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Complete waste of time!!!
aleksastevo10 February 2018
I didn't use to write reviews,acctually this is my first review and i decieded to write it only because movie is complete garbage.Acting is equal to zero.Movie is pointless,but that's not a problem.Problem is that movies like this try to define human natrure,but cast and craw tottaly failed in this.I dont mind if movie has low budget but this one didn't succeed in making that atmosphere that would intrigue me.This is classic low budget movie and unfortunatly low budget is equal to low quallity this time.I know that is easy to sit in chair and just comment that somebody's work is bad,but this time i have to do this because i feel like I just throw away 90 minutes of my life watching nonsense.
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Original, complex, but not entirely engaging drama
grantss8 January 2018
Very original concept. A handful of people are locked inside a weird cube-like construction with interconnecting rooms, some of which have lethal boobytraps. They have to find their way out.

Figuring out which rooms are safe, and where the exit is, proves to be a complex and intellectual exercise. Maybe too complex. Even mathematical people like myself eventually will have gotten tired of the twists in the puzzle and algorithm.

Add in that you don't really care for any of the characters, and you're not really engaged. It's just a mathematical exercise, and an overly complex one at that.

Not helping the engagement are some fairly weak performances. Nicky Gaudagni, as Holloway, is the worst of the bunch. Cringeworthy. It was very difficult to like her character at all. David Hewlett and, to a lesser extent, Nicole de Boer are the only ones who give credible performances.

Intriguing, but not a must-see.
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Overrated movie.
jeffrymiranda-258588 January 2018
Among cynical characters and, to my opinion, no meaningful message delivered, this movie went by with no share or part. I think the idea of people trapped in cube is no new at all and even though this movie certainly keeps your attention for more than a hour, by the end you feel that there is no message to reflect on. All what it does is to kind of keep you a bit scare and get you into its plot here and there, but at times it doesn't. Therefore, that's what I'm giving 5 out of 10.
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Cube is essentially an equal parts nihilistic and humanitarian drama wrapped in a sci-fi/horror shell
themidgarzolom5 January 2018
Cube is an extremely impressive movie, without a doubt. It begins with a shock and grips you for the remainder of the movie. The surprising thing is, however, that the rest of the movie engages you through a sustained moderate pace full of tension and dread, rather than the action-filled horror/adventure that is immediately suggested.

Cube is essentially an equal parts nihilistic and humanitarian drama wrapped in a sci-fi/horror shell. It's not just a movie about survival. It's a movie about one's purpose, or lack thereof. The inner struggles and choices made by characters are just as important as the external physical challenges of the maze in which they find themselves. The characters are, for the most part, richly developed and most people will find themselves rooting for and against most of the characters at different moments. They are layered, flawed and fairly realistic depictions of real people in a horrible situation, trying to cling to humanity. That being said, there are a few credibility gaps with some of the talents of certain characters and with the overall premise, but this is not an odd or overly distracting flaw for a science fiction movie.

I want to call out a couple things that were particularly impressive about this film. First of all, this was cast on a short budget with no A-listers, but most of the actors/actresses were memorable and believable as the characters they were given to portray. These are the types of roles given to journeymen character actors that may call to mind something such as "Hey, it's that guy/girl from Cube!" if you come across him or her in a different film playing a minor role. Keeping on message about the impressive nature of the film with the budget allowed, the set design and the effects are absolutely great, considering the budget. Heck, they are great on any budget. I've seen SEVERAL blockbuster films from the same time period that looked way worse from a graphical standpoint. This was a visual joy to watch.

The only place this movie lost any love from me is that the ending wasn't quite "for me." That's not to say it was a bad ending, but it wasn't what I was looking for personally. However, I did feel completely impacted and emotionally heavy after the movie, which is always a sign that the director landed the final punch of the movie as intended.

The influence of this creative movie, whether direct or indirect, has been felt subsequently in several other horror and thriller movies of the 2000's. Saw II instantly is brought to mind with elements of the premise and many of the character dynamics in play. Don't let that dissuade you from watching this if you are not a fan of the Saw franchise, though, as this movie's gore ratio is much lower and really only used to highlight certain scenes instead of as a driving force.

