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This is one freaky movie...
byrne_c26 March 2001
Cube is a movie that explores human nature and our instinctive urges for survival vs our humanitarianism. Not a new concept, I know, however this movie does it in style, with a plot so simple that it could only be the work of a conceptual genius. I don't intend to give too much away, as the power of the film lies in it's mystery, but I will say that this movie could almost be classified as disturbing, not due to its content, but rather the thoughts that it instills in the audience. I found myself rather shaken as I left the cinema, feeling as though I had been exposed to an ugly, hidden side of humanity and society. Don't get me wrong, this movie is definitely worth seeing, I would even be so bold as to say that it must be seen! I must admit that there are few movies I have seen that have had such a profound affect on me, and I don't think I am alone in my feelings.
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Low Budget, Does not have to equal Low Quality
mjw230519 January 2005
It probably cost about half the budget of this movie, to make the opening sequence, which successfully gets your attention. Once it has your attention it simply refuses to let you go, it is compelling to say the least.

The entire cast were pretty much unknown when the film was made (and most still are), but they all gave fine performances throughout. Without the successful casting this film could have easily been a disaster, as it is almost entirely character driven. I'm glad to say that definitely is not the case.

Despite the low budget and practically unknown cast, the film manages to be clever, intriguing, thought-provoking and highly enjoyable. sadly, this film is probably a one off, i can't think of another low budget film that has half the impact of this one.

8/10 and worth every point
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One of the most original sci-fi films of the last decade
hippiedj2 July 2000
If you were to think about what situation would terrify you the most, Cube would be the ultimate challenge. In a way, it is a predecessor to TV's "Survivor" in which the people each have a skill that can help them survive and possibly get them out. It all comes down to human emotions and confrontations that get in the way of progress. It's a talky film, but that's the point-- figuring situations and dealing with different personalities is inevitable to any group. The solving of problems becomes very complex, but the viewer doesn't have to worry...let the characters figure it out as we go along for the ride. While so many sci-fi films want to wow you with effects, this film does something more challenging--it makes you think. With its limited budget and digital effects in use even before Titanic glorified them, Cube still proves itself as one of the more original and intelligent sci-fi films of the last decade, with a cult status already going strong. It is truly a nail-biter.
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You ever get stuck in an elevator? Multiply that emotion by 1,000
ToldYaSo17 August 1999
Great. Another shining example of how my inadequacy in mathematics could be the end of me. I used to skip math class. I took the bare minimum requirement expected of me and passed with something less than flying colours. The point is, math is all that separates our "heroes" from certain death in this arena.

"Cube" is an innovative little thriller that can safely dodge accusations of blandness or mediocrity. The premise is simple and the plight of the characters is highly relative despite its surrealistic science fiction setting. Six individuals find themselves trapped in a cube comprised of many rooms linked together, with no readily visible way out, no rations, tools or explanation for being there, with traps set up in some of the rooms. An apparent experiment on how people think and react to certain situations and the transformations they might undergo.

The simplicity of the film and the cube itself are the film's strongest assets and can probably account for it's international success, notably in Japan. It's low budget production costs came under $400,000. But they got a really good bang for their buck with some help from special effects houses that provided their services free of charge. As the director has commented on the audio commentary track of the DVD, one aspect they were going for was a way to have an action flick in one room. They pulled it off quite nicely. Another interesting tidbit brought to light was that each character's name is after a prison.

A curious aspect of this Canadian film was its surprisingly short run in Canadian cinemas. In speaking with one of the film's producers, Mehra Meh, I learned that despite it's award as "Best First Feature" at the Toronto Film Festival of 1997, the film run in Canada came a year later and was just for a few short weeks before it was yanked from theaters and then showcased internationally. When time came for the DVD release, I found another perplexing development. It was only available as an import. A Canadian film only available as an import in Canada? It wasn't until months later that it was released domestically.

In any case, the film is available now and worth checking out if you have interest in the psychological thriller fare. Those who work their days or nights (or both) in a cubicle may wish to pass on this one, as it just might be too close to home.
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Cube: 7/10
movieguy102126 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty tired of all these wanna-be horror movies that are out now. All of those movies are rated PG-13 and can't seem to scare anyone. But right at the verge of these so-called horror movies came Cube, a low-budget horror film with an original idea and a good idea of how to execute it. It could have gone belly-up, but it works for the most part and creates a suspenseful movie.

