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So much fun, this one is, from an unknown cast and a very slim budget, amazing!

Author: Amy Adler from Toledo, Ohio
23 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mike (Mark Kassen) has moved to California to become a writer. This displeases his East Coast parents very much, for his plumber father wanted his son to join the family business. Also, they wish for their son to find the right woman, too. Not keeping track of pesky little time zones, they often call their son during the night and beg him for his latest life adventures. Usually, Mike has to make up some stuff. The young man does have a job as an underling for a real estate mogul. One night, he and some friends go to a club and when a beautiful, masked woman comes out and does a dazzling Macarena dance, Mike's heart goes bonkers. However, he doesn't catch her name. But, its Lola (Ara Celi), and she is from Mexico on a temporary visa. An aspiring dancer, she snags an important audition. But, needing to work and pay bills, Lola takes over a house sitting job for a rich dentist and his wife, while they go on an extended vacation. Mike, still suffering under a Lola spell, has hallucinations of folks doing the Macarena everywhere, people at the office, the diner, and the shops, even Orthodox Jewish men! But, one day, Lola and he cross paths, just as his parents call. Therefore, he tells them he has a new girlfriend named Lola and its serious. His folks hop on the next plane! The only solution is to create another big lie, with the dentist's house as Mike's new digs and Lola as his gal. Can they fool his parents long enough to put them on the next flight back to Jersey? Not likely, especially when vacationers may have a change of plans! This film was just so much fun and it probably had a next-to-nothing budget! Its also a nice romantic comedy for its fans. Kassen and Celi are terrific, with Celi very beautiful and talented, wonder where she is today? The rest of the cast is also just wonderful, making viewers laugh and laugh. Of course, the California setting and dentist's Beverly Hills digs are gorgeous while, as stated, the humorous script and direction combine to entertain audiences in a huge manner. It may not be easy to find, but do go looking for Lola, because she's worth it!

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A modest success.

Author: Hermit C-2 from Marietta, GA, USA
15 April 2000

When I saw this film recently on HBO, it was broadcast under the title 'Looking for Lola' rather than 'Macarena.' That was probably a good idea. Why identify your movie with an ephemeral dance fad that was over about the time it began? Besides, movies about recent "popular" dances have been nothing to write home about. (Remember 'The Forbidden Dance?')

This film needed the help. Its familiar story of the unlikely boy/girl couple thrown together and hating/loving each other is rather predictable, and the paths it takes are pretty pedestrian at times. On the other hand, this is a movie that asks for and depends on the good will of its audience, and the writing and characters are likable enough so that one might be willing to indulge it a bit. Unless you are terminally sophisticated, you'll probably have a few laughs at it. Not a hardy recommendation, but at least I give it a "thumbs up."

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amazing movie;fun, entertaining, simply "chill"

Author: dele_bitaghat from Salt Lake City, UT, US
27 December 2012

It is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I almost never like chic flicks. The movie has a very innocent perspective about life and does not contain any perversive or pornographic content as we see very often in comedies today. I find it to be an original projection of what "pure love" can be. It is amusing; you never get bored throughout the movie. It is definitely not appropriate for people who will not like "purity" in their relationships. My wife loved it too. She also claims that it is one of the best movies ever. It however does not have enough views to be accurately measured on the scale of achievements. Regardless the budget of the movie, the idea of the plot is definitely entertaining and keeps you "refreshed" throughout. The movie also have a pleasant "aftertaste". It gives you the image of a "childish" life where loyalty, beauty and dreams come to the senses and realization.

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Halfway decent for such a low budget

Author: Joshua Bozeman from Evansville, Indiana
14 October 2000

When it comes to low budget movies, I guess Macarena, or "Looking For Lola" as I have always seen it listed is fairly decent. It's got a good plot, even though it's very unoriginal and predictable. The actors are moderately enjoyable, and the scenes are well done. It has some really funny parts, and the romance is warm, though again--typical and unoriginal. Overall it's a decent movie. I wouldn't buy it, but it comes on Showtime every now and then, and maybe you can catch it on sometime....I'd recommend watching it if you do.

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One of the worst endings of a movie ever.

Author: whiteh2o from Dallas, TX
28 April 2000

This movie was a complete hack of writing and directing, jumping to the end, not only was the end of the movie implausible but the direction and acting was not only bad, it was just plain embarrassing. I would write more about the movie, but why?

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Sometimes you just can't stop watching

Author: jbran from Austin, TX
21 June 2000

This movie was so frustrating. Everything seemed energetic and I was totally prepared to have a good time. I at least thought I'd be able to stand it. But, I was wrong. First, the weird looping? It was like watching "America's Funniest Home Videos". The damn parents. I hated them so much. The stereo-typical Latino family? I need to speak with the person responsible for this. We need to have a talk. That little girl who was always hanging on someone? I just hated her and had to mention it. Now, the final scene transcends, I must say. It's so gloriously bad and full of badness that it is a movie of its own. What crappy dancing. Horrible and beautiful at once.

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Author: Rison from San Diego, CA
31 March 2001

While killing time on a Saturday morning, "Looking For Lola" came on HBO. I decided to give it a shot even though the description of the movie looked pretty bad. It was even worse than I could imagine. The movie was incredibly unbelievable and there was absolutely no on-screen chemistry between the lead actors that I found myself shaking my head almost every 10 minutes. Between Mike Greenbaum (lead actor) in scenes in which he skips the bill at a fancy restaurant and where Lola (lead actress) allows him to use her boss' house to fool his parents into thinking he's rich, it was almost as bad as him "daydreaming" about people around him doing the macarena (it was HORRIBLE!) and the two actors ultimately falling in love. I kept wanting to change the channel, but I was trying to give it every chance into becoming a cute love story with a few chuckles. It never did. In fact, it became so bad that I decided to finish it just so I can claim that I watched one of the worst films ever made in it's entirety, instead of being criticized for not "giving it a fair chance". The last scene where Lola tries out for a dance part was the culmination of the movie. She comes in late after getting married (even that scene where Mike tells the priest to hurry up and then just snatches the papers away claiming that it's done was in tune with the believability of this movie), and then somehow "convinces" the judges to give her a look. The two male judges are already put-off with how late she is. But after watching her waif around the stage (ok, she dances fine, but not overly impressive), everybody joins in including Lola and Mike's families, other dancers that were there, and *cough* even the judges. Bad, horrible, terrible. It was so bad I had to write a review. Watch at your own risk.

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