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TNT’s ‘Snowpiercer’ Series Sets ‘Orphan Black’ Co-Creator as New Showrunner

TNT’s ‘Snowpiercer’ Series Sets ‘Orphan Black’ Co-Creator as New Showrunner
Graeme Manson is stepping in as the new showrunner for TNT’s “Snowpiercer” series.

The co-creator of “Orphan Black” takes over the upcoming drama series from Josh Friedman, who parted ways with the show in January as Variety exclusively reported.

“Graeme’s extensive background in the sci-fi genre coupled with his brilliant work behind Orphan Black made him the perfect choice for this series,” said Sarah Aubrey, executive vice president of original programming for TNT. “He is the best conductor to navigate the thought provoking and delicate themes of the series while bringing this frozen, futuristic world to life.”
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Vincenzo Natali to direct the Tremors TV pilot

Deadline is reporting that director Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice) has signed on to direct the pilot episode of Syfy’s Tremors TV series.

The pilot is written by Andrew Miller (The Secret Circle) and will take place 25 years after the original movie, as Perfection, Nv once again comes under threat from the killer Graboid worms. To defeat them, the town turns to Valentine McKee (the returning Kevin Bacon), who beat them once – but to do it again he’ll have to overcome age, alcohol and a delusional hero complex.

Tremors will be Natali’s first pilot, although he has credits on numerous TV shows, including the likes of Hannibal, American Gods, Orphan Black, Westworld, The Strain and Luke Cage.
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Plot Details For Kevin Bacon's Tremors Series and Hannibal Director Vincenzo Natali Will Helm the Pilot

A couple of months ago it was announced that Kevin Bacon's Tremors series was picked up by the SyFy Channel. Bacon is set to reprise his role of Valentine McKee in the series and Deadline recently reported that Vincenzo Natali (Hannibal, Cube, Splice) will be helming the pilot episode. We also have some new story details!

In the Tremors series "the killer Graboid worms that nearly destroyed Perfection, Nv, 25 years ago are back, and the town’s only hope for survival is Valentine McKee (Bacon), who beat them once. But to do it again he’ll have to overcome age, alcohol and a delusional hero complex."

I grew up watching the original 1990 film. I watched that damn thing all the time! Hell, I've even watched most of the sequels. It's just a fun franchise, and it's so cool that Bacon is coming back to reprise his role. They've also
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Director Set for New Tremors Pilot Episode Starring Kevin Bacon

Start looking for higher ground, because the pilot episode for the potential new Tremors series is digging closer to the surface. Following the announcement in June that Syfy had ordered a pilot episode of a new Tremors series from Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Television, it's now been revealed that Vincenzo Natali is lined up to direct.

Deadline reports the news about Natali's involvement, revealing that the filmmaker behind Cube, Splice, and Haunter has been "tapped to direct" the Tremors pilot episode starring Kevin Bacon, who will reprise his role as handyman-turned-hero Valentine “Val” McKee.

In addition to feature films, Natali has an impressive list of TV directorial credits to his name, having worked behind the camera on Darknet, Hemlock Grove, The Returned, Hannibal, Wayward Pines, Westworld, The Strain, and American Gods.

Natali will work from a script written by showrunner Andrew Miller, who starred as Kazan in Natali's first feature film,
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Syfy’s “Tremors” Pilot Has a Genre Friendly Director!

Syfy’s “Tremors” Pilot Has a Genre Friendly Director!
Not only is Kevin Bacon returning his Tremors character for the new Syfy series of the same name, but they’ve just landed one hell of a director. Vincenzo Natali is going to direct the Syfy pilot “Tremors”, a reboot of the 1990 cult classic film, Deadline reports. Natali previously directed cult classics Cube and Splice, while also dabbling in […]
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Vincenzo Natali Joins Syfy’s Tremors TV Series

Director Vincenzo Natali made a splash with Cube, followed by other films like Splice and Haunter; but where he’s really come into his own is on the small screen, especially with “Hannibal,” for which he directed six episodes. So we’re… Continue Reading →

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Newswire: Cube director Vincenzo Natali tapped for Kevin Bacon’s Tremors pilot

Two veterans of late-night sci-fi movie programming are about to come together, with Deadline reporting that Vincenzo Natali—whose credits include Hannibal, Orphan Black, and the ’90s sci-fi thriller Cube—has signed on to direct the pilot for Kevin Bacon’s new Tremors TV show. As announced earlier this year, the series, produced by Blumhouse, will star Bacon, and air on Syfy.