This is a 9/10 movie for me that easily could be swayed to a 10 on repeat viewings and while noticing more details. Just remember: this is as much of a character-driven drama as it is a horror movie. It is NOT a slasher movie and it is not a GORE movie, although there are a few instances of gore. I'd recommend this to fans of the related genres as a creative and landmark film that really made the most of its budget and premise.
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Theological Horror movie
WB_Whiting8 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"The Cube" is a theological horror movie, the 'Cube' that the protagonists are trapped within represents the worldview of Gnostic Christianity. In this worldview, the universe is a 'Black Iron Prison', an ever shifting and changing death trap created by a wrathful inferior demigod. Within it is the 'Empire', an amalgam of all evil human institutions that wields power over humanity, all who fight against this 'Empire' must adopt its methods and find themselves becoming the next 'Empire'. The true higher god is outside this universe's reality, it breaks into this reality and attempts to save some humans from this trap. Read VALIS by Phillip K. Dick if you are interested in reading fiction further explaining this worldview.

The characters suddenly awaken within the 'Black Iron Prison' of the Cube, aware of the predicament they are in, aware of the malevolence in the design of the universe. They, in their discussions, discover that humans built this Cube, that they and not a god are responsible for the evil state of human society that brought about this deathtrap and fed them into it.

The numerology of the rooms is a clue pointing to a higher intelligence outside the Cube and its human builders. The characters find that they were wrong to move from their original room, that trying to discover a way out through their own intelligence (and not by a god) only led them astray and into ruin. The idiot-savant character represents how one must 'become like a child' to become saved, only through a god can come salvation.

I am not sure if the creators of this film are portraying their own beliefs or if they are portraying a theology that they disagree with because it makes for a good horror scenario. Either way, this is a very interesting and well-made movie that has a hidden layer of depth that is meant to pass by most people unnoticed.
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Mystery, Psychology and Mathematics
Thy Davideth1 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Cube is simply a very well made movie filled with suspense, mysteries of the unknown, revelations of the demented and nerdy $#!+. This is one of those movies where only bits and pieces are revealed and the film ends enigmatic. Sometimes it works and pseudo-intellects get boners off it. Others don't because they want $#!+ explained, b!+(#! So where do you stand? I enjoyed the concept of these people being trapped in a cube where they have to guess which room is filled with traps and which ones aren't through mathematical perception while losing their minds. Also it does have some unpredictable bull$#!+ too. So yes, this a smart ass movie with smart ass $#!+. Recommended.
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An exceptional sci-fi thriller.
vuniv527 November 2017
This movie completely baffled me. I thought it will be another gory sci-fi movie for kicks when I first saw a clip containing gore on YouTube. But it is so much more. The fact that i saw it only in 2017, amazes me as i'm a movie-buff and this genre is a favorite of mine. The movie is well directed, choreographed and acting is, fun to watch. There is good music going for the movie. Its a tense sci-fi drama of human emotions which is central to this movie. The mental strain to the characters is worse than their physical. And all the action is perfect. I know movies like this are rare now, which makes this one a must watch.
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A surprisingly good and unique sci-fi horror film
yeah-9998513 November 2017

Well acted, unpredictable and fleshed out characters. Mysterious, suspenseful and claustrophobic setting. Smartly written puzzles and traps.


Unsatisfying finale. Leaves a lot of unanswered questions.
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Not for claustrophobics...
moonspinner5512 November 2017
Three men and two women of varying backgrounds find themselves inexplicably trapped inside a linked series of color-coordinated, numerically-labeled, most often booby-trapped cubicles, but how did they get there and how do they get out? Canadian thriller of survival from director Vincenzo Natali and screenwriters Andre Bijelic, Vincenzo Natali and Graeme Manson might have made the perfect short; alas, at 90 minutes, there seems to be no escape from a strenuous situation which eventually becomes tedious. The violence is on the gruesome side, while the personal arguments that erupt between the characters are not very enlightening or engaging. Simplistically, this group represents a microcosm of humanity at large and how duress breaks down the human condition to its animalistic basics. On the loftier side, the scenario might be a representation of Heaven and Hell. However, as ambitious as something like this is for a suspense movie, it won't sustain most audiences to the finish line. It provides coldly-served food for thought without allowing for cinematic attributes like mystery or excitement--or a satisfying denouement. Followed by two sequels. ** from ****
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Engrossing, depressing but very watchable
misscath-0266810 November 2017
Saw this on Netflix and I was hooked from the very beginning. I love science fiction and unlike many low budget movies, this was well made and intelligent. There was a thriller aspect to it that I don't find in many sci-fi movies. The cast was great and I was happy to see David Hewlett from Stargate Atlantis and Nicole Deboer from Deep Space Nine. The rest of the cast were unknowns I think. The sense of claustrophobia from being stuck in that cube was palpable. The numerical angle was way above my head but kudos for originality. A little gory for my taste but the violence was not gratuitous. One of the best movies out of Canada.
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Clever, simple premise
pygmydynamo1 November 2017
I've watched Cube a couple of times now.