A group of seven people find themselves trapped in some sort of maze of cubes. They're all different colors and to make matters more interesting, some are booby trapped. They have no recollection of how they got there, nor do they have a clue how to get out. It becomes a battle of wits to stay sane and survive.

There's an overall sense of creepiness, doom, and claustrophobia that overshadows the whole movie, not to mention the paranoia that sinks into both the characters and you as you watch. You only know as much as the characters-you don't know how they got into the cubes, what they're for, or any of the typical exposition. And although most of the characters were annoying, it put you side by side with them, which helped a lot. If you get to be next to the characters, you can understand their actions more. However, you do (somewhat) find out what these cubes were made for, which kind of dampers the whole thing, but it's still very interesting to go through.

But when the climax comes about, the movie descends into hokey B-horror land, with a terrorized killer stalking most of the people. When the original exploration of the cubes subsides and you get the people walking around, also, the interest starts to wane. It's often repetitive, but the booby traps are quite, for lack of a better word, fun. But that doesn't mean that the original creativity has gone away, it's just not as interesting. But I really liked Cube, and if you see it, you will too.

My rating: 7/10

Rated R for some strong sci-fi violence/gore and language.
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Cult Classic Sci-Fi!!
Vincenzo Natali. Funny sounding name right? Well just a little funny. Keep that name in your mind though over the next few years. After this film the Cube, Natali's follow up was the superb Cypher. He seems to be a master of a difficult genre, Sci-Fi. In a genre that is primarily known for having a high pap ratio, the fact that Natali's first two features have been cult classic science fiction movies then bodes well for Sci-fi fanatics who will eagerly anticipate his next movie. The Cube is a superbly crafted low budget film. On a shoestring budget and a dangerously basic premise full of intrigue, the film succeeds because of imaginative effects and taut directions as well as a superbly written script, delving into the human psyche in such an extreme situation. The plot is basically thus: A group of strangers wake in a cube room. They don't know where they are or how they got there but they know they must find a way out. It also transpires that when they leave each room the enter another room that is virtually identical in look. There will perhaps be a different colour in the lighting. The must find their way out before they starve tp death or go nuts, but to add to their woes, it seems that some of the rooms are booby trapped, ranging from sound activated, to pressure activated traps. They soon discover that each of them has a specific gift that can perhaps hold the key to their escape. There is a maths genius who may hold the key to discovering a way out. The rooms are numbered and the numbers could signify the type of room but also a map. The film is excellent and just when they think they have figured it out the Cube bites them in the behind. The dynamic of the characters is excellent as inevitably some go crazy. I do think that for a film shot for less than 300,000 dollars this is amazing looking. It works well for a film that is set in the same environment for the 90 minutes of the film. I have to say this film is one of those pleasant surprises that comes from nowhere and when word of mouth finally gets to you, please listen! ****
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Incredibly original
kaelcarp15 July 2004
This film is one of the most original films I've ever seen. On top of that, it is absolutely riveting and engaging. It will have you thinking for hours afterward. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes intriguing movies. The acting is good. Other than the girl who plays the student, I've never seen any of the actors before, which makes the movie much harder to predict than most.

The air of mystery prevails throughout. The pace is perfect, which surprised me, given the limited amount the characters could actually do. And the ending doesn't sell out the rest of the movie, which films with this level of mystery often do.
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fandangonoir23 January 2001
One of the best films I've seen in years. Original, suspenseful, frightening. The idea and execution of this film is so simple yet it's still a very complex and brilliant piece of work. The acting is sometimes a little over the top but it still works. The most amazing thing to me is that the filmmakers only built one cube and made it seem like they made several. This is clever, clever filmmaking. Whoever said there are no good ideas left hasn't seen 'Cube'. Dig it.
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Don't waste your time
jonmurdock1 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Ridiculous. Every time an actor opens his or her mouth it makes you wonder if a high school junior wrote this garbage. The opening scene was excellent, but after that it all goes to hell in a hand basket. The characters are stupid and unbelievable. The acting is horrific, and the story may have been good if there was a beginning, a middle, and an end - but all we get is the middle: people are trapped in a giant puzzle. They go through doors to get to new rooms, and most of the rooms are death traps. There is no way out. Let's start killing each other! End of story. What a piece of crap! Don't waste your time. Minus 5 points out of 10. I've seen skin flicks with better dialogue than this dog...
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Unique but ultimately unsatisfying.
gridoon18 January 2000
"Cube" is certainly a unique movie. The brilliant, absolutely irresistible premise grabs you instantly, and the production design keeps you impressed. The first hour of this picture was thoroughly engrossing and full of surprises; I would even call it "astonishing" if the actors didn't deliver some obviously forced, unnaturally "profound" speeches, and if the director didn't try to create dramatic moments by taking the easy way out - having the characters argue with each other all the time; if they acted as a team and tried to overlook their differences, THAT would have been the REALLY original approach. Still, the movie was fast-paced and fully engrossing.

