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Zelda Harris as "Clover" gives an excellent performance!
JDPC19 July 2000
Zelda Harris as "Clover" gives an excellent performance! This beautiful and very talented young woman is a natural star when it comes to family movies. I hope she never settles for doing any roles that are beneath her dignity. She's much too good for that. In this movie and her others, she is thoroughly convincing every time. She has the class, the finesse, the talent and the potential to be the next Phylisha Rashad or Lena Horne. She is that great. I hope it happens for her. How Bill Cosby missed out on her talent is beyond me! Are you paying attention Dr. Cosby? This young lady is an actress quite worthy of your employment!

Elizabeth McGovern also did a very fine job in this picture as did Loretta Divine. This was the first "mean role" I ever saw Loretta Divine do and she played it very well.

I rarely give a picture a vote of "10" on IMDB, but this was definitely a "10" well earned. I waited 3 years for this movie to come on TV at a time when I could fit it into my schedule to watch it,(it only shows exclusively on the USA channel), and now that I have had a chance to see "Clover" I was so impressed that I wish someone would make it into a TV series with the entire original cast, if possible. It is THAT good! But if someone does so, please make it run at least 5 seasons!

TV desperately needs many more like this one! And how!
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Ernie Hudson and Cast in Clover
margaretwestlake16 February 2008
This story was done with skill and heart. The audience that loves family will love this haunting movie. Ernie Hudson played the kind of character he should play more often, revered and revering husband and father.

The subject matter was family and dealt with issues across the board including American family, nuclear family, family in-laws, and family of man. If you want to see difficult American cultural family issues dealt with using real dialog without using four letter words, this is your movie.

Because of the profound sincerity of the acting the movie is close to the heart, and will be remembered.

The cast was outstanding. The dialog was warm and honest. Kudos to everyone, including the writers.
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Problem with dialog
ShaRall Willis10 November 2014
There is a scene in the movie where the family of Gaten ask Sara if she had a will explaining that the land had been in their family for over 100 years. Sara laughs a attempts to dismiss their fears by claiming she "loved Gaten" as if her love would make the loss of generational wealth okay. The writer attempts to dismiss the loss of land of Black farmers as being the same as Sara's family's "fear of Black people" was a dishonest response to a real problem. Black farmers have lost millions of acres in America over the past 75 years mostly to White farmers and corporate farmers. There is no reverse where White farmers have lost land to Black farmers. The passing on of property is what creates generational wealth and to pretend that love conquers all, it does not.
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Where are you now Zelda?
snaguy22 December 2008
At this point in time one must wonder what Zelda Harris is doing, for her performance in this movie is nothing short of outstanding. Similarly, and despite the potentially awkward ethereal plot device, delicately handled by Jud Taylor, Elizabeth McGovern delivers convincingly and makes talking to herself naturally believable.

Showing it's age, and McGovern's performance as a White Woman is at times uncomfortably (maybe even realistically) stiff, this movie excels in its great story, controlled direction, and strong character performances.

Seven out of Ten, for slightly diminished social relevance eleven years after its release date, but high marks for production, performances, and heart-warming interpersonal relationships.
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Clover- TV movie
praisegirll1119 July 2008
Saw this movie in 1997 and again two nights ago and find it still a timely piece. Glad to know Miss Harris has graduated college as this addition will enhance her career. I have always been a fan of Devine, Hudson and Canada and happy to see they are still displaying their talent ( although seemingly only on TV). A previous comment said Mr. Cosby missed a great opportunity in not using Miss Harris in more episodes of his show. Perhaps, but where are his child stars today. Mr. Cosby's loss, Miss Harris' gain. We need more films of this caliber, both in story and cast. Young people, and adults also, need to see more positive films of this nature. Recognizing that life is not easy and throws many curves, yet with strong character and love, goals can be attained. Much success to all.
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