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Author: belougax from United States
2 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wasn't it bad enough that the Real Ghostbusters show was filled with crap episodes that were forced down the guts of viewers unlike great shows like Spiral Zone, Bravestarr and Cops? The RGBs itself may have been a crappy ass show filled with 1 or 2 really good episodes per season until the franchise got revived some ten years later in a far better series called Extreme Ghostbusters, but who would really want a spin off like Slimer! and....People ask why? Well, it was because of business and related politics. They wanted to make the show more kids friendly and some people left the team, sending the RGB show to the very bottom. Its a good thing they decided to scrap most of the originals and go for some new people.

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The annoying Slimer gets his own show. Why????.

Author: (Nic_hse) from New York
8 July 2003

I don't know what made the producers think that Slimer was the star of the Real Ghostbusters. Slimer was very annoying and I always hoped the team would bust him and put him in the containment unit. Seriously though, the Real Ghostbusters was already on life support long before this show started. This show was little more than a desperate attempt to keep this franchise going.

Watch the first two seasons(AND ONLY THE FIRST TWO SEASONS!!) of the Real Ghostbusters instead. >

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"Slimer," a show that didn't entirely work

Author: VinnieRattolle from United States
24 August 2011

In the late '80s, there was a crop of new shows that took classic characters and dumbed them down for a younger audience. "The New Archies," "The Flintstone Kids" and "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" were all moderately successful, so creators decided to take the popular Slimer character out of his element and create a new show for the kiddies with the ghost as star. That in itself wasn't the problem with this series -- if it had been a syndicated weekday morning show aimed at a preschool audience, it has the potential to have been quite successful. The problem is it was paired with episodes of "The Real Ghostbusters" once a week on Saturday mornings as an hourlong series titled "Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters." The audience watching the cleverly-written series when it began two years later were growing up, and it was a very disconcerting thing to suddenly see their favorite characters drastically dumbed down.

In the 12 1/2 episodes of "Slimer," Janine and the Ghostbusters are secondary background characters in Slimer's adventures. Everyone's character design is drastically different and there's a 1940s cartoony American animation feel to them, as opposed to the more popular "Real Ghostbusters" show, which was very Anime in design. Good reason for that too, it was cheaply and quickly animated in the USA.

The show introduced other people Slimer interacted with while the Ghostbusters were off on missions -- most of whom were villains. Professor Dweeb was a bespectacled mad scientist who stalked Slimer along with his pink poodle sidekick Elizabeth. Manx the cat (who had a long tail) and Bruiser the dog were constant comic foils. Gargoyle-looking, mobster demons Goolem and Ziggy were always on the hunt for Slimer, whom they felt had wronged them. Slimer sometimes hung out at The Hotel Sedgewick, run by crotchety, dignified manager Grout; and Bud was a stoner, surfer-dude type who worked as a bellboy at the hotel. Fred was a little Scottie dog who sometimes accompanied Slimer on adventures; and Chilly was a sweet black lady who drove an ice cream truck. The Junior Ghostbusters, who originated in the earlier series, also made a few appearances.

The gags were juvenile in nature, hearkening back to Bugs Bunny and the early days of Hanna-Barnera, when stories/jokes were simple and characters could be blown up or flattened and bounce back to their normal shape a moment later. Unfortunately, network meddling is obvious, as all of the jokes are insipidly tame. 33 segments were produced, ranging from 7 to 14 minutes in length, and the final half hour was rounded out with a retitled segment from an earlier episode.

The episodes are separated on the final two discs of "The Real Ghostbusters" complete DVD set. It hasn't aged as well as episodes of the other series, either in content or visuals. The prints are very scratchy and some are dubbed from a slightly worn video source. As for the content, the show is very cutesy, simple and it just doesn't have enough weight or non-visual humor to it to hold the attention of older viewers. It's fairly mindless entertainment, and the crew wasn't allowed to push the envelope as much as on "Tiny Toon Adventures," which many crew members subsequently worked on. "Slimer" quickly vanished into oblivion, though Professor Dweeb made a few additional appearances on "The Real Ghostbusters" and NOW Comics released 20 issues of a tie-in comic book series before the company filed for bankruptcy in 1990.

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Slimer! And why the Ghostbusters are #2!

Author: jardef1986 from Orlando, FL, USA
6 October 2008

After the popularity of the Ghostbusters movie came The Real Ghostbusters, which due to the 'addition' of Slimer as a main character led to his popularity among kids in the late 80's. After the main ghost with the most (besides Beetlejuice) gained a lot of kid's affection it led to Slimer becoming a main "title" character. The newer Ghostbusters cartoon featured more of the slimy spud, but the show was still basically The Real Ghostbusters.

The cartoon that was released after the first movie (The Real Ghostbusters) is still considered the "best" although aside from the intro there is not much more of a difference. Slimer was fun for awhile, looking back, but at the time his being an addition to the team was excellent. Even thought this version of the show wasn't great it still trumps a lot of the future Ghostbuster spin-offs... That being said, I hope the new game captures the original feel.

Who ya gonna call? Precisely!

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Funniest animated series ever!

Author: Nicholas De Leo ( from Pavia, Italy
11 January 2002

This is the animated series that I have most liked in my childhood, in part because of the great italian dubbing that was done by the same people that dubbed the Ghostbusters films and Slimer's fantastic voice: Solvejg D'Assunta. The episodes are all incredibly funny and drawn with a lovely colourful style. You won't believe how many friends (and enemies) Slimer has!

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What do you expect from a show centered around Slimer?

Author: Bri ( from Canada
31 May 2003

That's pretty much all you have to ask yourself. Don't expect the witty Ghostbusters of the past, as they're given minor roles in this series. As long as you don't expect much, you won't be disappointed. It really is an embarrassment to the whole Ghostbusters franchise (yes, it's worse than Extreme Ghostbusters) and yet it's actually on par with 90% of the cartoons of the time. Odd.

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Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
3 February 2004

This in My opinion was just the same as The Real Ghostbusters show just except if focused on Slimer a bit more. It was still a very good animated show of the 80s. If it is ever on TV or you see it on video pick it up! Its very good! Recommended!

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Hmm... interesting

Author: Op_Prime from Ardmore, PA
27 December 1999

This series focused more on the Ghostbusters' pet, Slimer rather than the Ghostbusters themselves. Basically, Slimer had a much larger role and had more adventures. The problem with this show was how it became to much like any other Saturday morning show. Silly and filled with pointless cartoon violence. The show has it's moments but doesn't live up to the original Real Ghostbusters.

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