And then, about 20 minutes before the end, it begins to collapse! The mathematical calculations become IMPOSSIBLE to decipher and follow. A major character changes his behavior completely. And the ending is a real disappointment. Some people have said it's "surprising"; I think it's a total cop-out. It doesn't provide any explanations, and it doesn't provide any clues for us to try to figure it out on our own. I watched the last five minutes three times. They leave you with an intense "THAT'S IT?" feeling.

Overall, this movie is definitely worth seeing, and the acting isn't nearly as bad as most people say, but be prepared for a HIGHLY unsatisfying ending. 6/10.
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Just keeps on going and going and going
joelholio7 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Rented this based on the strong (7.5) rating here at IMDb. As a rule I find ratings here are pretty accurate, but this one however is way off the mark. Several characters stuck in a cube, some obviously chosen for their particular ability, but others seem to have just been put there to make a story, then have them blunder from room to room for a while, watch how they interact a bit, then kill off most of them at the end.

Performances across the board are OK so my real complaint is with the writers as they take us through the cube, nothing is ever resolved or explained - yeah, we get to hear that no one is currently in charge of the cube, but please, don't insult viewers by simply asking us to believe that this thing just magically got built with no conceivable purpose but to zap people! Then there's the ending - talk about lack of resolution. This was definitely a case of 'ok, we have enough film in the can, time to quit' - and that's exactly what they do. Had the writers spent some time and come up with a creative ending, it could have save this film and made it a true 7.5. But as is, I'd say take a pass unless it's the only thing available.
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This must be the coolest movie!
clara-chan13 November 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I didn't actually KNOW anything about this film, and it was showing at the Rialto (which is more foreign-filmish than mainstream). But I was surely not let down! I'm no film-buff, and I'm not experienced yet either (only 15 so far), but I definately recommend anyone to give it at least a chance! The fact that it's so low-budget, but doesn't really reek of it, and the simplicity of the setting, is quite refreshing from the typical films of today. At first I was rooting for the cop, since he had 3 kids, but... well, let's just say I didn't exactly want him to survive near the end (that bastard!) And also the actual scariest movie I've seen all year! I mean, actual covering-my-face muttering 'No! God! No!', especially during the silence scene... despite what some other people have said, I thought this movie wasn't predictable at all (I was totally wrong about who was going to die and what happened in the end). The ending was also perfect, and they should leave it like that... I came out of the cinema, speechless, only thinking 'Wow! What a cool movie!', and satisfaction that you have got your money's worth. The only thing that bugged me during the whole film was trying to remember what other things the girl that played Leaven had been in (Deepwater Black, and other sci-fi things - anyone else detect typecasting here? ^.^) Go see it if you haven't!
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What an overrated piece of claptrap
bgygi229 January 2008
Why: let's see, the acting is awful, the script pretentious and laden with too many long-winded philosophical discussions of nothing, the characters less than one-dimensional, the story is full of holes and the vaunted mathematics boil down to prime numbers and Cartesian coordinates (freshman high school stuff). I don't know why so many people think this is great, to me it has less suspense and substance than a Twilight Zone episode. To be fair, there is some good suspense and the rooms show some imaginative set design. But that doesn't make up for all things that just don't make sense.It just shows that if you make a film obscure enough and tendentious enough some people will think it's great.
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coletteparkin19 October 2012
I cannot understand why some people have given this such a high rating, i thought it was absolute utter rubbish. Admittedly it has a fairly original storyline for its time(1997) but thats its only redeeming feature. It looked cheap and nasty, the dialogue could literally have been written by a 10 year old and the black actor (it made such an impression that i can't remember his name) obviously got bottom marks on his drama exam as the only way he portrayed emotion was through wild staring and pursed lips. I urge you not to waste an hour and a half of your life watching this tripe. I cannot express how much i hated this film. In the same vein of clashing personalities and/or confined spaces watch Devil or Buried instead.
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Cube: Full of Holes
Baron Ronan Doyle2 April 2010
A low budget Canadian psychological thriller, Cube has garnered a cult following and something of a legacy in popular culture. After a long time, I finally got around to seeing this interesting looking film today.

