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Classic X-rated Western. Don't make them like this anymore

Author: brumby50 from San Jose, CA
13 April 2002

This classic X-movie purports to recount the escape of three convicts from the NW territorial prision in 1891. The film starts off Nate (Richard O'Neal) and Sarah (Barbara Bourbon) discussing their 18-year old daughters upcoming marriage and the rancher's need to ride off on errant for a number of days. With 30 minutes before he has to leave, he and Sarah tumble back into bed for a lovely lovemaking scene. Barbara Bourbon is breathtaking in this rare X appearance.

Soon after Nate rides off, the 3 convicts crest the hill to find Sarah's three daughters bathing nude in the creek. These lovely girls are reason enough for them to stop their flight from the pursuing posse long enough to scout the ranch.

The meanest of the three hombres is sacking the ranchhouse when Sarah enters and is immediately taken. Finding out that the 'menfolk' are gone, Ned the convict rips off Sarah's clothes and rapes her on kitchen table. Seven years without sex makes this a rough scene.

When they are done, Ned drags Sarah to the barn, collecting the three still naked girls and the two other convicts on the way. Giving herself to the second and third convicts to protect her girls, Sarah is raped and sodomized in the barn.

However, her noble act goes unrecognized. After they are done with her, she is taken outside and hung (by her arms) from the barn's lifting beam for our visual pleasure and some more abuse.

The convicts ride off with the three daughters, just ahead of the posse who save the strung-up Sarah. She insists on riding out with them in pursuit.

The film winds down with naked bathing scene with the convicts and girls, and a vicious rape of the Maria, the youngest daughter by Ned. As the thugs sleep in a cave hideaway, the girls plan in whispers to save themselves by wearing them out, and you might they employ their newly taught sex skills to this means. When the time is ripe they club and shoot the bad guys just as the posse arrives, and Sarah gets to dispatch Ned. These convicts wouldn't be returning to the territorial prison.

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Alert ! Classic in Need of Rediscovery...

Author: Dries Vermeulen
26 July 2003

Unlike other early adult movies such as DEEP THROAT and BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, this fine combination of explicit sex and shoot 'em up thrills gets little respect even from genre fans. This is largely due to the brutal nature of the film's numerous rape sequences, commendably NOT of the 'they may protest at first' variety. The story's well detailed in the other comment you'll find here, so I won't go into that.

Most of the performers here made very few films (save for Levi Richards who made tons) and even beautiful blonde Barbara Bourbon, who turns in some effective acting as well as the proud, resilient farmer's wife fighting to protect her daughters from 'a fate worse than death', only made a handful of X-rated appearances, most memorably of course in Radley Metzger's timeless PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN. Director "David Fleetwood" is actually sixties schlock producer Joe Robertson (THE CRAWLING HAND, THE SLIME PEOPLE, THE AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.), so the flick's inconspicuous professionalism in just about every aspect of production as well as narrative drive should come as no surprise. He went on to carve a niche for himself as 'female' (for the face value crowd) porn director "Adele Robbins" with movies like SWEET ALICE and INNOCENT SEDUCTION.

You may think that this early rape 'n' revenge movie stands diametrically opposed to his later couples friendly numbers. Anyone taking the effort to sit down and watch the film in its entirety will come to realize however that the female characters (Bourbon's in particular) are well drawn, not whining victims at all, perfectly capable of righting the wrongs inflicted upon them. So give this classic its due and allow it to take its rightful place in the pantheon alongside its more renowned genre brethren.

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Interesting hybrid porn

Author: movieman_kev from United States
5 March 2005

Nate (Richard O'Neal) goes off on a cattle drive, not before having sex with his wife,Sarah (Barbara Bourbon), of course. After 3 escaped convicts rape her, steal her three nubile daughters and then flee, leaving her strung up by her hands, she of course wants revenge. So when a rag-tag posse chasing the convicts rescue her, she insists on traveling with them. This is a curious film, as a porno/western hybrid, it's the first of it's kind that I've seen. Some may be put off by the highly exploitative showing of rape and incest. But I found myself actually drawn into and interested in what would happen next. The film is a further example of how porn films now shot on video, just don't seem to cut it (barring, of course, the way above average output of Directors Micheal Zen, Brad Armstrong, and few others) My Porn Grade: B-

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Western smut.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
13 December 2010

"A Dirty Western" tells the story of three outlaws who kidnap and rape three young girls-the daughters of sexually defiled Barbara Bourbon.The film ends out in a violent shootout.The western setting is excellent and the first hardcore sex scene is surprisingly beautiful.All the other sex scenes are generally rough with nasty rape,underwater blow-jobs,forced lesbian activity and verbal abuse.The production values are very high for a film of this type with solid cinematography and great soundtrack.Still "A Dirty Western" is worth checking out for fans of bizarre porno/western hybrids.A guilty pleasure of mine I suppose.7 horny outlaws out of 10.

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Mildly successful western porn

Author: The_Void from Beverley Hills, England
2 April 2008

As the title makes obvious, A Dirty Western is a porn take on the western genre. It's short and sweet, and actually much better than I expected it to be. The sex is actually fairly rough and the movie never really feels like a 'spoof' (which I was expecting). The plot puts its main focus on three convicts that have escaped from jail. They happen across three women naked in the lake and decide to kidnap them. Director Joseph F. Robertson doesn't hold back with what he shows as the film features full frontal nudity from both the men and the women and the sex is very graphic. The film is not really for the feint hearted either as most of the sex is very rough and there are a lot of rape scenes too. In spite of this, the film does have a sense of humour and it offsets the 'nasty' parts of it nicely. The film is very short at just seventy minutes but it gets it's 'point' across in that time and even though I would hesitate to call this a 'good' porn film, I'm sure that most people with a mind to see it wont be too disappointed overall.

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A western roughie? nah

Author: fudgepax261 from United States
5 March 2008

I've never seen a western porno..I'm sure of that,especially when this was made in the 70's during it's golden chic era.I pretty much thought A Dirty Western was going to be about a town with full on sex,how wrong was I.Sarah and her man,Nate talk about their 18-year old daughters upcoming marriage some ranch dude will leave.Before They say goodbye they have good bye sex.

Once he's gone,the three escape convicts from the animated opening titles spot the ranch run over to see for food and clothes.They see Sarah's three daughters happily playing and naked.The main horny hairy convict catches Sarah and rapes her in a shack.From watching the rape it wasn't too rough like Water Power or Forced entry,but rather tame for a different porn genre.the three convicts hang Sarah up to her hands on a rope and take the daughters hostage.

A Dirty western has some decent acting only from Barbara Bourbon who plays Sarah,I've never seen her before until now,the rest of the cast are OK.Pretty much A Dirty Western was kind of predictable for me,but in all fairness it had some good cinematography.So if you're curious to see something else from the 70's golden era watch this or just wanna see a hairy dude rape a chick watch it.

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