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OK movie

Author: David Lowie (saviovega) from Belgium
30 December 2001

First of all, I've read in other reviews that this movie is a rip-off from 'Analyze This' and 'The Sopranos'. In my view, it's the other way around. This movie was released in 1997, the other ones in 1999. The movie itself is good, but not great. When I watched it, I had a few laughs and I certainly didn't bore myself. I'd give it a 7/10.

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A kinder, gentler "Godfather" ................

Author: merklekranz from United States
25 November 2013

"This is definitely one of "National Lampoon's" better efforts. Robert Loggia surprises his two nitwit Sons by announcing he wants to go legit. This sets into motion a familiar plot, with a randomly selected shrink, Kevin Pollak, strong armed into becoming Loggia's analyst. There are several subplots involving bad marriages, with Angie Dickinson and Sherilyn Fenn, needing divorces. Occasional "Godfather" spoofs are intertwined with the psychoanalysis, with decidedly uneven comedic results. I especially liked Ricky Aiello in the hothead "Sonny" role. This move can stand on it's own, with no blood and guts, as a kindler, gentler "Godfather". - MERK

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The classic spoof on psychiatry with a twist.

Author: code_wizard from Las Vegas NV
21 October 1999

This is a very funny movie. "Analyze This" is a ripoff of this movie. This movie, unlike "Analyze This" is funny, while not 'clubbing' you with obvious and lame jokes. If you want idiot comedy, this movie is not it. If you want to laugh at psychiatrist, and their affect on life; this is your movie. This movie makes some very good points about shrinks, life in general, movies about the mafia, and what might happen if the movie mafia and shrinks got together. If you like National Lampoon, Monty Python, Andy Kaufman type humor; you will like this movie.

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Not exactly "The Godfather",but has more grins

Author: Hap Trout (HapRay) from Grants Pass, OR
30 November 1998

The only reason I am commenting is because some guy out here called this "the worst movie he has ever seen". He followed this by saying he watched 20 mins. and returned it to the video store.(?) If you are from the East Coast,or have enjoyed Mafia style pictures in the past,this is a decently funny film,when you consider that it is nothing but a "spoof". It wasn't meant to be taken's more like TV's "Married with Children". If you BELIEVE these premises,then I can't help you. I am a 64 year old,well read movie lover,and I actually laughed out loud more than once. So there...

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A Laugh Out Loud Sophisticated Surprise!

Author: experienceent from Seattle, WA
24 February 2007

Staying at a friends house in NYC and found this on his movie shelf. He's a real comedy aficionado and only buys things that stand up to repeated viewing.

Really like Kevin Pollak's stand-up and think he's an underrated actor. As far as I knew he hadn't been the star of a film yet but here he is doing himself proud!

This is a more sophisticated, smarter take on a mobster seeing a shrink then either Analyze This or That. In fact according to the date on the box this film was done first! It's chock full of fast paced scenes and funny dialogue. It's Woody-Allen-esquire in tone (who I could also see playing the shrink). But Kevin really does a great job here. Not mugging or over the top he plays it just right and is hilarious!

It's also got a really fine ensemble cast who are uniformly excellent here. Especially Robert Loggia who gives a wonderfully heartfelt and funny performance. Other standouts are the actors who play his two inept sons (The older one is a dead ringer for Matt Dillon's brother in HBO's Entourage) and SCTV's Joe Flaherty.

Totally enjoyed this film and highly recommend. I now understand why it's up their on the shelf. It's a keeper!

The only thing that doesn't make sense to me is why this is a "National Lampoon" film. It's the complete opposite of a stupid gross-out low-brow comedy. Go figure.

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A movie I just couldn't refuse liking.

Author: carbuff
29 June 2015

Surprisingly, shockingly, this is an excellent comedy and satire.

National Lampoon productions are very uneven, and I didn't go into this one with high hopes, but since it was coming off streaming, and I felt like watching something on the lighter side, I thought I'd give it a shot.

What was most pleasant was that this film doesn't go for the easy, juvenile, slapstick stupidity I was really expecting, but is actually pretty sophisticated, with top-notch acting to boot. I do, however, think a lot of modern audiences might not go for the slower, more deliberate pace of this film, since nowadays they just can't seem to wait to get to the "money shots". This didn't bother me at all, as I often prefer it when situations and characters are given time to develop.

One thing I really can't stand is movies that glamorize the Mafia, which, to me, is like romanticizing Nazis. (I never cared for "The Godfather" and its sequels, but liked "Goodfellas" a lot, since I thought that the latter film made mob life look quite bad, that is, unless you happen to look favorably upon murdering people with sharpened pencils just for the hell of it.) This spoof easily merits a get-out-of-jail-free card with regard to glamorizing sociopathic behavior, because it was it's just so sharp and good- natured.Furthermore, I loved the way this movie flowed, and, unlike some other reviewers, I also loved how it was all tied up at the end.

In summary, this film does a nearly perfect job of treading a fine line between comedy, farce, spoof, and actual emotional and rather heart-warming drama, and I just loved it. Lastly, it reminded that our society really was so much nicer not so long ago, leaving me in a highly ambivalent state of nostalgia.

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Whe will the DVD come out?!

Author: Pat kelley from Sacramento California
28 October 2008

I love The Don's Analyst and am impatiently waiting for the DVD to come out since changing all my players to DVD only. Angie Dickinson, Robert Loggia, Rick Aiello and all of the cast were perfect choices for the movie. I am also a huge fan of both Robert De Niro and Billy Chrystal but both Analyze This and That fell flat for me. I never could understand the media hype over Analyze This and That. The Don's Analyst does have a few comments well within mob characterization that could be considered somewhat anti semitic and I have often suspected this may the reason it is overlooked in favor of This and That. Anyone else? I think the movie is fantastic.

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better than analyze this.

Author: kwillisw
6 December 2003

this move is much better than "analyze this". goes into more detail and has more laughs then the knockoff of this movie,just like almost any other remake. some movies are better off left alone. this movie stands on it's own.

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A well-crafted, overlooked comedy.

Author: lafferguy from Aspen, CO
13 September 2003

Thanks to my TIVO, which recommended and recorded this, I discovered a little known comic gem. At first I thought I was watching an unsold pilot for a TV adaptation of, "Analyze This" with Kevin Pollak playing the Billy Crystal part. I even felt he was doing a better job with the shrink character when I realized that this was indeed it's own movie.

I guess this must have been a straight to video film which obviously pre-dated Analyze This by at least a couple of years. How did DeNiro & Crystal get away with it? There are some scenes and situations that are uncannily similar.

Nonetheless The Don's Analyst, kept me laughing throughout. It was briskly paced and had a Coen Bros. feel to the directing and comic tone. It was also really well shot and looked more "realistic" then Analyze This which I feel was brightly lit and over the top comedy.

So hats off to the underdogs who made this really good little film. Set your TIVO and be prepared to smile and laugh.

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Pleasantly surprised

Author: joman from Wellington, NZ
10 January 1999

I also must disagree with the guy who only watched 20 minutes of this movie. Being a National Lampoon film, I was expecting this to be pretty lame, but found myself laughing out loud at some points. Robert Loggia's performance was very funny. I would put this into the 'pleasant surprise' movie category.

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