This is not science fiction in the fun "let's fly around and shoot lasers" sense, although I do enjoy those movies. This is science fiction in the "here's an idea, how might this idea play out?" sense.

If you enjoy starting inside the action and trying to figure movies out, then hoo boy, you are in for a treat. There are few movies that scratch that particular nightmare/sci-fi/thriller/mystery itch the way Cube does.

Reactions can be mixed. The movie makes a couple of poignant statements about human nature. It also doesn't explicitly answer all the questions presented. If viewers like or don't like these decisions, it seems to make or break the movie for them. Speaking for myself, I found Cube's mystery-to-payoff ratio extremely satisfying. I'm glad the filmmakers left a few things up to the viewer to chew-on, well after the movie is over.

I truly wish there were more sci-fi films like this. If you know of any that you'd recommend, please comment or send them along.
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This is not a good low budget movie.
The Couchpotatoes31 October 2017
Why people rate this movie so high is a mystery to me. Seriously it isn't that great. The story is just about okay. If only they would give you an explanation then maybe it could have scored a bit more for me. But without any explanation on many questions it's just not worth to watch. I've never been a big fan of mathematics at school, neither a big fan of resolving a Rubik's cube, so add those things together and you get why I think this movie is a bit boring. And on top of that you have the acting. Most of them are just average, but Maurice Dean Wint, he's just terrible to watch. I found his acting so amateuristic it was painful to watch. I've been fooled by the high ratings again. This is not Sci-Fi at it's best like some wants to make us believe, it's just below average. And it's not a question of a low budget. You have good low budget movies but this is not one of them.
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Halloween Review #21: Very good horror film
lorcan-6188124 October 2017
Cube is a horror film that not really,if i can remember,got talking about back when it was released,but now,its weirdly a big hit,well..big enough. Cube follows several strangers wake up in a cube sized room when they discover that there whole life literally depends on it when they discover there is a way out but its highly complicated. Now,I love like trap horror films and when I mean trap,I mean like movies where there is possibly no destination and this film did it quite good. Cube is very psychological and very creepy,the films very unpredictable and when you find out your like..what. The film also has a very good cast and leaves the whole gore situation very limited,in fact,there is very little until the end. Cube is a very good horror film and also,very original
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Alluring Thriller
GabrielaAdarve21 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This survival thriller takes its time in building the pace. In the opening scene strangers first meet as they all stumble into the same cubed room. They are panic stricken with no recollection of being taken to the sterile, mechanical four walls they have woken up in. They find themselves with matching prison jumpsuits and little else at their disposal.

A large portion of the first act is devoted to character development; Police Officer Quentin soon takes the role of group leader and tasks each individual with describing their memory prior to winding up in the cube. Quentin also tries to stir Worth, a disheveled man who has just come to, and to calm Leaven, a young woman who is petrified with fear. Meanwhile, Doctor Holloway has been paranoid and fixated on their mystery kidnapper's motives since she was pulled in through a side entrance. A man by the name of Rennes ignores this fiasco and wastes no time in discovering that they have been placed in a series of endless of cubical rooms. Rennes identifies himself as a seven-time prison escape artist and works the airlock-style doors on the face of each wall, testing each room for traps. The group is hopeful that Rennes will lead them to an exit, but this hope is short lived. Rennes fails to detect a motion detector in one of the rooms and the rest watch in horror as he is sprayed with chemicals that disintegrate his face and kill him instantly.

