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27 Sep. 2015
President Putin/Trump/The Greatest Escape
"President Putin" interviews the Russian president about his visit to the UN, the conflict in Ukraine, and his country's presence in Syria. "Trump" interviews the controversial Republican presidential candidate. "The Greatest Escape" looks at the recent escape of the drug lord known as El Chapo.
4 Oct. 2015
Hands Off the Wheel/Patrick Kennedy/The Hidden Holocaust
"Hands off the Wheel" takes an inside look at engineers who are attempting to develop a car that can drive in city streets on its own. "Patrick Kennedy" interviews the former Congressman about his advocacy for mental illness. "The Hidden Holocaust" looks at an effort to find forgotten victims of the Holocaust in the former Soviet Union.
11 Oct. 2015
President Obama/30 Years on Death Row
"President Obama" talks to the president on Russia's involvement in Syria, the continuing conflict with ISIS, and developments in the 2016 presidential race. "30 Years on Death Row" looks at the case of Glenn Ford who was spent nearly 30 years on death row in Louisiana for a murder he did not commit.
18 Oct. 2015
Seeking Asylum/Make-A-Wish/Revis Island
"Seeking Asylum" examines how Germany is handling the recent influx of refuges who are fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East. "Make-A-Wish" looks at some of the volunteers behind the organization that grants the wishes of seriously ill children. "Revis Island" profiles New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.
25 Oct. 2015
Vice President Biden/Inside the Air War/The New Burma
"Vice President Biden" interviews the vice president about his decision to not seek the Democratic presidential nomination. "Inside the Air War" takes an inside look into the command center for the air war against ISIS. "The New Burma" goes to Burma to look at the country's historic elections and to talk to opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
1 Nov. 2015
Heroin in the Heartland/Smart Guns/The Slave Ship
"Heroin in the Heartland" looks at the growing crisis of heroin addiction in middle to upper class suburbia. "Smart Guns" looks at technology which allows guns to fire only in the hands of their owners and examines why it is not widely popular. "The Slave Ship" follows a team of archaeologists who have discovered the remains of a slave ship.
8 Nov. 2015
Into Dangerous Hands/The Collider/Hamilton
"Into Dangerous Hands" investigates possible lapses in the U.S. security clearance process used to keep America's secrets. "The Collider" looks at the Large Hadron Collider which has already led to the discovery of the elusive Higgs Boson. "Hamilton" looks at an unorthodox musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton.
15 Nov. 2015
The Paris Attacks/The Speaker of the House/Football and the Brain
"The Paris Attacks" looks at the recent deadly terrorist attacks in France. "The Speaker of the House" profiles Paul Ryan who was recently elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. "Football and the Brain" looks at concussion safety in football.
22 Nov. 2015
Active Shooter/Common Enemy/The Future of Money
"Active Shooter" looks how some police departments are training their officers how to respond to active shooter situations like the one in recently in Paris. "Common Enemy" looks at how some former enemies are the U.S. are proving to be some of the most effective militias against ISIS. "The Future of Money" looks at M-PESA a mobile phone-based payment system developed and used in Kenya.
29 Nov. 2015
The Last Prisoner/The Execution of Joseph Wood/Taking on the Eiger
"The Last Prisoner" interview former Cuban prisoner Alan Gross who was recently released from captivity. "The Execution of Joseph Wood" looks at a botched execution in Arizona that took almost two hours to complete. "Taking on the Eiger" talks to a man who flew, skied and then jumped off the iconic Swiss mountain.
6 Dec. 2015
Confidential Informants/Bonobos/Harry A. Radliffe II
"Confidential Informants" investigates the controversial use of young confidential informants by law enforcement in dangerous and sometimes deadly drug cases. "Bonobos" looks at the fascinating primate that is as close to human as the chimpanzee. "Harry A. Radliffe II" memorializes the late 60 Minutes producer.
6 Dec. 2015
Hands Off the Wheel/The Spy Among Us
"Hands off the Wheel" rebroadcasts an inside look at engineers who are attempting to develop a car that can drive in city streets on its own. "The Spy Among Us" rebroadcasts a segment on Jack Barsky a KGB spy from the Soviet Union who lived for decades in the United States without being detected.
13 Dec. 2015
A New Direction on Drugs/The New Force Behind Star Wars/Lewis Hamilton
"A New Direction on Drugs" interviews Michael Botticelli the director of National Drug Control Policy. "The New Force Behind Star Wars" profiles film director JJ Abrams who is the creative force behind the new Star Wars trilogy. "Lewis Hamilton" profiles the three-time Formula One racing world champ.
20 Dec. 2015
Inside Apple/Michael Caine
"Inside Apple" takes an inside look at the technology and talks to CEO Tim Cook about some of the concerns facing the company including encryption technology, corporate taxes, and manufacturing in China. "Michael Caine" talks to the award winning actor who is still going strong at the age of 82.
