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The North Korean Threat/Brain Hacking/Bruno Mars

"The North Korean Threat" rebroadcasts an interview with a defector about the threat posed by Kim Jung Un and his regime. "Brain Hacking" rebroadcasts a segment on how smartphone designers are using neuroscience to keep...


1 Jan. 2006
The New Space Race/Fighting AIDS/Immortality
"The New Space Race" rebroadcasts portions of a segment on how the private sector is attempting to perfect space flight. "Fighting AIDS" interviews Bill Clinton about his work against AIDS in Asia. "Immortality" looks at the scientific possibility of human immortality. "Andy Rooney" talks about the first thing to do in the morning.
8 Jan. 2006
Gangster Cops?/Sir Howard/Bode
"Gangster Cops?" interviews a former New York City detective who is accused of being a Mafia hit man. "Sir Howard" interviews the new CEO of Sony Sir Howard Stringer. "Bode" interviews the skiing sensation Bode Miller. "Andy Rooney" discusses the angry letters he received over his commentary about American cars.
15 Jan. 2006
Bring 'Em Home Murtha/The Hermit Kingdom/Felicity
"Bring 'Em Home Murtha" interviews John Murtha one of the biggest critics of the war in Iraq. "The Hermit Kingdom" offers a rare look into the communist dictatorship of North Korea. "Felicity" interviews actress Felicity Huffman. "Andy Rooney" talks about getting older.
22 Jan. 2006
The Oil Sands/Kinky for Governor/Fatal1ty
"The Oil Sands" examines the oil boom in Alberta, Canada, and how the oil reserves there may be eight times that of Saudi Arabia. "Kinky for Governor" interviews Kinky Friedman about his campaign for Governor of Texas. "Fatal1ty" interviews professional video game player Johnathan Wendel. "Andy Rooney" talks about how America is getting more crowded.
29 Jan. 2006
The Worst Case Scenario/Prisoner of Pain/Off the Scale
"The Worst Case Scenario" examines whether the government is prepared for terrorist scenarios involving nuclear attacks in the United States. "Prisoner of Pain" looks at a case where an accident victim in severe pain was sent to prison for attempting to get pain medication. "Off the Scale" interviews opera singer Deborah Voigt about her gastric bypass surgery. "Andy Rooney" talks about inventions.
5 Feb. 2006
60 Minutes looks back at past interviews and profiles of celebrity superstars including Bono of U2, singers Sheryl Crow and Sting, actor George Clooney, actress Hillary Swank, conductors Michael Tilson Thomas, tenor Placido Domingo, and the founder Cirque du Soleil.
12 Feb. 2006
War Profiteers?/A Surplus of Embryos/Wounds of War
"War Profiteers?" investigates how some of the $50 billion the U.S. spent on reconstruction work in Iraq has been directed toward profiteers. "A Surplus of Embryos" examines the White House's restriction of the use of human embryos in stem cell research. "Wounds of War" interviews several wounder veterans from the Iraq War. "Andy Rooney" talks about misconceptions about the Iraq War.
19 Feb. 2006
State of Denmark/Global Warning!/Philip Seymour Hoffman
"State of Denmark" examines the furor over the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published in a Danish newspaper. "Global Warning!" examines evidence of Global Warming in the arctic. "Philip Seymour Hoffman" interviews the Oscar nominated actor. "Andy Rooney" talks about whether all presidents are worthy of honor on President's Day.
26 Feb. 2006
To Walk Again/On the Waterfront/Coal Cowboy
"To Walk Again" talks to a doctor who is working with stem cells in an effort to cure paralysis. "On the Waterfront" examines the furor over the proposed sale of U.S. port terminals to a Middle Eastern firm. "Coal Cowboy" interviews the governor of Montana about reducing our dependence on foreign oil by developing diesel fuel from coal. "Andy Rooney" visits the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.
5 Mar. 2006
Is the Price Right?/The Court Martial of Willie Brand/The Prince of Pot
"Is the Price Right?" investigates whether hospitals are making uninsured patients pay more than insured ones. "The Court Martial of Willie Brand" interviews a soldier accused of assault and murder who claims he was only doing what he was trained to do. "The Prince of Pot" interviews a Canadian who owns a mail-order marijuana seed business. "Andy Rooney" talks about the controversy over Dubai Ports World.