From this moment on the situation escalates from a hostage situation as the group realizes their lives are on the line. The allure of Cube lies in the race against the clock to 'crack the code.' Young math student Leaven finds a pattern which helps them shuffle through the maze for hours. After they hit an impasse, once uninvolved Worth breaks silence to reveal dire information that could save them. Just when things couldn't get any more bizarre, the four strangers acquire a fifth to their team who offers a hidden talent. The plot advances with anxiety-inducing suspense that the viewer easily becomes invested in. Plot twists wait at every turn and heighten the intrigue of the story. The audience will want to join the fateful five in attempting to solve the puzzle. In the end only one will make it out alive.
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They wanted to make a film about social interaction?
raidatlanta21 October 2017
Note that all though I gave this film 3 stars, I would still recommend it for a b-movie night with friends and popcorn where you just laugh about how weird and absurd Cube is.

Don't watch it if you are expecting to see something good, to which you would devote your whole attention though.

The story, though absurd, is quite simple, and perhaps a bit empty at times - montages of the actors' faces and of cubes fill in sequences in between dialogue.

The actors were terrible, and that is one thing that made this film go down. the characters were a bit caricatured. perhaps some more effort could have been made in script writing / dialogues to make it less of a yell match, and more of some sort of performance.. then again, it might just come from the actors.

In the beginning I was relatively enthusiastic, but the whole of the interaction in it takes a wannabe philosophical twist where you aren't really sure what they want to say - though whatever they want to say didn't seem that interesting or relevant anyways. it seemed like they just wanted to sent in the kind of thoughts one can have when paranoiac, perhaps.

In any case ; absurd and entertaining, but somewhat dull, repetitive and not that well played.
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Good enough for what it sets to be.
petronomicon-0637620 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A unique idea, akin to the Saw movies. This is a low budget psychological thriller. There is a lot of dialogue, and drags in parts. The Acting is low budget done well enough. There are good parts, and some real cringe and stupidity.

The characters are mostly likable, but there are some overly irritating scenes. Pointless arguing is a true result of high stress, however it doesn't make for an engaging movie.

We are never answered why. If you've seen any of these minimalist psychological movies, you'll understand. Very few answer any protagonist questions. This it is an endeavor into peoples behavior when they are stressed to the point of breaking. It's done well enough to be entertaining, but satisfies as much as a rice cake.
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The Movie Which Didn't Stand The Test Of Time
denis88826 September 2017
When I first watched this bizarre low-budget Canadian film, I was impressed. Years after, I have tried it again - and immediately all the weaker points went visible - very weak acting, poor script, long (too long) dialog parts at times, boring sequences, and yeah, the film didn't hold - it fell apart, before it got exciting. The trite plot betrayed shallow characters, limp psyche and lame ideas. What was more shocking, there was no compassion or interest in any of the heroes, be that Kazan or Leaven. They all seem bland, gray and one- dimensional, and in case with Quentin, a promising beginning gave way to a very disastrous under-developed hell of a terrible person. The Cube seemed to be in the same league like Lawnmower Man - once, it was awesome, very soon later - awful. There are low-budget movies which can deliver fun or thrill. Cube delivered only boredom and very basic blunt smirk.
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Best Canadian Film and one of the best 90s Horror Film!!!
Kyle McDavid24 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Now I don't know that many Canadian films, beside this movie and a film called "Nothing" which just so happened to be directed by the same guy who give us this, and a French-Canadian film called "Polytechnique" which is about the Montreal Massacre that occurs in 1989, but this would be basically the best Canadian movie, for having both a great interesting and enjoyable-to-watch story and a group of good written characters.

The film is pretty much is about a group of people who're complete strangers to each other and are different occupations, one a Police Officer, one a Doctor, one a Math-Majored student, one a Architect, one a prisoner/escaped artist, and one a Mentally Challenged Individual, all trapped inside a mysterious Cube-like building with thousand of rooms, multiple with deadly traps and some without any, which is only proved first with a prime mathematical answer on a door entrance, which is seen on every single one. But with Kazan's (The mentally challenged Character) bad behavior, they may be on a high risk of not being able of getting out alive.