Natali has largely worked in TV in recent years, lending his visual talents to everything from Westworld to Netflix’s Luke Cage. He signs on to a series that’s apparently something of a passion project for Bacon, who’ll be reprising his role as delusional, aging alcoholic Valentine McKee, once again called upon to face off against the fearsome Graboid menace.
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Movie Review – Anti Matter (2016)

Anti Matter, 2016.

Written and Directed by Keir Burrows.

Starring Yaiza Figueroa, Philippa Carson, Tom Barber-Duffy, and Noah Maxwell Clarke.


Ana, an Oxford PhD student finds herself unable to build new memories following an experiment to generate and travel through a wormhole. The story follows her increasingly desperate efforts to understand what happened, and to find out who – or what – is behind the rising horror in her life.

The minimalist approach to sci-fi is difficult to pull off. When it’s done well, it’s a good way to grab and intrigue your audience, open up philosophical questions and work within the constraints of a tight budget. You can’t be expansive and huge like Avatar for example, but as long as you are effective in your use of budget, and create an intimate and interesting story, then it can be effective. I think of some of my favourite Sci-Fi
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Newswire: Deadpool’s Tim Miller to take a stab at directing Neuromancer

It’s been more than a year since the surprise success of Deadpool made its director, Tim Miller, a notable Hollywood name, a year that’s seen him depart the film’s high-profile sequel, bounce between a few different projects, and even get involved with Sonic The Hedgehog. Now, per The Hollywood Reporter, Miller has settled on a cinematic follow-up to the superhero farce, announcing that he’ll the latest director to try to bring William Gibson’s Neuromancer to the screen.

Gibson’s pioneering cyberpunk novel has defeated a number of directors over the years, most recently Cube’s Vincenzo Natali, who abandoned his own adaptation in 2015. Miller at least has some high-profile back-up for his efforts to capture Gibson’s influential world of manipulative A.I.s, cybernetically modified street samurai, and hapless hackers; Simon Kinberg, one of the big names behind Fox’s X-Men franchise ...
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American Gods episode 5 review: Lemon Scented You

Ron Hogan May 29, 2017

American Gods' cast continues to excel with this week's introduction of Crispin Glover...

This review contains spoilers.

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1.5 Lemon Scented You

It's difficult for American Gods to get much better than it does in Lemon Scented You, if only because it provides viewers with everything they've been waiting for while also giving them something completely unexpected. The show features some spectacular acting heavyweights, and while they've all had plenty of chances to show off their skills, this week gives every major character in the show a showcase moment, and to list them all would be to do a straight recap of the show, minute-by-minute. Suffice to say, I could not be any happier with American Gods than I am this week.
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Watch the Short that Inspired ‘Cube’

Watch the Short that Inspired ‘Cube’
Canada’s Vincenzo Natali remains one of my favorite filmmakers and 1997’s Cube is still, in my opinion, one of the best high-concept thrillers of all time. The low-budget horror movie about a group of strangers trapped in endless levels of stark white cubes-that-kill was so popular it spawned two sequels and ushered in a host of one-room thrillers like Saw. […]
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Five Non-Horror Shows That Genre Fans Will Love

Anyone that follows any of my social media profiles (I’m on everything short of LinkedIn) is aware that I watch a lot of television. Discovering cult classics like The Prisoner to current hits like American Horror Story, I legit schedule my lack of social life around my shows. I do have morals and refuse to post spoilers unlike the many assholes out there who just can’t resist a good Game Of Thrones supposed death. My love always resides in horror and there’s a variety of horror programming on several networks, each aiming for their own Walking Dead hit, but I don’t stick to just one type of programming. There’s other shows I’ve been checking out (Ok, maybe obsessed with) that prove to be just as riveting and, at times, just as scary as what you might find in a murder house.

The Leftovers

Damon Lindelof
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Semel To Helm CBS' "Star Trek" Series Pilot

David Semel has been brought onboard to direct the pilot episode of the Bryan Fuller-produced upcoming "Star Trek" TV series set for CBS All Access in the U.S., Space in Canada and Netflix around the rest of the world.

