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One of the better "lesser" Peanuts specials.
Robert Morgan26 September 1999
Everyone knows and watches the same Peanuts specials; Charlie Brown Christmas, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. Most of the non-holiday specials have kind of disappeared into the void- this being one of them.

One of the more emotional specials (in a field of surprisingly good ones; Why, Charlie Brown, Why? and What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? are also good, over-looked ones), this is an adaptation of a run of the Peanuts comic strip that appeared in the 60's, concerning Linus and Lucy moving away.

Peanuts specials are best when confronting an adult situation with a child's perspective- something that is lacking in most of the holiday specials; this is a rare episode that deals with a child's situation from a child's perspective. While many adults experience the loss of friends when they move away, rarely is it as traumatic (or as common) as in childhood. Charlie Brown has to learn to deal with the loss of his best friend (and only friend that accepts Charlie Brown the way he is), Linus' security blanket doesn't help with the anxiety of having to make new friends, and Lucy realizes how much she loves what she's leaving behind- what she's complained about her whole life.

The show ends on an up note, of course; the original run of comic strips had Linus and Lucy moving back, due to the protestations of fans...

Satisfying for fans, and a situation almost any child can relate to.
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Charming and touching Peanuts TV special
Woodyanders29 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
One of the more affecting and yet strangely overlooked Peanuts TV specials, this particular outing focuses on Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang coming to terms with the fact that Linus and Lucy are moving away after their father gets a job transfer. Director Phil Roman, working from a typically warm and witty script by Charles M. Schulz, relates the simple, but engrossing story at a brisk pace and delivers a pleasing and well balanced mix of humor and pathos. The best segments center on Peppermint Patty grappling with her attraction to Charlie Brown and Schroeder realizing that he actually misses Lucy always flirting with him. Of course, we also get a few amusing gags, with Snoopy posing as a shrink for hire at a stand and working as a caterer who serves dog food to everyone at Linus and Lucy's farewell party rating as the funniest jokes. The voice actors handle their vocal chores quite well, with Brad Keston a stand-out as the phlegmy voice of Charlie Brown. Judy Munsen's catchy'n'jaunty score keeps things bouncing along throughout. Kudos are also in order for the bright and crisp animation which makes nifty occasional use of both dissolves and split screen. The upbeat conclusion likewise hits the satisfying spot. Well worth seeing for Peanuts fans.
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