27 Dec. 2015
The Gaskos/Gotti/The FBI's Wiseguy
"The Gaskos" rebroadcasts a segment on the 16-year search and eventual capture of Boston mobster Whitey Bulger. "Gotti" rebroadcasts an interview with John Gotti Jr. "The FBI's Wise Guy" rebroadcasts a segment on an FBI agent that managed to infiltrate the Gambino crime family.
3 Jan. 2016
Lost in the Bermuda Triangle/Agromafia/Little Jazz Man
"Lost in the Bermuda Triangle" examines the sinking of the cargo ship El Faro that resulted in the lose of 33 lives. "Agromafia" examines how the Mafia in involved in counterfeit agricultural products. "Little Jazz Man" profiles a 12 year old jazz sensation Joey Alexander.
10 Jan. 2016
The Road to Syria/Life After Death Row/Hamilton
"The Road to Syria" goes to the Syrian base from which Russia is launching strikes to support dictator Bashar Al-Assad. "Life After Death Row" talks to three unjustly convicted people about their exoneration. "Hamilton" rebroadcasts a segment on the people behind the popular Broadway musical.
17 Jan. 2016
The Great Brain Robbery/Sean Penn/The Mountain Lions of L.A.
"The Great Brain Robbery" examines whether the Chinese government is involved in economic espionage. "Sean Penn" talks to the actor about his controversial clandestine interview with fugitive drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman. "The Mountain Lions of L.A." looks at cougars who are taking up residence in the Los Angeles area.
24 Jan. 2016
Make-A-Wish/The Health Wagon/The Giving Pledge
"Make-A-Wish" rebroadcasts a look at some of the volunteers behind the organization that grants the wishes of seriously ill children. "The Health Wagon" rebroadcasts a report on how nurses are providing badly needed health care to the uninsured poor of Appalachia. "The Giving Pledge" rebroadcasts a segment on a group of billionaires who have pledged to give at least a half of their fortunes to charity.
24 Jan. 2016
Heroin in the Heartland/Alive and Kickin'/David Bowie
"Heroin in the Heartland" rebroadcasts a look at the growing crisis of heroin addiction in middle to upper class suburbia. "Alive and Kickin" rebroadcasts a profile of a Harlem choir for mature adults that is helping to give older voices new control over their challenging lives. "David Bowie" features segments of an unaired 2003 interview with the singer.
31 Jan. 2016
Anonymous Inc./Top of the World
"Anonymous Inc." features a special undercover investigation into how American lawyers are helping to launder money in the United States that was brought to them by corrupt foreign officials. "Top of the World" goes to Greenland to see the effects of climate change and sea level rise on glaciers.
14 Feb. 2016
Director Brennan/FIFA/Danny Clinch
"Director Brennan" interviews CIA DIrector John Brennan about the threat posed by ISIS. "FIFA" looks at the scandals that are plaguing the powerful international soccer association. "Danny Clinch" profiles the photographer famous for his photographs of music legends.
21 Feb. 2016
El Chapo/The Hostage/And the Nominees Are
"El Chapo" looks at the arrest of the notorious drug lord Joaquin Guzman. "The Hostage" examines the abduction of American aid worker Warren Weinstein in Pakistan and the efforts by his wife to return him home. "And the Nominees Are" looks at the recent film about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.
28 Feb. 2016
A Monumental Project/Saving History/God's Architect
"A Monumental Project" rebroadcasts a look at a national museum dedicated to African-American history and culture. "Saving History" rebroadcasts a look at efforts to preserve some of Italy's most iconic architectural treasures. "God's Architect" rebroadcasts a segment examining Antoni Gaudí's beautiful Sagrada Família in Barcelona which has been under construction for 130 years.
28 Feb. 2016
Dead or Alive/Face Blindness
"Dead or Alive" rebroadcasts a segment on how errors in the Social Security Administration's Death Master File can result in false payments and identity verification problems. "Face Blindness" rebroadcasts a segment on the neurological phenomenon of prosopagnosia where a person loses their ability to recognize faces.
6 Mar. 2016
Prime Minister Trudeau/King of Coal/Death Row in Livingston Texas
"Prime Minister Trudeau" profiles the new prime minister of Canada. "King of Coal" examines the case against coal company CEO Don Blankenship who was convicted of workplace safety crime. "Death Row in Livingston Texas" talks to some of the men who are awaiting execution on one of the busiest Death Rows in the country.