12 Mar. 2006
Brutal/Al Qaeda's Town/Gay or Straight?
"Brutal" interviews Kevin Weeks who was once a mob enforce in Boston for Whitey Bulger. "Al Qaeda's Town" goes to Tal Afar in Iraq to examine how the U.S. military retook the town from terrorist. "Gay or Straight?" talks to scientists who are studying what makes people heterosexual and homosexual. "Andy Rooney" talks about Oscar night.
19 Mar. 2006
Defending New York/Rewriting the Science/Family Ties
"Defending New York" examines how the New York City police department has rebuilt itself to combat terrorism in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. "Rewriting the Science" investigates how the Bush administration has rewritten scientific reports to fit their political agenda. "Family Ties" examines how the children of sperm donors are finding their biological parents and relatives. "Andy Rooney" talks about lotteries.
26 Mar. 2006
Betting on a Fall/Tiger
"Betting on a Fall" examines a hedge fund that is accused of spreading negative information on a company and then betting on its falling stock price. "Tiger" interview pro-golfer Tiger Woods about his family. "Andy Rooney" looks at the ingredients of girl scout cookies.
2 Apr. 2006
Bin Laden's Bodyguard/What's Good for America.../Working 24-7
"Bin Laden's Bodyguard" interviews the former personal bodyguard of Osama bin Laden. "What's Good for America..." examines how General Motors is running into financial problems. "Working 24-7" looks at how the digital revolution has some people working their jobs nearly every waking hour. "Andy Rooney" looks at the news.
9 Apr. 2006
Death of a General/The Orphanage/Michelle Wie
"Death of a General" interviews a soldier convicted in the death of an Iraqi general. "The Orphanage" goes to Kenya to visit an orphanage for baby elephants. "Michelle Wie" interviews the famous woman golfer. "Andy Rooney" talks about problems with standardized tests.
16 Apr. 2006
Terror Behind Bars/Too Many Men/Jamie Oliver
"Terror Behind Bars" goes to Israeli to interview imprisoned Palestinian terrorists. "Too Many Men" examines the imbalance between men and women that is being caused by China's one child policy. "Jamie Oliver" profile the work of the young British chef. "Andy Rooney" talks about gifts he has received.
23 Apr. 2006
A Spy Speaks Out/Aging in the 21st Century/Star of Starbucks
"A Spy Speaks Out" examines charges that the White House ignored facts about weapons of mass destruction when pursuing the war in Iraq. "Aging in the 21st Century" investigates the recent growth in anti-aging products. "Star of Starbucks" profiles Howard Schultz the man behind the coffee chain. "Andy Rooney" talks about the possibility of a woman president.
30 Apr. 2006
Lethal and Leaking/Priory of Sion/The Colbert Report
"Lethal and Leaking" looks at a site along the Columbia River in Washington which is one of the most contaminated pieces of land in the world. "Priory of Sion" investigates whether a so-called secret society is real of a fraud. "The Colbert Report" profiles comedian Stephen Colbert. "Andy Rooney" looks at predictions made in 1986 about 2001.
7 May 2006
Sallie Mae/The Ethanol Solution/Long John Daly
"Sallie Mae" investigates the corporation behind government-backed student loans whose stock is skyrocketing. "The Ethanol Solution" examines whether fuel from corn can offset oil imports in the United States. "Long John Daly" profiles the famous golfer. "Andy Rooney" talks about what is in our medicine cabinets.
14 May 2006
The New Boss/The Harlem Children's Zone/Not Ready to Make Nice
"The New Boss" examines how Andy Stern is trying to revitalize labor unions. "The Harlem Children's Zone" looks at how educator Geoffrey Canada is trying to turn at risk children into college-bound students. "Not Ready to Make Nice" profiles the Dixie Chicks about their music and political stance. "Andy Rooney" talks about how places are named for presidents.
