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Not repeated nearly often enough

Author: IridescentTranquility from Lancashire, United Kingdom
7 January 2005

My early memories of You Rang M'Lord are pretty hazy (I was only small when it was first shown) but I have very fond memories of it. I managed to catch it again when I was fifteen and I still remembered some scenes (the way Madge Cartwright's maid Rose squeaks "Oh, Mr. Teddy!", Mrs. Lipton throwing everything in sight at Alf Stokes and the bit where Lady Lavender throws six tapioca puddings at Ivy are three that really stuck in my mind). I really wish it was repeated more often, as - for instance - Dad's Army is in the UK. As I think an earlier reviewer said, it paints a fantastic picture of society in the twenties and the way in which it was changing at the time. The characterisation is great - Stokes as the scheming butler, Henry who always seems to get hit round the head with something or by someone, Lord Meldrum as the adulterous (presumably widowed) head of the house. A great series that should be seen by anyone who gets the chance.

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The finest television comedy ever made

Author: tomlocke from Salt Lake City, Utah
25 August 2002

While it's not news that British comedies are far better than their American counterparts, You Rang M'Lord tops the list of excellent British comedy. The post-Victorian aristocratic setting is perfect for class distinction humor, its underlying political themes subtle enough to serve the humor only. This series reveals that all "classes" of people are driven by basic human nature, the same foibles, desires, hopes, and dreams. The situations are hilarious and tied to an overall theme in each episode, the characters as good as any ever conceived, the acting of each one superb, the costumes and sets flawless. I just wish the series had run for 10 years, as each episode is so much fun.

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Author: Robert Wennekes ( from The Netherlands
2 December 1998

You Rang M'Lord must be one of the funniest TV Series ever. It's all about a private family that employs several household staff who look after them. There is a butler, an underbutler, a footman, a cook, several housekeepers etc. Although the series is very funny and certain situations are overdrawn, it nevertheless comes very close to "the real thing". As professional butler and chairman of the International Guild of Professional Butlers I know a little bit about the subject. Do check out the series because you will fall in love with it.

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In a class of its own

Author: aw003d2979 ( from United Kingdom
29 October 2005

This is one of my all time favourite TV shows and has been forever. I loved it when it first aired when I was a little girl and at 25 I am thrilled that (a) it is now being repeated on UKTV Drama, and thanks (b) to that the show is being released on DVD in January 2006. While the triple treat of Paul Shane, Jeffry Holland and Su Pollard are value for money as always, the beauty of this series is that everyone is so well cast and that even the smaller more minor roles were still a dream for any Actor to play. Michael Knowles is fabulous as Uncle Teddy and Lady Lavender steals every scene she is in. However, even though she was a little Cat (to use a favourite phase of the series) my favourite character was always Miss. Poppy, fantastically played by Susie Brann, because it was nice to see an Actress play a character who wasn't always sweetness and light. Granted, Ivy is sweet and gentle, but Miss Poppy seems a lot more fun. Am I the only person who was disappointed that she didn't end up with her beloved James Twelvetrees??? (I know - I need to get a life. Ha Ha!!!) A jewel in the British comedy crown. Two thumbs up.

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My absolute favorite

Author: karhukissa from Hungary
28 January 2007

I first saw You Rang, M'lord over 15 years ago. My motivation was in fact Miss Cissy's picture in the TV program - of course I wanted to see anything with a lesbian character! But while I wasn't disappointed in Cissy, I grew fond of the whole household, masters and servants alike. I have since seen it dozens of times on TV, video and DVD.

I truly think You Rang, M'lord is a masterpiece of English sitcom. Firstly, it's a nice parody of the rigid social boundaries in British society ("No, Henry, you don't open the door. Mr. Twelvetrees opens the door. If he is not here, Ivy opens the door. If Ivy is not here, I open the door", lectures Mrs. Lipton.) However, the characters are more than just representatives of their respective social classes. They all have a full-fledged personality, a whole life outside the confines of the series (think of reports about Mabel's husband or visits to the Kitkat Club). Even relatively minor characters, like Lady Agatha, are three-dimensional. Every character is extremely funny and yet likable. The moment one would start to hate Alf or Miss Poppy, they immediately do something (and it might just be a glance or a smile) to win our sympathy back. Psychologically the whole series is perfectly realistic and logical. No wonder there're no 'goofs' listed about this series on IMDb. There aren't any.

I have seen other sitcoms by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, but this one exceeds all of them. The excellent acting contributes to this, too. I couldn't point out one actor over the others; they all do a brilliant job.

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Nothing compares to YRML

Author: Nina from Croatia
19 September 2008

I grew up watching this series. It has a cult status in my family. Without a shadow of doubt, this is the best comic series ever. The casting is perfect and the acting superb. The story and its layers are simply amazing; I could watch each episode hundred times over and I would still enjoy it as much as I did the first time and notice something new, something I hadn't noticed before. I wish the series lasted 30 years instead of just 3. I have bought the DVD of the first season and plan to buy the rest of the series too.

The thing that puzzles me most is the fact that this series is not as well know as Dad's Army, Only fools and horses or Blackadder. The BBC conducted a poll back in 2004 to find out what is considered to be the best Britain's sitcom and You rang m'lord is not even in the first 100 series. One can't help but wondering how this could be. I am simply astonished.