To begin with this, I shelled talk about the characters first, beginning with the Cop Quentin. He's such your stereotypical cop as he just a big jerk in the group despite taking their lead, which take me to the next character Worth (The Architect dude) who (Spoiler Alert) is one of the creators of the cube technically as he helps design it, he seems to be at first the film's Antagonist and Quentin being the hero, until we kinda slowly seen these characters taking the opposite way around as Quentin becomes more of a psychopath killing Holloway (The doctor) by purposely dropping her as she attempted to see there a way to get down from a door that just so happened to be a entrance out of the cube, and earlier threatens to kill Kazan for almost having him accidentally kill in another trap that was Sound Activated, and then soon decide to attempts to raped Leaven (The Mathematical Student) and then attempted to killed Worth twice by throwing him into two rooms that he thought were possibly traps, and then finally succeed in doing so, well kinda, by stabbing both him and Leaven (Which kills her) and attempted to make his move on Kazan as he about to walked out the true entrance of the cube, just to only be stopped by a Mortally wounded Worth which lead to Quentin's fate by being torned-apart by the Door shifting again. This kinda what Quentin's character stand-out as the true villain and I don't know how others would view this, but I think it a nice twist of showing Quentin being the bad guy and Worth not, speaking of Worth who I forgot to talk about him, I thought he was a alright character, he actually responsible not just for creating the Cube, but the best scene in the whole film as being quite emotional which is right around when we learned about him, especially him shouting "THERE NO WAY OUT!" which was just amazing. David Hewlett who plays Worth, and by far the only recognizable actor in the whole film, except I do know the chick who plays Leaven also plays a main character in a season of "Star Terk: Deep Space Nine" and that it, should considered this movie the upbringing of his career. Leaven I don't really have that much to say about her, just she a math Genius of the group, but I'm going to admit, she is kinda pretty:). Holloway was kinda of a nice character to watch, her conversations/relationship with Quentin was kinda interesting to see, and so her relationship with Kazan, as she the only one of the group who seems to have support for him as being someone with mental retardation, and her death was disappointing to see as it would been more nice to see her seeing Kazan's Intellectual secrets. Speaking of Kazan, I'll get to him now, as he is my second favorite of the group, as he sorta like me, as being someone who both have a Intellectual Disability and is on the Autism Spectrum, much like Kazan as he is later classified Autistic, I can totally relate to him, and it always nice to see him on Screen, according to me, and I'm glad he was the only survivor of the group, and as after-all it would been kinda harsh to have a Handicap character getting killed, the same with children. And last and not least, and I did decide to save this one for last, my favorite of the group with a huge disappointment about him however, the Escapist Rennes A.K.A. the "Wren". He was just a great character to see as one he's a old timer and that he just seems to be quite wise, which makes him cool. His death is like my biggest problem with this film however, how it not really a general problem he dies, it just too early, early as it was before we're introduced to Kazan. But over-all despite his death, I still find him enjoyable and interesting to watch.

Cube is just a fantastic film of Mystery, Thriller, and Horror, it must be watched. Also if you like the Saw series, or want to see a film that is like a strange mash-up of "Rain-Man" and "Saw", this is totally for him. Just great.
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Giovanni Canuso19 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is very bad, you can not understand how it can have a high note of 7.2 !! The film is all done in the same scenario, the story is not the worst, if they were hired good actors, the film could present us with another experience. The actors are very amateur, except for the intelligent girl who acted very well. The Cube was one of the worst movies I've ever seen of the genre, do not recommend it to anyone, hugs!
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Very stupid movie barely watchable
George13 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Well well well I wanted to stop writing reviews because I have no reason to anymore but this movie was bad enough to make me want to warn you!!! Okay so for anyone who haven't watched the movie yet my suggestion is don't watch it. I expected a lot because I knew the plot and it sounded interesting but it isn't. It's bad on many ways. Below the review with spoilers.

HOW MINDNUMBINGLY STUPID THAT MOVIE WAS? I couldn't believe it.... From the beginning the movie focus more on the philosophical part than the survival and mystery part. All the metaphors and the analogies about society and humanity as a whole that is stupid and evil, in the end it seems to conclude that humanity is like the crazy cop. Violent, sexist and wants to have power and ye ye...what a bunch of horseshit. It's what a teenager in the 90s thought about the world...You know what? That opinion even then was outdated!! It's just plain stupid. The young girl said at one point: ''Even when I was 7 I felt guilty for ruining the world" Wait what?!!!! If a 7 year old feel this way they should go see a child psychiatrist ASAP!! Come on the world is not evil the world is not stupid it's just the world...Sure there are a lot of bad things going on but still there are a lot of good things too. This movie throws every stereotype and cliché in your face. Even when it doesn't seem to make any sense! When the cop kills the doctor everything was going well but suddenly the cop changes expression like a demon possessed him all of a sudden he seem to think oh gee everything is going OK we might get out of here why don't I kill the doctor of the group..... OK he was aggressive but there is a gap between being aggressive and angry and start killing people....also the way it progresses is very bad..One time a puzzle the next a stereotype next all humanity is evil and stupid next one guy gets batshit crazy and starts killing was going on??!!! Jesus..

