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Not too bad when your a kid

Author: Lisa from Portland, OR
3 August 2003

I don't usually write comments, but since the one that was originally on here was so negative, racist and bizarre in general I thought I would write a little something.

I used to watch this show when I was little and I remember enjoying it. I think it was on PBS. It was about a boy who was getting in trouble at home so they sent him on the ship with his grandfather (or some sort of relative) to "keep him out of trouble". It was educational and at the end Ben Affleck would tell you a little something new about the sea or boats or what have you. It wasn't rocket science and it was made for kids so if you are an adult, you might not like it and it may be dated by now. Just keep in mind that is made for kids and much like Dragon Tales or any of the new PBS fare, it may seem trivial and absurd to adults.

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The Fantastic Voyage

Author: pwiley-1 from Somewhere on the Mimi
30 July 2003

This movie is a total classic. Few other movies combine education, entertainment, dramatic tension, and wonderful highs as well as this work.

Many will want to watch this movie because it stars a young Ben Affleck (that is, until they see Gigli, so I understand). And Ben is terrific as the young CT Granville. When he's searching around the boat for his Grandfather ("Granpa") we feel his angst. However, the most memorable characters are Artie, the "urban" (re: Black) computer expert, and Rachel, the troubled teen. They are the definite stars, along with the deaf girl who eats a lot of peanut butter.

This movie is educational in both its deep exploration of the topic of marine biology, and also as a piece of social commentary. Take for example the scene when Artie is saying good-bye to his family. Artie leaves without his behemothic boom box because he arrives an hour late, (Artie being an hour late is an obvious allusion to the racial tensions of the Reagan era), a scene that is clearly a metaphor for African American youth abandoning their cultural heritage in order to pursue their professional ambitions. However, Artie's little brother, the symbol of his enlightened new generation, portrayed by a young Denzel Washington look-alike, rejects Artie's Faustian choice and exclaims "Hey Artie, you forgot your radio!" Artie returns to the car, grabs his radio/soul, and then is off to adventure on the high seas.

This movie is very hard to find, so I am not very comfortable recommending it to others. Perhaps it may be found in your local library or elementary school. If you can find it, watch at least the first episode, as it worthwhile to see a young Ben Affleck and know that 20 years later, that little kid is getting it on with J.Lo.

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Educational Value

Author: graceat8 from United States
13 July 2005

First saw the program on PBS. As a teacher I recognized the motivational value as a classroom tool. Consequently while looking thru a closet in our defunct computer classroom I found the materials for the first voyage. I then proceeded to find a classroom teacher willing to work with me on using the program. (I was the Reading Specialist.) Since that time I have used both the first and second voyages in several classrooms and returned to a classroom of my own in order to continue using the programs. I have added the novel Treasure Island as a literature component. Currently I am seeking a way to update the info taught thru each of the voyages and to expand the cross-curricular activities used by my students. Although 20 years old I still find the story lines engaging on many levels and suggest either program appropriate for an inclusion classroom.

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This is a good series for teachers of geography to use as visual aids in their classes.

Author: Rhymer ( from U.S.
5 June 2004

I read the other comment on this series, and am appalled at the comments made by that person. This is an excellent series on geography and is designed to be used as a visual aid in geography classes. Yes, the getting lost part is funny, but that is a tongue in cheek type of thing. I enjoyed it and I'm not a kid. Ben Affleck went on to become famous, of course, so perhaps the person who reviewed this did not like Mr. Affleck. In any case, it is very good for its type, and well worth watching. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to use visual aids in their teaching of geography or social science classes. You might just want to watch it to see Ben Affleck as a kid. :)

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ah, what memories of this little kids' show...

Author: ladyinterference from San Antonio, TX, USA
10 February 2002

Unlike many of the commentators who've put their two cents in on this show, I didn't become acquainted with "The Voyage of the Mimi" because of it being shown in any of my classes. Instead, I got to watch it because I was a PBS fanatic when I was a little kid and this was one of the shows that aired during the "children's block" of the decade I was a little kid, i.e. the '80s.