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The finest comedy series of all time.

Author: day-myron from Canada
8 March 2008

Without doubt this show is the magnum opus of Perry and Croft, it's 26 episodes enchant and beguile like no other show. Set between the wars in one of London's great houses, it follows the life of Lord Meldrum, his family and their servants. Every facet of this show extols the virtues of the cast, set designers, and writers to perfection. Few shows have ever captured the feel of an era better, capturing as it does the styles, social issues and morals of the transitional era that followed the reign of Victoria. The extraordinary attention to detail at all levels involves one entirely, this mated with a superb script which supports all the visual magic, leaves only the actors to make the best of it all. This they do with extraordinary finesse and believability, one can completely empathize with each character and have sympathy with each role. The show is actually a serial, but with each episode featuring a vignette, it is episodic as well. It is impossible to define any one actor as being a lead as each role attaches itself seamlessly to the story, to create a gorgeous sense of flow and continuity, it is involving, poignant and immensely funny. The troupe consists of many regular players from David Croft's "stable", but in no other show are they better used. The cast and crew are detailed in the body of the IMDb page, but a must mention are the almost background parts played by Perry Benson, Barbara New and Mavis Pugh, as Henry, Mabel and Lady Lavender respectively. Between them, they inject a positively brilliant series of almost surreal comedic asides all through the series, and they add to its charm and depth immeasurably. One could go on and on about all the virtues of this show, but in conclusion, I honestly think that this wonderful story is the absolute epitome of British TV comedy, the like of which, is unlikely to be seen again, it is a work of quality, passion and genius at every level. If you get a chance to see it, you must.

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Excellent, under-rated but seemingly little sought after !

Author: Nicholas Rhodes from Ile-de-France / Paris Region, France
17 December 2005

I possess about 96% of this series, or should I say these series on VHS and am awaiting the day they will be available on DVD. This was an excellent comedy series which seems to have fallen into oblivion. Some of the actors starred in "It Ain't Half Hot Mum ", another excellent series set in British India ! This series examines the relationships between the servant staff and the occupying family of an upper class British Household during the 1920's. What is good about it is that each character is extremely well analyzed and developed and when you follow the series from one episode to the next, their is a rigid consistency in the way each of the characters behaves. What is good is that the satire concerns everyone, it is not an anti-upper-class satire, the humbler characters are portrayed to be just as scheming and below-the-belt as the aristocratic ones. Of course I sympathize with poor old Mabel who is treated like dirt by the other servants who for some reason consider her below their level to partake of the same food as themselves ! Also I found extremely annoying the policeman who turns up every time in the kitchen to scrounge tea and cake - in fact the servants probably come out of this with a worse image than the aristocrats - sure Poppy is a spoiled brat and is always leading James on, but he himself has a kind of inverted snobbery or obsequiousness. Paul Shane's character (head butler) is also extremely dislike-able ( for me ) as he represents typical working-class-with-a-chip-on-their-shoulder but I found the character of his daughter Ivy absolutely adorable and found Henry incredibly funny with his off the cuff remarks as I did Teddy with his cravings for servant girls. Sir Ralph's character can also get annoying at times and it's a bit of a shame that Lord Meldrum has a soft spot for his wife as she seems to be more of a slut than anything else; Each episode is very well crafted and provides many moments of laughter, quiproquo, an insight into relations between "upstairs and downstairs" plus the inclusion of a number of external influences ( Barbara Windsor, for example, as Shane's false wife ). I am very fond of Donald Hewlett as an actor and his character is that I prefer in this series.

The series is typically English humour, I am not sure whether it could be appreciated by foreign audiences as some prior knowledge of the English class system is necessary - but once you get into it and become familiar with each of the characters - you cannot do without it ! I am hopeful that one day this will get round to being issued on DVD, such is the scarcity of good comedy in the UK nowadays, we need to re-edit these oldies on DVD to provide ourselves with some hours of pleasure.

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the best series around

Author: bubba babba from United States
7 June 2007

I cannot count how many times I have seen the episodes since I bought the DVD's. Without reservation, it is the best sitcom ever. In terms of the quality of humor it is of the similar caliber as Blackadder and Monty Python. It is thoroughly engaging and entertaining. The layers of humor, the subtlety of the humor, the characterization, the historical value, the witty dialogues, the various clever interplays between the characters are superior to anything else that has been produced. It is excellent on so many different levels.

It portrays a tug-of-war between the different desires and needs of various characters, and the different classes; how the class system reflects itself in the building of the characters and relationships, their faults and how these character shortcoming develop into various events and how these result in complex social webs. It portrays a very real struggle for survival in a jungle of desires, shortcomings, boredom, propriety, poverty, wealth......all weaved together in very funny episodes.

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Please make this show available on DVD. I would pay a fortune for it.

Author: BruceStigers from United States
28 August 2006

I have been trying to buy YOU RANG, M'LORD? for years. This is the funniest comedy show I have ever seen. The actress who plays Ivy actually has a website on which one may express their interest in the show, but for some reason it does not get transferred to DVD. I spent over three years in England in the first half of the decade of the 1950s and made many English friends, so I developed an appreciation of English humor. This show is one of the best representations of the genre that I have ever seen, putting most of the Britcoms we see on American television to shame. I would encourage anyone who has seen the show and would buy it on DVD to agitate for it.

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