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Portland Oregonian
Takes the typical detective-hunting-a-serial-killer story and twists it into a creepy, enigmatic bit of psychological terror that by its final ambiguous scene leaves you truly chilled.
With its gift for infusing uneasiness into every frame, Kurosawa's moody, unnerving film continues to spook us even after the lights have gone on.
Cure has a generic resemblance to "Seven," but it's far more oblique, and that much more troubling.
Transcends its murkiness and eats into the mind. Cure is what ails you.
What is most impressive about Kurosawa's direction is how he uses the entire frame, complete with expository background action, to fill in the story blanks. His eagerness to suggest, rather than declare, marks him as a director with confidence to spare.
Christian Science Monitor
Contains quite a few grisly and ghastly images.
The result is somewhat confounding, but utterly spellbinding.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Clearly, this film is less than a suspense masterpiece. Its violence is often gratuitous.
New York Daily News
Kurosawa may be considered the genius, but his movie would go nowhere without its extraordinary leading man.
It's more psychological than a genre movie, and that is the source of both its greatest interest and its biggest problem.

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