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Los Angeles Times
Duchovny and Driver have distinctive good looks and they both combine attractiveness with talent and intelligence. Best of all, they possess that essential quality all screen lovers must have: terrific chemistry.
Saved throughout by its inviting atmosphere and richness of characters.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
A welcome return to the courtship, cuddling and sweet nothings of yesteryear.
Philadelphia Inquirer
She (Hunt) is perfection even when her movie falls a little short.
San Francisco Examiner
Crammed with such earnest belief in the power of love - even if it happens in the Chicago Zoo - it almost doesn't matter that O'Connor and Loggia have better chemistry than Duchovny and Driver.
USA Today
But there is a satisfying, old-fashioned "Moonstruck" sensibility at work, one that will be appreciated by folks who like their beef corned and their movies cornier.
Boston Globe
If Return to Me is ultimately too bland and safe, it'll nevertheless serve as a calling card for Hunt's future directorial projects.
Entertainment Weekly
Hunt is so vibrant that the movie suffers when she's not around.
Dallas Observer
Trite and silly, but, blast it, the movie has a good heart.
Infused with enough infectious charm to make us forget how dopey the plot is and become swept up in its breezy countenance.

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