Deeply mysterious, Cube chronicles the story of seven different people as they travel through an apparently endless system of interlinked cube structures with six doors each to adjacent cubes. Relying on each others' individual characteristics and skills to get them through, they desperately attempt to escape their geometric hell.

With a single claustrophobic set used for shooting , one undeniable thing about Cube is the originality of its premise. Reworking the concept of the maze thriller in all sorts of new dimensions, it brings an interesting newness to the subgenre. The potential presented in the early scenes of the film is large; the opening scene immensely entertaining and indicative of good things to come from the original and intriguing concept. The implementation of this idea is, however, cripplingly flawed. Suffering painfully all the faults of clunky and unrealistic dialogue, the film does little to improve it with some substandard performances. The characters, though mildly interesting, seem to react in entirely absurd ways at times, doing much to detract from the audience sympathy vote: Kazan, an autistic character, is often just offensively portrayed; Leaven, the "math whiz", takes her time in trying to decide if multiples of 5 and 2 are prime numbers. The film is full of holes and massive flaws, turning it from a film of considerable potential to, at times, an infuriatingly contrived work. All that aside, it is actually quite enjoyable once you accept and expect its regular absurdity. Plot twists are painfully obvious, but the path to them is at least a fun one to tread, some of the tensions rising between characters interesting, if not effective or believable. Though it does little to establish itself as a particularly good movie, it's at least not a terrible one.

With flaws aplenty, many of them just silly and stupid, Cube falls flat on its face more than once, suffering regularly from its less than convincing dialogue and unintentionally funny developments. Entertaining all the same, it's certainly original.
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So Simple...Yet Very Complex!
ashthecat330 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
A friend watched this for the first time the other day. I had seen it a few years ago. She was dumbfounded by this film and asked me what it really was about. She asked if it had "a greater purpose."

After I told her, she understood a little better. Here's what I said to her...


The left hand didn't know what the right was doing as Worth put it. The Cube was something that never should've been built but it was.

Worth says, "There is no conspiracy. Nobody is in charge. It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan."

He also says,"This is an accident, a forgotten, perpetual public works project. You think anybody wants to ask questions? All they want is a clear conscience and a fat paycheck."

I think one of the most important lines in the film is from Rennes (the escape artist) who says, "No more talking. No more guessing. Don't even think about nothing that's not right in front of you. That's the real challenge. You've gotta save yourselves from yourselves."

He couldn't have been more right.

The end of the film and who makes it out was a lesson on social breakdown. The Cube should never have been built but when it was, the people who created it realized what they had done and simply decided to make use of it rather than let it sit unused. They put people in it.

So in a way it doesn't have a greater purpose...but yet it the lessons learned by watching the characters inside of it. The Cube is just a gigantic empty device until you add that human element to it. That's where the real fun begins and that's what makes it interesting.

Quentin (the evil cop) was pretty accurate when he said,

"This place is... remember Scaramanga? The bad guy in "The Man With The Golden Gun?" It's some rich psycho's entertainment."

And in a way he was right. The Cube really doesn't serve any purpose but to provide its creators with a sick form of entertainment.

Cube, above all is a fantastic multi-character study combined with sci-fi elements. One of the reasons I like it is because at it's core, it is very simple...but yet it is also very complex at the same time. Kind of like a Rubik's cube. Sitting on someone's desk collecting dust, a Rubik's cube will simply sit has no purpose. But when a human picks it up and starts turning and twisting it....well you get the idea. I wouldn't be surprised if the Rubik's cube was the inspiration for the writers to write Cube.

