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Season 10

14 Sep. 1997
Episode #10.1
Three months after the appliance crash Blue Watch are back in action. A shout at a flooded art gallery gives new arrival Gregg an opportunity to flirt with student Tiggy and a fire on a private railway presents a challenge for the watch.
28 Sep. 1997
Episode #10.2
The watch continue to battle the fire at the railway, Carole confronts Martin over the hit and run their car was in, Billy is told his Nan has been admitted to hospital and a woman accidentally locks her baby in her flat as a fire starts.
5 Oct. 1997
Episode #10.3
Nick is on exchange to the fire service in Voorburg where he rekindles his relationship with Marianne. Back in London, Billy attends his Nan's funeral and the watch are called to Borough Street where Cling Film's camper van is on fire.
12 Oct. 1997
Episode #10.4
The watch rescue a man trapped in a pub cellar after an accident with a roller skater, Billy meets his mother's family, Geoff and Sandra's relationship thaws and the crew face an explosive shout at a car lot.
26 Oct. 1997
Episode #10.5
A distracting billboard causes a crash that sees a woman trapped underneath in her car, living with Cling Film is proving annoying for Recall, the watch attend a paint factory fire and Nick gets a surprise when he returns home.
2 Nov. 1997
Episode #10.6
A shout to rescue two men stuck on a roof sees the watch aid a familiar face, Gregg is surprised when he finds out who Tiggy really is and several people have to be rescued when a floor collapses in flats after a supporting wall is removed.
9 Nov. 1997
Episode #10.7
Sicknote goes metal detecting at the allotments but comes to grief when he digs up a grenade and ends up blowing up an old couple's shed, a house fire has a tragic end and Gregg steals the show at Jaffa's talent contest.
16 Nov. 1997
Episode #10.8
A.D.O Davies conducts his health and safety inspection allowing him and Carole to get closer, George suspects Kelly had an affair on holiday and the watch have to tackle a shout at an indoor market when fireworks are set alight.
23 Nov. 1997
Episode #10.9
A man gets trapped in an industrial chimney trying to rescue a cat, things are tense between Marianne and Nick's in-laws, Carole learns she may be transferred, a man is trapped under a Motorhome and George moves out after another row.
30 Nov. 1997
Episode #10.10
A man is left in a perilous position when scaffolding collapses on to a substation needing the hydraulic platform to rescue him, Gregg and Billy search for Jo and Carole goes for a date with Davies whose abrupt departure sparks suspicion.
3 Jan. 1998
Episode #10.11
The watch make a grim discovery, Maggie walks out when her kitchen is described as a 'health hazard', Billy finds Jo living with a drug dealer and there's a major fire at the hospital when a JCB crashes into an electrical sub station.
11 Jan. 1998
Episode #10.12
Billy has been arrested for the murder of drug dealer Clive, two boys have crawled into a mountain of rubbish with Pearce and Gregg sent inside on a race against time to rescue them and Carole gets a nasty surprise about Davies.
18 Jan. 1998
Episode #10.13
A bungee jump goes wrong leaving the jumper hanging, Billy is charged and awaiting trial for murder, Sicknote joins a road protest, Carole gets her revenge on Davies and a fire in a classroom sees a teacher fatally injured.
25 Jan. 1998
Episode #10.14
Following Jo's re-appearance and confession the murder charges against Billy are dropped, a resident complains about the siren noise from the station much to Nick's bemusement and a forklift accident ends with a man trapped beneath a crate.
1 Feb. 1998
Episode #10.15
Jack is less than thrilled when Nicky moves in, vigilantes set fire to a suspected pedophile's car, Jack and Recall fight in the yard and Pearce and Cling Film are taken hostage at Recall's house by Cling Film's deranged ex-wife.
8 Feb. 1998
Episode #10.16
George fills in at Cyril's sex shop and is amused when Pit Bull comes in as a customer, Sicknote inadvertently takes drugs whilst with the protesters and a shocking discovery at a hoax call leads Billy to make a big decision.
15 Feb. 1998
Episode #10.17
The pump is on stand-by at Upham bringing back bad memories for Carole who is dreading her looming transfer there, the watch trial a new quieter siren on the appliance and on return from a shout the pump crew find Upham station on fire.
22 Feb. 1998
Episode #10.18
Squirrel needs to be rescued after loosing her footing whilst hanging a protest banner on the Cutty Sark, George and Kelly hold a barbecue to celebrate reconciliation and three children are trapped when a fire starts at a bus depot.

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