My recollections of the show were as follows: little boy gets invited to take part in a sea voyage led by the boy's captain grandfather. Said voyage, including in it several people who looked to be of high school or college age, takes a long while. Voyage takes detours along the way to explore various places relating to sea life and sailing/yachting. The little boy, who was played by a very young Ben Affleck, sticks out in my mind the most because of the fact that I (quite embarrassingly) had wanted to be *friends* with his little boy character when I was a little girl. Ah, what simple and innocent memories.

In terms of the quality of the show -- well, it certainly wasn't going to have great acting or brilliant scripts, but then again its target audience (little children) wasn't going to demand that either. I found myself quite enraptured of that program when I was young because it taught me things while involving me in a story and because I was a PBS nut anyway. "The Voyage of the Mimi" certainly shouldn't be considered prime material for showing to eighth graders -- younger children such as second or third graders would probably be the better viewing audience. It's simple, it's fun, and heck, if your little girl only dreams of being *friends* with a young Ben Affleck, that should be better, right?

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Author: shrek2004 from Manitoba, Canada
17 September 2003

I watched this when I was in Grade 5, and I liked it. It was interesting to see a gawky version of Ben Affleck parade around, and the films weren't just educational--they were interesting, each charactar having a story to tell. I would recommend it for kids in their early teens and below.

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My children enjoyed this show.

Author: raymond1953 from Hubbard, Texas
15 February 2003

This program was clearly intended for educating a young (in years) audience, not a mentally immature adult. With that in mind you should have no hesitation in watching this program with your children. My children enjoyed every episode, in spite of the less-than-quality acting. The main thrill for them (and for me) came from watching the interactions between the human researchers and the whales, which were the main research target of the Mimi scientists. A subtle, but perhaps even more important aspect of the series is the message that the discovery of our world, driven by the methods of science, can accomodate anyone, regardless of race or sex. The main requirements for such discovery are curiosity about the natural world, the courage to seek adventure, and intelligence to solve problems. If you emphasize these concepts to your children, you will have directed them along the path that the series obviously intended.

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The best of educational TV

Author: anonymous from My Crush on Ben
5 December 1998

The other day in my Integrated Science class my teacher showed my class a taping of a TV show called "The Voyage of the Mimi" Since I have a crush on Mr. Ben Affleck, I naturally was excited to see his earlier work. I watched and was amazed at how informative and accurate the show was! After the show we had a test.......I got an A!

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A wonderful gateway to the world of science for all

Author: robslady
24 June 2010

This was a fabulous show. I watched it as an adult with my baby sister and learned *so* much. Even today, years later I can remember lessons I learned on "Voyage of the Mimi" about whales, whale tagging and whale songs, but the show was about so much more than whales. I learned about sailing, sign language, research methods, the top of Mount Washington, hypothermia and so much more. When watching documentaries, to this day, I often see eminent scientists that I first "met" on "Voyage of the Mimi," such as Ken Balcomb and Sylvia Earle. The first part of the episode would often introduce a subject which would then be carried through to the expedition afterward. Those segments were full of information interesting to both adults and children. This show is so much more than a curiosity and a place to see a young Ben Affleck, (although I thought he was a good actor even then). If you want to learn more about the sea, whales, scientific research and even what it's like going to a college for the deaf, "Voyage of the Mimi" is a great place to get started. It certainly led to many avenues of interest and fields of inquiry for me.

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Dated but still rather good

Author: Courtney from United States
26 October 2007

I remember watching this movie when I was in fourth grade (about 15 years ago) for a part of our whale unit, and recall that I enjoyed it immensely. It was an engaging plot for a movie based around a whale research vessel, and I don't mind admitting that my nine year-old self had a bit of a crush on the then child star Ben Affleck. While it's not necessarily a great film for the adult viewer, and is by now certainly showing its age, for children who are interested in maritime experiences and whales, it's a more than a diversion, and probably a good way to spend a few afternoons. Not for the film critic (obviously), especially since the acting is definitely mediocre at best, but certainly a pleasant view for those of us under the age of 12.

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