21 May 2006
I'm Mike Wallace
60 Minutes looks back at the career of Mike Wallace on the eve of his retirement. "Mike" looks back at some of his more famous interviews. "Myron" interviews Wallace and looks at his life. "The Interrogator" looks at some of his more fiery interviews. "The Entertainers" looks at some of the famous actors, actresses, and musicians he as interviewed.
28 May 2006
Gangster Cops?/Wounds of War
"Gangster Cops?" rebroadcasts an interview with a former New York City detective who is accused of being a Mafia hit man. "Wounds of War" extends a previously broadcast segment on soldiers wounded in Iraq. "Andy Rooney" talks about Memorial Day.
4 Jun. 2006
Dying to Get In/A Different Kind of Grocery/Carl Hiaasen
"Dying to Get In" rebroadcasts a segment on how higher border security has forced illegal immigrants to take more dangerous journeys into the United States. "A Different Kind of Grocery" interviews the CEO of Whole Foods Market. "Carl Hiaasen" rebroadcasts an interview with the Miami Herald columnist and novelist. "Andy Rooney" takes about ill-fitting shoes.
11 Jun. 2006
Plan B/The Hobbit/Mel Brooks on Broadway
"Plan B" rebroadcasts a segment on how the FDA has failed to approve over-the-counter sales of the emergency contraceptive known as Plan B. "The Hobbit" rebroadcasts a segment going to an Indonesian island where archaeologists have discovered an ancient species of human that was only three feet tall. "Mel Brooks on Broadway" interviews the comedy producer about his Broadway hit. "Andy Rooney" talks about milk.
18 Jun. 2006
Burning Rage/Kinky for Governor/Swimming with Sharks
"Burning Rage" rebroadcasts a report on extremist environmentalists who advocate violence against human beings. "Kinky for Governor" rebroadcasts a profile of Kinky Friedman who is running for governor of Texas. "Swimming with Sharks" rebroadcasts a look at the dangerous new hobby of shark tourism. "Andy Rooney" talks about the bloated military establishment.
25 Jun. 2006
The Oil Sands/Rex
"The Oil Sands" rebroadcasts a segment on the oil boom in Alberta, Canada, and how the oil reserves there may be eight times that of Saudi Arabia. "Rex" rebroadcasts a segment on savants with extraordinary musical talent despite their impaired brains. "Andy Rooney" talks about modern art in public places.
2 Jul. 2006
Elian/Al Qaeda's Town/First Man
"Elian" rebroadcasts a segment on Elian Gonzalez about his life in Cuba and his memories of his short and divisive stay in the United States. "Al Qaeda's Town" rebroadcasts a segment on Tal Afar in Iraq and examines how the U.S. military retook the town from terrorists. "First Man" rebroadcasts a profile of astronaut Neil Armstrong. "Andy Rooney" about keeping things in the boxes they came with.
9 Jul. 2006
39 Years 6 Months 4 Days/War Profiteers/The Captain
"39 Years 6 Months 4 Days" rebroadcasts a segment on former U.S. solider Charles Jenkins who defected to North Korea four decades ago. "War Profiteers?" rebroadcasts an investigation of how some of the $50 billion the U.S. spent on reconstruction work in Iraq has been directed toward profiteers. "The Captain" rebroadcasts a profile of Derek Jeter. "Andy Rooney" talks about overcrowding.
16 Jul. 2006
Whose Life Is It Anyway?/Buried in the Past/Bode
"Whose Life Is It Anyway?" rebroadcasts a segment on whether it is discriminatory for employers to control the health choices of employees with wellness programs. "Buried in the Past" rebroadcasts a segment on two orphaned brothers who never knew they had family killed in the Holocaust. "Bode" rebroadcasts a profile of skier Bode Miller. "Andy Rooney" talks about the relics of smoking.
23 Jul. 2006
Working 24-7/The Most Dangerous Road in the World/The Dinner Set Gang
"Working 24-7" rebroadcasts a segment on how the digital revolution has some people working their jobs nearly every waking hour. "The Most Dangerous Road in the World" rebroadcasts a segment on soldiers who patrol a dangerous airport highway in Baghdad, Iraq. "The Dinner Set Gang" rebroadcasts a segment on how two jewel thieves stole millions from the wealthy. "Andy Rooney" talks about medical brochures.