To conclude the movie focuses on stupid philosophical ideas and not on the mystery,it leaves you no choice to judge for yourself and the characters are badly written. It uses the cube as a mean to pass stupid metaphors and a very false perspective on the world and humanity...The dialogue is laughable, the characters represent something else and the movie is getting more and more ridiculous as time progresses.

It's just a very bad movie full of stupid ideas and views funny at some parts and ridiculous in others.
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Did not age well, low budget, low production values, low quality overall
Soljaris2 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The biggest problem of this film is not its small budget, but the fact that it's not a very good idea to begin with and it's hurdled by its small budget.

I've seen better films done with a guy and a girl in a coffee shop. A good film starts with the script. This script is something I would not read. It's just not good. A prison of random people who have to navigate from room to room inside a cube doing math. What? Why?

What would a bigger budget mean? More cube rooms? More colors? Higher profile actors?

You could get Tom Cruise, Clooney, Theron and co. and this still wouldn't be a better film.

Nothing is explained at the end. I don't know why anyone would design a cube like that or have a prison with the possibility of an escape if you work together. Even in ancient times there were prisons were you can't escape. So why would the military-industrial complex build such a weak prison?

It is implied that the state is responsible for this, not some psycho like Saw.

But what's the point?
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Alderson was the man
Parker Lewis17 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm very impressed that Cube has 700 user reviews on IMDb (I guess mine will be no. 701). It's one of those movies that elicits much reaction, and it's one of those movies that sticks in your mind well after you see it.

Alderson unfortunately didn't get enough screen time, being "cubed" in the opening scene which was terrifying and really got you off your cinema seat. Alderson didn't know what hit him, and I wonder if even for a few seconds he was alive after being sliced and diced unexpectedly? Anyway, maybe there should be a prequel which deals with the Alderson backstory. Kind of like Cube: Rogue One or something like that.
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Actually interesting movie
PetarDuric17 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Slowly men awakes in cube with six door that lead from that cube to another ones and moves to another one which lead to his death by being sliced with squared net. Now we are following six people that are trying to survive while being frightened, desperate and not trusting even violent and aggressive. Trying to figure out how cubes work and how to move around made them work together. Movie basically is about human trust and how behave in unexpected and most cruel situation giving us a view that we are not well behaved even stupid kind that first acts and then waits to see the results of action. Now acting in the movie isn't something that will get you, it was good nothing special they acted probably like normal person would do it. Characters are something else they are obviously created to be totally different and from couple of minutes there is a sight of what they really are. There were some scenes that are amazing, very intense and intimidating. Originality of movie is also something that need to commended. 3/4
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Smoreni Zmaj21 October 2016
Amazing original idea which could have been used for making cult classic for all times. Idea that deserves 10/10 is by terrible realization degraded to average trash. Acting is mediocre and sociologically and psychologically movie is complete failure. Characters are so two dimensional that viewer can not relate to them, therefore there's no fear, no tension, no emotions, nothing... There is single scene that kept me on the edge of my chair, while everything else was just sad cliché. And, of course, ending is lousy in every way.

There's no much sense in making quality remake, cause originality is main charm of this story, and this movie completely wasted that awesome idea. When movie ended I felt sad and angry at the same time. Idea deserves 10/10, realization is maybe 4/10, so we have weak 7 movie out of what should have been 11/10 masterpiece...
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A Sci Fi classic not just a sci fi indie classic
david-fernandez8 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
When I watched this in the cinema as a younger man I could appreciate it back then, I've watched it on and off over the years often catching it half way through on TV. Tonight at the end of Summer 2016 I'm watching this and it's on par with the best sci fi I've watched in the last 17 years.

There is a hidden message behind this movie with conspiracy theories, the failure of mankind and how it will inevitably destroy itself. What was surprising is that many of the actors starring in this movie were from England (or at least were born there). It's no surprise that the director of this movie directed the excellent Cypher and Splice two excellent sci fi movies. Pity none of the actors in this movie went on to have stellar careers, there's not much justice in the world.
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