Semel's hiring gives the project a very experienced hand behind-the-scenes. Having directed TV episodes of shows like "Buffy," "Angel," "Dawson's Creek" and "The Practice" in the 1990s, Semel has been responsible for the pilot episodes of numerous series - "The Man in the High Castle," "Heroes," "Person of Interest," "Madam Secretary," "Code Black," "Legends," and "Intelligence". He's also worked on shows ranging from "Homeland" to "House" to "CSI" to "The Strain" to the Fuller-produced "Hannibal".

Semel joins a list of directors that also includes "Cube" helmer Vincenzo Natali who also previously worked with Fuller on "Hannibal". More details about the new series are expected to be revealed at tomorrow's
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New Details on Bryan Fuller's Star Trek Series, Teases More Reveals Around Comic-Con

I would love to watch Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller's new CBS Star Trek TV series, but it's going to take a hell of a lot to get me to pay to subscribe to CBS All Access because that would literally be the only thing I'd watch on that network. But if the show does a perfect job casting and there's crazy buzz from fans, I might end up giving it a shot. Fuller is definitely excited about the challenge of bringing Trek back to the small screen, and Collider caught up with him at the Saturn Awards and managed to get him to reveal a few key pieces of information fans will want to know about.

First up, the first season will contain a single story told over the course of thirteen episodes. Fuller and his writers have the whole arc of season one already planned out, and the
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Bryan Fuller Offers New "Star Trek" Series Details

Along with offering hope for fans of "Hannibal" earlier today, producer Bryan Fuller has also spoken a bunch about his "Star Trek" TV series currently in the works ahead of an early 2017 launch on CBS' All Access streaming service.

Fuller, who got his start on TV working on episodes of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and "Star Trek: Voyager," is returning to the fold and this time has the keys to the kingdom. Obviously enthusiastic about the material, he spoke with Collider at the Saturn Awards this week and offered a ton of updates about the show's current status.

He confirmed the first season will be thirteen episodes with production aiming to run from September through to March. He confirmed it will be serialised with one story over thirteen episodes. At the moment the arc of the first season is all mapped out and the first six episode scripts have been 'broken' (ie.
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10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Stream in April

10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Stream in April
They say that April showers bring May flowers, but this month is bringing a veritable downpour of excellent things to stream. The eagerly anticipated second seasons of Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Amazon's Catastrophe top the list of new arrivals; on the film front, we've got a high-school thriller for the ages and a gangster saga worthy of The Godfather. Here are our picks for the 10 best things to queue from your couch this month.

Breathe (Netflix, 4/1)

American viewers might know her best as the girl who burned down the
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Composer Mark Korven Discusses Crafting the Unsettling Sounds of ‘The Witch’

Mark Korven is a Toronto-based, award-winning composer of music for film and television, and has also composed feature film scores for acclaimed directors Deepa Mehta, Patricia Rozema and Vincenzo Natale. His latest work, for Robert Eggers‘ feature The Witch, helped elevate the truly unsettling film. The story follows a family of seven who are pulled apart at the seams by a malevolent force; while there are prolonged moments of downtime, it is still non-stop tension. The film is a “folk-tale” and if there’s anything to be learned, it is to honor your Mother and Father, don’t make a pact with Black Phillip (or any goat for that matter), and never play peek-a-boo with an infant in a New England field.

Sometimes, a film and its music are so symbiotic it’s impossible to separate one from the other. For instance, were you to only listen to the music from Timecrimes,
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“If You Start on 10 on Your Dissonant Scale, How Do You Go Beyond That?” Composer Mark Korven on The Witch

A New England folktale envisioned by production designer turned director Robert Eggers has become a critical and box office darling. As striking as The Witch‘s imagery of a 17th century Puritan family exiled to live beside an ominous forest is, it is made even more haunting when combined with the score conceived by Toronto-based composer Mark Korven (Cube). Filmmaker: You must be pleased with the critical and box office reaction to The Witch. Korven: Both have been amazing. I certainly didn’t expect for the movie to go this far. When I started working on it I thought that a lot of people weren’t going […]
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