30 Jul. 2006
Bin Laden's Bodyguard/Rewriting the Science/U2
"Bin Laden's Bodyguard" rebroadcasts an interview with the former personal bodyguard of Osama bin Laden. "Rewriting the Science" rebroadcasts a segment investigating how the Bush administration has rewritten scientific reports to fit their political agenda. "U2" rebroadcasts a profile of the famous band. "Andy Rooney" talks about the possibility of a woman president.
6 Aug. 2006
Global Warning/Living Large/Fatal1ty
"Global Warning!" rebroadcasts a segment on the evidence of Global Warming in the arctic. "Living Large" rebroadcasts an investigation of how Americans are demanding larger and larger houses. "Fatal1ty" rebroadcasts a profile of professional video game player Johnathan Wendel. "Andy Rooney" talks about lotteries.
13 Aug. 2006
President Ahmadinejad/The Colbert Report
"President Ahmadinejad" interviews the controversial president of Iran. "The Colbert Report" rebroadcasts a segment on the comedian Stephen Colbert and his political comedy talk show. "Andy Rooney" goes to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.
20 Aug. 2006
Michael Jordan/Submission/Aging in the 21st Century
"Michael Jordan" rebroadcasts an interviews with the basketball star. "Submission" rebroadcasts a segment on the controversial film on the treatment of women in Islam and its effect on Holland's reputation for tolerance. "Aging in the 21st Century" rebroadcasts an investigation into the recent growth in anti-aging products. "Andy Rooney" talks about things that have been sent to him.
27 Aug. 2006
One Year Later/It Takes One to Know One/Gay or Straight?
"One Year Later" interview New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin one years after Hurricane Katrina. "It Takes One to Know One" interviews a former con man who now works to expose fraud to make amends. "Gay or Straight?" rebroadcasts a segment on scientists who are studying what makes people heterosexual and homosexual. "Andy Rooney" looks at predictions made in 1986 about 2001.
3 Sep. 2006
"Aftershock" rebroadcasts a segment on a team of New York paramedics who traveled to Pakistan to help after the recent earthquake there. "Tiger" rebroadcasts an interview with the famous golfer. "Andy Rooney" talks about how utility companies should go wireless.
10 Sep. 2006
The Dust at Ground Zero/Tuesday's Children
"The Dust at Ground Zero" examines the how toxic dust from the World Trade Center attacks have claim the lives of thousands of New York residents. "Tuesday's Children" looks at the children of 9/11 victims and the struggle to cope with the loss of their parents. "Andy Rooney" talks about the worst days our country has faced.
17 Sep. 2006
Illegal and Thriving/Romo/Howard Stern
"Illegal and Thriving" rebroadcasts a segment on the recent explosion in Internet gambling and whether it should be legalized. "Romo" rebroadcasts an interview with the controversial NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski. "Howard Stern" rebroadcasts a profile of the famous radio jock. "Andy Rooney" talks about how things are named after people.
24 Sep. 2006
True Believer/Was It Murder?/Musharraf: In the Line of Fire
"True Believer" interviews Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. "Was It Murder?" investigates the murder accusations against a doctor and two nurses in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. "Musharraf: In the Line of Fire" interviews the president of Pakistan. "Andy Rooney" talks about job titles and pay for White House assistants.
1 Oct. 2006
State of Denial/Area 25/Bum Hunting
"State of Denial" interviews Bob Woodward about his latest book on the Bush Administration and the Iraq War. "Area 25" examines a new technique that is being used to help severely depress patients. "Bum Hunting" examines trend of youth attacks on the homeless that may be inspired by a controversial exploitative video. "Andy Rooney" talks about food warnings.
8 Oct. 2006
The No-Fly List/Carly/Pattie Dunn
"The No-Fly List" looks at the secret list used to screen airline passengers for terrorists and interviews innocent people who have been wrongly denied flights due to their names. "Carly" interviews former Hewlett-Packard chairwoman Carleton Fiorina about her public firing. "Pattie Dunn" interviews former Hewlett-Packard chairwoman about her recent indictment. "Andy Rooney" talks about adult education.
