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  • The show is set after the first movie, as events from it are often referenced. This show came out BEFORE the second movie got a theatrical release. When the second movie came out, it picked up immediately where the first left off, therefore disregarding this animated series completely. That said, there are two continuities for this sake:

    The first one consists of the first movie and this cartoon.

    The second one consists of the first movie and the second movie.

  • Quite a few. Amongst them are a tribal leader the same species as Baraka, a reptilian-type leader of a group the same species as Reptile (who was fought and killed in the first movie), and an evil female warrior who holds Jax hostage.

    The character Quan Chi was invented for the cartoon series but was later featured in the games, making him the only long-running MK universe character to debut here.

  • No, although he DOES use a wolf Animality move in Mortal Kombat 3 and its derivitives.

  • For some strange reason, the production company wanted to create a children's show based on the game. This was an era when it was very common to make show's based on video games, so it's not surprising Threshold Entertainment wanted to jump on this bandwagon.

    Mortal Kombat seems like a strange choice for a children's cartoon, but one possibility is that it was the only video game property they held the rights to. And with the success of the first MK film, bringing it to cartoon form was, obviously, a great way to cash in.

    Long story short, it's so toned down because they wanted to make a children's show, like so many other video games were being made into.


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