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Finding Refuge/Avalanche/Enhancing the Bike

"Finding Refuge" rebroadcasts a look at the Syrian refugee crisis and talks to several Syrian families from Jordan who face a vigorous vetting program to get them into the United States. "Avalanche" looks at the ...

Season 49

25 Sep. 2016
The King/The New Cold War/The Picasso Portfolio
"The King" interviews King Abdullah II of Jordan about the troubles in the Middle East. "The New Cold War" continues an investigation into the growing possibility of a nuclear conflict between the United States and Russia. "The Picasso Portfolio" looks at the story behind the recent release of a cache of Picasso's artwork.
2 Oct. 2016
The Arctic Frontier/Nate Parker/Don't Mess with Mary Quin
"The Arctic Frontier" goes to the top of the world to see where the next battle over oil and mineral resources will take place. "Nate Parker" talks to the director about his upcoming historical epic about Nate Turner. "Don't Mess with Mary Quin" talks to a woman who survived a terrorist kidnapping and helped convict the radical cleric that had a rile in her abduction.
9 Oct. 2016
Artificial Intelligence/Breaking Good/Gorilla Doctors
"Artificial Intelligence" looks at how artificial intelligence is beginning to change the world. "Breaking Good" interviews the Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated actor Bryan Cranston. "Gorilla Doctors" looks at how doctors are helping to restore Great Ape populations in Africa.
16 Oct. 2016
Finding Refuge/The Brothers Rosenberg
"Finding Refuge" examines the Syrian refugee crisis and talks to several Syrian families from Jordan who face a vigorous vetting program to get them into the United States. "The Brothers Rosenberg" interviews the two sons of convicted spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who seek to clear the name of their mother.
23 Oct. 2016
Ask Ohio/Thrown for a Loss/The Influencers
"Ask Ohio" goes to the swing state to see how voters are planning to vote on Election Day. "Thrown for a Loss" investigates how a financial analyst may have ripped off some of the NFL's biggest starts. "The Influencers" talks to several popular social media starts and looks at how advertisers are planning to use them to reach new young audiences.
30 Oct. 2016
In God's Name/The Pot Vote/The Music of Zomba Prison
"In God's Name" interviews a young Muslim man from America about what made him join ISIS. "The Pot Vote" goes to Colorado to investigate the impact of legalized recreational marijuana on the state. "The Music of Zomba Prison" looks at how inmates and guards have collaborated to create music in a prison in Malawi.
6 Nov. 2016
The Battle for Mosul/The National Mood/The Zika Virus
"The Battle for Mosul" takes an inside look at how Iraq's second largest city is being taken back from ISIS by the Iraqi army. "The National Mood" talks to a panel of American voters about the upcoming election. "The Zika Virus" looks at the growing danger posed by the virus and how the effort to create a vaccine to halt its spread.
13 Nov. 2016
The 45th President
60 Minutes interviews President-Elect of the United States Donald Trump in his first extensive post-election interview. Lesley Stahl also speaks to future first lady Melania Trump and Donald Trump's four children: Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany, and Donald Jr.
20 Nov. 2016
Turkey/The Match of Their Lives/Bruno Mars
"Turkey" examines how many Turks and the country's leaders are dissatisfied with American foreign policy. "The Match of Their Lives" examines how the U.S. National Women's Soccer Team are fighting the U.S. Soccer Federation over unfair wages and unequal treatment. "Bruno Mars" interviews the popular singer.
27 Nov. 2016
The Prime Minister/The Alzheimer's Laboratory/Fidel Castro
"The Prime Minister" interviews Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi about his effort to change Italy. "The Alzheimer's Laboratory" examines efforts to prevent the disease and visits the world's largest concentration of people with with a rare genetic mutation that causes early-onset Alzheimer's. "Fidel Castro" looks back at Castro's rise to power.
4 Dec. 2016
The Speaker of the House/The Golden Triangle/Drive-by Lawsuits
"The Speaker of the House" talks to Paul Ryan about about President Donald Trump and discusses the issues that he will address after inauguration. "The Golden Triangle" talks to a man who is responsible for bringing 6,000 manufacturing jobs back to Mississippi. "Drive-by Lawsuits" examines how some lawyers are filing thousands of lawsuits against businesses in the name of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
11 Dec. 2016
Benjamin Netanyahu/The New Colombia/Lost
"Benjamin Netanyahu" interviews the Israeli Prime Minister who is looking forward to working with new U.S. President Donald Trump."The New Colombia" examines efforts to make Columbia a more attractive tourist destination. "Lost" looks at the real-life lost-and-found story of Saroo Brierley which has inspired a new film.
18 Dec. 2016
The White Helmets/The Pope's Choir/Denzel
"The White Helmets" examines the volunteers of Syrian Civil Defense and their efforts to save civilians in the war town country. "The Pope's Choir" takes an inside look at the oldest choir in the world. "Denzel" talks to the actor about his efforts to put the work of playwright August Wilson on the screen.
25 Dec. 2016
The Pope's Choir/Hamilton
"The Pope's Choir" rebroadcasts a recently broadcast special segment on the oldest choir in the world that accompanies the Pope when he says Christmas mass. "Hamilton" rebroadcasts an expanded segment on the popular historical Broadway musical which has won eleven Tony Awards.
1 Jan. 2017
Crisis in Chicago/Passports for Sale/The Rum War
"Crisis in Chicago" goes to Chicago to investigate the rise of violence that is plaguing the city, "Passports for Sale" looks at how small island nations are selling citizenship for a price. "The Rum War" looks at the feud behind the two versions of Havana Club Rum.
8 Jan. 2017
The Hostage Policy/The Coming Swarm/The Hunt for Planet Nine
"The Hostage Policy" talks to the parents of slain hostages about the U.S. government ransom policy. "The Coming Swarm" looks at how autonomous drone may be used on future battlefields. "The Hunt for Planet Nine" looks at efforts to track down a ninth planet in our solar system.
15 Jan. 2017
Barack Obama: Eight Years in the White House
60 Minutes interviews President Barack Obama about his eight years in office. He talks about his historic first election, the passing of the Affordable Care Act, the Democrat losses in the 2010 mid-term elections, the killing of Osama bin Laden, the expansion of the Syrian Civil War and Russia's involvement in it.
29 Jan. 2017
Finding Refuge/Avalanche/Enhancing the Bike
"Finding Refuge" rebroadcasts a look at the Syrian refugee crisis and talks to several Syrian families from Jordan who face a vigorous vetting program to get them into the United States. "Avalanche" looks at the survivors and rescue team of an Italian ski resort that was buried under an avalanche. "Enhancing the Bike" investigates allegations of mechanical cheating in cycling.

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