15 Oct. 2006
The Duke Rape Case/A Loss of Faith
"The Duke Rape Case" investigates allegations that three Duke lacrosse players raped a black exotic dancer. "A Loss of Faith" interviews David Kuo who worked for a White House faith based initiative but later left disillusioned when he saw religious leaders being manipulated for political gain. "Andy Rooney" talks about nuclear weapons in North Korea.
22 Oct. 2006
The Mother of All Heists/Two Heartbeats Away/Searching for Jacob
"The Mother of All Heists" investigates how a half a billion dollars was stolen from the Iraq's Ministry of Defense. "Two Heartbeats Away" interviews Nancy Pelosi who may be the next Speaker of the House. "Searching for Jacob" looks for a Sudanese boy whose schoolbooks were found in a destroyed village in Darfur. "Andy Rooney" talks about whether Bush should admit he was wrong about the Iraq War.
29 Oct. 2006
A Fighting Chance/Explosion at Texas City/Big Man on Campus
"A Fighting Chance" examines how combat medics have increased the survival rates of wounder soldiers. "Explosion at Texas City" investigates whether BP executives were away of safety issues that lead to one of the worst workplace accidents in 16 years. "Big Man on Campus" interviews Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis. "Andy Rooney" talks about U.S. cities.
5 Nov. 2006
Buried in the Fine Print/The Shipbreakers/Explaining Russell Crowe
"Buried in the Fine Print" examines how an Arizona Congressman is trying to cut down on pork spending. "The Shipbreakers" goes to Bangladesh for an inside look at the dangerous shipbreaking industry. "Explaining Russell Crowe" interviews the famous actor. "Andy Rooney" talks about the use of American flag pins in politics.
12 Nov. 2006
Ed Bradley
A tribute to the late Ed Bradley (1941-2006).
19 Nov. 2006
Welcome to Hazleton/Shooting Tigers/Broadway Joe
"Welcome to Hazleton" goes to Pennsylvania to examine how a small city is handling its illegal immigration problem. "Shooting Tigers" goes to India to look at the rapidly shrinking population of tigers there. "Broadway Joe" interviews the famous quarterback Joe Namath. "Andy Rooney" talks about statistics.
26 Nov. 2006
General Abizaid/The Memory Pill/Bluejay
"General Abizaid" interviews the U.S. military commander in the Middle East about the situation in Iraq. "The Memory Pill" examines the clinical trials for a drug that may be able to dull people's memories. "Blue Jay" rebroadcasts and updates a profile of musical prodigy Jay Greenberg. "Andy Rooney" talks about decency standard for television.
3 Dec. 2006
Netflix/Hiding from Death/The Gift
"Netflix" interviews the founder of the world's largest online DVD rental service. "Hiding from Death" interviews a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. "The Gift" interviews classical pianist Gabriela Montero. "Andy Rooney" talks about watches.
10 Dec. 2006
Exposing the Truth/The Phantom of Corleone/A New Kind of Fight
"Exposing the Truth" interviews Joe Darby who turned in his fellow soldiers for abusing Iraqi prisoners. "The Phantom of Corleone" examines the Sicilian Mafia in Italy. "A New Kind of Fight" offers an inside look at mixed martial arts. "Andy Rooney" talks about gifts he has received over the years.
17 Dec. 2006
Hitler's Secret Archive/The Loneliest People/The King of Comedy
"Hitler's Secret Archive" examines a large WWII era archive of the Holocaust. "The Loneliest People" examines the plight of un-adopted foster-care children. "The King of Comedy" interviews the man behind Larry the Cable Guy. "Andy Rooney" talks about going to the movies.
24 Dec. 2006
Swimming to Antarctica/Rex/The Orphanage
"Swimming to Antarctica" examines a woman who is attempting to swim a mile in the Antarctic wearing only a swimsuit. "Rex" rebroadcasts a report on several musical savants. "The Orphanage" rebroadcasts a segment on a Kenyan orphanage for baby elephants. "Andy Rooney" looks at clips of past Christmas commentaries.

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