13 Mar. 2016
Encryption/Aid in Dying/Starchitect
"Encryption" examines how the War on Terror has created a debate on privacy and security around the world. "Aid in Dying" examines how some terminally-ill patients can take a legally prescribed overdose of drugs that will end their life. "Starchitect" profiles Danish architect Bjarke Ingels who helped design the Googleplex and the last tower at the World Trade Center.
20 Mar. 2016
Presidente Macri/Cornel West/The Resurrection of St. Benedict's
"Presidente Macri" profiles Mauricio Macri the new president of Argentina. "Cornel West" interviews the former Princeton professor about the state of racial awareness in America. "The Resurrection of St. Benedict's" looks at an inner city school in Newark that is such a success that 85% of its graduates get college degrees.
3 Apr. 2016
Crime and Punishment/Christopher Wheeldon/Bubba
"Crime and Punishment" takes an inside look at the German prison system which emphasizes rehabilitation over punishment. "Christopher Wheeldon" profiles the celebrated and award-winning ballet choreographer. "Bubba" profiles professional golfer Bubba Watson.
10 Apr. 2016
The 28 Pages/Rising in the East/Switching Teams
"The 28 Pages" looks at how former members of Congress are urging the White House to declassify the top secret section of a report that may show Saudi support for some of the 9/11 hijackers. "Rising in the East" examines the growth of China's film industry. "Switching Teams" profiles a transgender swimmer competing at Harvard.
17 Apr. 2016
Not Paid/Rickers Island/Hacking Your Phone
"Not Paid" examines how some of the country's biggest insurance companies have not been paying benefits on millions of policies. "Rickers Island" looks at how an influx of mentally ill prisoners is affecting the New York Prison. "Hacking Your Phone" looks at cell phone security.
24 Apr. 2016
The Heroin Epidemic/Dialing for Dollars/Gold Star Parents
"The Heroin Epidemic" examines the growing problem with heroin addiction in the United States. "Dialing for Dollars" looks at an effort to regulate congressional fundraising. "Gold Star Parents" looks at parents who have lost loved ones in military service.
1 May 2016
Strike-Through/Fintech/The Children's Village
"Strike-Through" investigates whether an American manufacturer sold faulty protective equipment during the recent Ebola epidemic. "Fintech" talks to two young entrepreneurs who are trying to start a financial technology revolution. "The Children's Village" talks to two people who are the legal guardians of almost 100 young Tanzanians.
8 May 2016
Russia's Dark Secret/The Killing Machine/Earthquake Alley
"Russia's Dark Secret" investigates allegations of state-sponsored drug cheating by members of the Russian Olympic Team. "The Killing Machine" follows a French Catholic priest who is trying to expose the genocide of Iraqi Yezidis by ISIS. "Earthquake Alley" examines the connection between earthquakes and the fossil fuel industry in Oklahoma.
15 May 2016
Breakthrough Status/Collateral Damage
"Breakthrough Status" looks at clinical trails for a new cancer therapy that may be a breakthrough in the treating of the disease. "Collateral Damage" looks at how some innocent American citizens have been accused of espionage-related crimes related to Chinese theft of U.S. trade secrets and intellectual property.
15 May 2016
Morley Safer: A Reporter's Life
60 Minutes offers a special look at the career of retiring correspondent Morley Safer. It looks at his beginnings as a foreign correspondent in the 1950s with CBC and examines his war reporting in Vietnam for CBS which ultimately led to a job and a long tenure on 60 Minutes.
22 May 2016
All in the Family/Inside Edge/Valerie Jarrett
"All in the Family" profiles the Antinori family who have been in the Italian wine business for 600 years. "Inside Edge" talks to a stock analyst who helped to bring down broker was was making millions through insider trading. "Valerie Jarrett" profiles the senior advisor to the president.
22 May 2016
After Shock/$80 Million Con/The Last Vaquitas
"After Shock" examines how national guardsmen took advantage of a poorly organized program that offered bonus to help recruit new members. "$80 Million Con" examines one the the biggest art frauds in history. "The Last Vaquitas" looks at one of the most endangered marine mammals in the world.
29 May 2016
Director Brennan/King of Coal/The Future of Money
"Director Brennan" rebroadcasts an interview with CIA DIrector John Brennan about the threat posed by ISIS. "King of Coal" rebroadcasts an examination of the case against coal company CEO Don Blankenship who was convicted of workplace safety crime. "The Future of Money" rebroadcasts a look at M-PESA a mobile phone-based payment system developed and used in Kenya.
5 Jun. 2016
A New Direction in Drugs/The Greatest/Little Jazz Man
"A New Direction on Drugs" rebroadcasts an interview with Michael Botticelli the director of National Drug Control Policy. "The Greatest" rebroadcasts a 1996 interview with the late boxing legend Muhammad Ali. "Little Jazz Man" rebroadcasts a profile of a 12 year old jazz sensation Joey Alexander.

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