Hopefully this helps.
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Cool rooms, ridiculous movie.
Eavan Masters10 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm having trouble contemplating how this movie has a 7.5 after 32,000+ votes. The opening sequence has a man diced into cubes as he attempts to cross a room. I thought this part was very cool. Unfortunately, that was easily the sweetest thing in the movie. The only other death caused by the rooms was a spurt of acid that miraculously landed right on the guys face. Sadly, the sweetness of the room effects was overshadowed by the atrocious acting and even more pathetic dialogue. Perhaps the saddest part of the movie was its attempt to incorporate mathematics. This could've been one of the best parts of the film if they'd decided to have even a single mathematician proofread the script. Using the words 'prime' 'factor' and 'cartesian' doesn't make it mathematically profound or philosophical, or correct. Nor does mentioning Descartes' name. As the girl proved, wearing glasses does not make you a math genius. They were all terrible actors, but the doctor was so comically bad I couldn't help rooting for the psychopathic cop who dropped her off the edge. Was he supposed to be hero? But if they'd only stayed in the room, they wouldn't have been driven mad and perhaps the cop never would've lost his mind and killed all the people...are you serious? And the annoying autistic man is the only one to make it out? What? No matter what way you try to justify the characters motives they're all idiotic. If you have even a semblance of logic this movie will not make any sense. What would be sweet is if this movie were remade in 5-10 years with a decent script, some people who can act, and at least one profound mathematical concept. I swear, real ones do exist. Only someone 13 or younger could buy into this movie, but it's slightly too gory for anyone that young. So who is this movie for? In the words of Gene Wilder, "you know...morons."
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Group Theory
tedg7 April 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

I watch a lot of trash -- for a variety of reasons. One of them is that I am sometimes pleasantly surprised. I was blown away with the intelligence of `Ninth Gate,' for instance. I thought `Scary Movie' was a really clever goof on its viewers.

This film pleasantly surprises. It is unremarkable in most of the normal respects: the cinematography and most acting is pedestrian. The directing and editing is poor. So where's the reward?

The conception is brilliant. The sets are Shakespearian, with no props, essentially no costumes. In fact, essentially the whole film is in ostensibly different, but identical small rooms. It is all pure drama which hinges less on what you see, instead the situation that is created by dialog. The center of this film is built in your imagination, on incomplete fragments rattling around in there -- paranoid fragments about the nature of fate, trust and a society allied against you.

What really appeals to me is how much sense this world makes. The design of the maze makes great sense; the mathematics is accessible and correct (not like `Pi' or `Omega Code'), as is the visual notion of the rooms moving. The logic of the physical space contrasts with the total ignorance about who created this situation and why. Since the cinematic vocabulary is made so clear, the angst about the outside society is made more acute.

I think the basic notion works a whole lot better than, say the second `Alien' or the first `Die Hard,' both of which are basically escape movies leavened by `Ship of Fools.'

This is a likely target for a remake with a better budget, a much better candidate than, say `The Professional.' Imagine if these folks had the money and creative talent of the disastrous `The Cell.' If this was remade, though, the extra money need not go into more elaborate sets. The sparceness of the sets is part of its strength. Instead, the money needs to go into script dialog, better actors (but deBoer isn't bad), a real score, and some competent cinematography. This would be a natural for a real artist.

As it is, it is still worth viewing. Think of it as slightly illustrated radio. Seen this way, it is worthy of a young Welles.
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Sartre meets "Prison" !?
Phroggy8 May 1999
Right now, "Cube" is being released in France with an unbelievable success for a movie with no "name actors" and no hype, expect the numerous prices it got at the (formerly deconsidered by critics and audiences alike) Gerardmer film festival. It probably proves that the audiences are expecting something else than stupid Hollywood blockbusters fare. This one is very much a play on Sarte's "Huis clos" ("L'enfer, c'est les autres" - "Hell is the other people") infused with thriller and sometimes basic horror overtones. The scenario seems to have been written by a philosopher and a mathematician, and the ending seems to enter religious parable territory ("Happy are the feeble-minded"). I thought the pretty thin premise would wear thin after an exciting first half-hour, but the movie never lets go, helped by a very strong cast. Sometimes, there are artificial or too obvious ways to highten the tension (Like killing first the prisoner who seems the most likely to survive and a sudden incursion in Friday the 13th territory, etc) but this is understandable for a first effort and gives some naive, passionate flavor to the proceedings, compared to computer-generated Hollywoodian scenarios. Besides, this proves you don't have to make a billion-sized blockbuster choke-full of special effects to build up a good movie.
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Could Have Been Great!
LebowskiT100020 February 2000
"Cube" had one of the greatest ideas for a movie I've ever seen. Right up there with "The Matrix". But it was ruined!

