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Porn with a Plot
helios104415 October 2002
Usually when I watch porn it all of the sex tends to get old, but with Blue Ice they actually had a plot. Granted it wasn't the best plot in the entire world, but the point is that once you got involved in it, you wanted to stick it through until the end of the movie. Also, this movie features Nazi Archive Footage...what other porn can boast that claim?
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Strangest porn ever
zac716 October 2002
This movie had two things that most porn movies lack: a plot, and Nazis. Granted, the plot had holes, but then again, what movie plot doesn't?

It should be noted that the Nazis speak English, which makes the 'plot' a lot easier to follow. They also live in the 1980s, and instead of taking over Europe, they're having sex.
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Truly bizarre 80's Nazisploitation porn oddity
Woodyanders18 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Rugged private eye Ted Singer (robustly played with considerable tough guy aplomb by Herschel Savage) gets hired by head honcho Big Man (the always reliable Jamie Gillis) to find an ancient book with the power to turn women into raging nymphomaniacs. However, a group of ruthless Nazis also want said book and will resort to harsh measures in order to obtain it.

Director Phillip Marshak keeps the arrestingly loopy story moving along at a deliberate pace and delivers the sizzling goods with the sex scenes. Veteran character actor Reggie Nalder of "Salem's Lot" and "Mark of the Devil" fame radiates a perfectly creepy vibe as evil ringleader Anton Stuttgart, Long Chaney has fun in a dual role as both Stuttgart's equally wicked nephew Manfried and a doddery old book store owner, Paul Thomas supplies fine support as drunken lounge singer Johnny, William Margold cuts a suitably menacing figure as brutish henchman Wolfgang, and Ron Jeremy has a memorably funny bit as nasty rough trade Neil, who Singer makes quick work of after he demonstrates his prowess at karate (!). This film further benefits from the presence of a few hot babes: Tasty brunette Jacqueline Lorians as sultry femme fatale Messina, fetching Shannon McCullough as abused hooker Dottie, pretty blonde Danielle Martin as the enticing Stephanie, and buxom Helga Sven as the sadistic Helga. Ace Peacock's sharp cinematography provides a bright stylish look. The funky synthesizer score by Jacque Martikay and Zok Richards does the groovy bumping trick. The off the wall ending has to be seen to be disbelieved. And none other than Adolf Hitler pops up in archive newsreel footage to boot. A real wacky curio.
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