combination of good and bad.
Chicago Sun-Times
Lee uses visual imagination to lift his material into the realms of hopes and dreams.
Entertainment Weekly
As is often the case with Lee, though, the film left me wishing for even more scenes of casual intimacy, still the most powerful way to carry any message.
He Got Game seems to cheer for integrity, honesty and hard work while playing up its own cheap thrills.
Christian Science Monitor
Its best moments are as exuberant and insightful as anything the screen has given us this season, and its passionate concern for believable characters in a recognizably real world offers a refreshing change from the current spate of feel-good fantasies.
This is essentially a familiar story told with consummate skill.
For all his superfan's intimacy with b-ball culture, he focuses less on the sport's fascinating mystique than on generic recapitulation of how celebrity culture seduces and devours young minority athletes.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Coming from a major director like Spike Lee, this is a colossal disappointment. And a surprising one.
Though too long by a good half hour, Lee's latest film packs a genuine emotional punch, largely because its polemical agenda doesn't entirely eclipse the drama.
Lee makes a great looking film, though the soap box message about greed becomes exhausted and overplayed early on.

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