Don't read this if you haven't seen it.

I loved the idea of people being trapped in this maze and not knowing why or how, superb idea. Of course I don't know how one would react in such a situation, but why would this cop, a man who does good, go crazy and start killing and beating people for no apparent reason? Kind of stupid if you ask me. one of the other comments would this so-called cop get to the end of the maze on his own? There is no way he could get anywhere without the girl genius or the autistic guy. ...Ok, so let's assume that he does get to the end of the maze...why didn't Leavin and Worth hear the door opening when the "cop" came into the room?

This movie went from a great sci-fi, mind-job movie to a retarded horror pointless story.

Here's a question for the Director/Writer...Why on earth did you have these characters go through hell just to die at the brink of escaping? What a let down!!!

That's my two cents. Thanks.
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Sub standard horror flick.
kyotu_o_shire15 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
People have a very bad habit of interpreting this as a 'philosophical film'. It's not. You want a philosophical film, go watch Solaris. It's a mystery to me why this film is so universally loved. The concept is fantastic, I admit but the execution is pretty lousy. The acting is pretty solid I suppose but considering the characters are all caricatures that really isn't saying much. People try to excuse the acting by saying that this movie is a critique of human society. That makes me curious to what sort of society these people live in. We live in a peaceful society where death doesn't wait round every corner. Not really like Cube then. The script needed a lot of work as well; whilst the first half of the film is actually quite well written, when things start to go wrong it falls apart. Especially the ending.


The cop coming back to kill those last two characters was, lets face it, because they couldn't think of another way to get rid of them. And the ending itself was another cop out. 'existentialist?' American Beauty is existentialist. Fear X is existentialist. This is just a mess.


Cool traps and situations do not a film make. There is so much missing from this film that I really cannot find much to recommend it. And, after the whole experience, nothing is resolved, nothing is discussed, just a bunch of immature conspiracy theories that are supposed to make people think 'yes, they're being clever by not explaining things' whereas they are actually making extremely generalized statements and trying to pass it off as philosophy and social analysis.
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Great premise, damaged by the ending
Nicol_Bolas24 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Basically, this movie is exactly what the DVD box cover says: 6 people are trapped inside a maze/death-trap. They try to get out.

It isn't really about the prison, though. It's about how people react to stress. And it's about the design of the prison.

The basic premise reads like a Twilight-Zone episode. 6 people wake up in a series of interconnected rooms. Some of these rooms kill their occupants in various ways.

Each person was placed there with a specific function in mind. One person is a cop, who has leadership qualities. One is a doctor, able to treat the wounded. One is a high-school student, who's math knowledge is still fresh in her mind. One is one of the people who built a component of the place, who brings unique knowledge of the prison. One is apparently autistic, able to perform complex math computations easily. One is an escape artist loner-type who gets himself killed early on to remind the audience that anyone can die.

The prison acts as a personality-conflict engine, as it forces people to interact to save each other's lives and their own.

It's a great premise, the interlocking prison that they have to figure out the secrets to. And, as with any human endeavor, dealing with each other becomes increasingly hard as dehydration and stress wear down their patience.

The problem comes when one of them, quite suddenly, snaps and starts killing them. For no apparent reason.

I understand that tensions were running high. But when the most likable and reasonable character in the entire movie starts going nuts and killing people for no apparent reason, it kinda sullies the character interactions.

Granted, this was a problem with the dialog as a whole. People thrust into the situation seemed entirely too unwilling to tell each other things. I can understand panic. But after an hour in the death maze, when someone asks what skills you could contribute, I would expect people to give a full resume/CV including personal histories, not, "I'm a doctor, like 10 million others." There was a lot of confrontation in the movie, even at the beginning when dehydration and exhaustion hadn't set in yet. They just seemed to want to argue rather than attempt to reason a way out.

Despite the ending and a degree of contravity with the dialog, the movie works reasonably well.
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