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The Week in Spandex – Thor: Ragnarok marketing blitz, Avengers 4 rumours, X-Force and Suicide Squad 2 get directors, Jared Leto confused over Joker plans and more

In this edition of The Week in Spandex, we look at Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers 4, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Silver & Black, Nighthawk, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Inhumans, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Punisher, X-Force, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad 2, Shazam, The Joker, Superman: Red Son, Gotham, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Titans and more…

With the release of Thor: Ragnarok fast approaching, Fandango has revealed that the Marvel threequel has edged out Warner Bros. Justice League in its poll to find the most anticipated movie of the fall, while early box office tracking is predicting that the film will open domestically with around $100 million. Should that project prove accurate, it would put Ragnarok ahead of the God of Thunder’s previous solo movies (which debuted to $65 million and $85 million respectively), although it would be down on the McU’s two other releases this year, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
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The Voice Recap: Blind Ambition

The Voice Recap: Blind Ambition
As The Voice neared the swan song of its Season 12 Blind Auditions Monday, we were treated to a bevy of contenders covering everyone from Justin Bieber to Johnny Cash. But were any of the vocalists the kinds of talents whose hits future wannabes would cover during their Blind Auditions? Read on for my randomly-ordered reviews of the nine performers (whose full auditions were shown) advancing to the Battle Rounds, then hit the comments to critique and grade them yourself.

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Kenny P (Team Gwen), “Hello It’s Me” — Grade:
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Is Jared Harris Playing Young Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts 2

Is Jared Harris Playing Young Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts 2
Before Fantastic Beasts opened across the country last weekend, it was confirmed that Young Dumbledore would play a key role in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2. And since that time, fans have speculated on who could play the iconic wizard. One actor currently holding out hope that he gets the call is Jared Harris. And with good reason. He has direct family ties to the Harry Potter franchise.

While many fans have started lobbying for Jared Harris to play Young Dumbledore, the actor opened up about the possibility. And he admits that he hasn't gotten the call. But he'd certainly take it if he did. Harris' late father Richard Harris played Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter movies, and now some believe this is simply Jared's birthright.

Speaking with Standard in the U.K., Harris believes that Warner Bros. is seriously considering him for the role.
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Exclusive: Ross Owen Williams talks about Bob “Hardcore” Holly’s new comedy short film and whether he’d return to WWE

Ross Owen Williams talks to us about his new short film with former WWE superstar Bob “Hardcore” Holly…

Flickering Myth had the chance to sit down with Ross Owen Williams, co-author of Bob Holly’s autobiography The Hardcore Truth, who shares the screen alongside the former WWE Hardcore and Tag Team Champion in their new comedy short Thanks For Reading.

We talk about the short, how it all came about, and whether Holly would be interested in returning to WWE. You can watch the short below:

Luke Owen: It’s been three years since The Hardcore Truth was released – how have you and Bob reacted to the feedback?

Ross Owen Williams: We both believed in the book – we took a lot of time to make sure it read properly to us and captured his voice properly – so we thought it would be pretty well received but we’ve
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Htgawm Ep Previews Season 2 Finale: 'Shocking' Hapstall Ending, Absent Annalise, Sam and Frank Secrets

Htgawm Ep Previews Season 2 Finale: 'Shocking' Hapstall Ending, Absent Annalise, Sam and Frank Secrets
Please hold off on asking How to Get Away With Murder Ep Pete Nowalk about his vision for Season 3.

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“There are several ways we’ve backed ourselves into a corner” with Thursday’s Season 2 finale (10/9c on ABC), he explains. “That’s my favorite thing to do, but it means I really don’t know [which direction] we’ll head next.”

Network promos for the episode promise, “Three backstabbers exposed, two dead bodies added to the count, and one bloody good ender” (with images of gore dripping
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Rielle Hunter Shares New Photos of John Edwards' Love Child, Frances Quinn, Says 7-Year-Old is Aware of 'Her Reality'

  • PEOPLE.com
With scandal in the rearview mirror, Rielle Hunter says former Senator John Edwards has become a "great dad" to their daughter Frances Quinn, whom he fathered while still married to the late Elizabeth Edwards. "She's amazing. She sings all the time, she's just always got a happy little tune going on," Hunter tells Steve Harvey on his talk show on Tuesday of the 7-year-old, while sharing new photos. Edwards was a presidential hopeful when it was revealed that his extramarital affair with Hunter, a filmmaker hired to work on his campaign, had produced Frances Quinn. The former North Carolina senator
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Rielle Hunter Shares New Photos of John Edwards' Love Child, Frances Quinn, Says 7-Year-Old is Aware of 'Her Reality'

  • PEOPLE.com
With scandal in the rearview mirror, Rielle Hunter says former Senator John Edwards has become a "great dad" to their daughter Frances Quinn, whom he fathered while still married to the late Elizabeth Edwards. "She's amazing. She sings all the time, she's just always got a happy little tune going on," Hunter tells Steve Harvey on his talk show on Tuesday of the 7-year-old, while sharing new photos. Edwards was a presidential hopeful when it was revealed that his extramarital affair with Hunter, a filmmaker hired to work on his campaign, had produced Frances Quinn. The former North Carolina senator
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Why 'Legends of Tomorrow' could be Dctv's own 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

  • Hitfix
Why 'Legends of Tomorrow' could be Dctv's own 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
While the premise of "Legends of Tomorrow" vastly differs from Marvel's space odyssey "Guardians of the Galaxy," the promos are starting to show that "Legends" could be Dctv's answer to a superhero space comedy like "Guardians". If "Legends of Tomorrow" turns out to be even remotely similar to "Guardians," you'll hear no complaints from me as the latter has become one of my favorite films of all time. And I know I'm not alone in that opinion.  Think about it. My reasoning for assuming so is as follows: #1. Legendary Band of Outlaws Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) was a smuggler, much like Han Solo was in "Star Wars." At the beginning of "Guardians" Quill wasn't a good guy or a bad guy -- he was simply a neutral party willing to work for the highest bidder. In the "Legends of Tomorrow" world, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) is a lot like Quill.
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10 largely forgotten UK sci-fi sitcoms

Remember Kinvig, Clone, Not With A Bang? These are the UK sci-fi sitcoms you’re unlikely to see on comedy best-of lists…

With E4 sci-fi comedy commissions, Tripped and Aliens, and in-development Channel 4 projects, Space Ark and Graham Linehan/Adam Buxton collaboration The Cloud, in the works, a new crop of sci-fi sitcom could be making its way to UK TV.

Making funny sci-fi on a small-screen budget is tough enough without the additional pressure of having to attract viewers more traditionally down-to-earth in their sitcom tastes. Sci-fi sets and effects can be seen as prohibitively expensive by comedy commissioners (which is perhaps why the best UK sci-fi sitcoms of recent years has been on BBC Radio), and the genre’s niche status doesn’t scream mainstream hit. Over the years, one or two stand-outs have managed to straddle the sci-fi and comedy TV worlds, but plenty more have stumbled in the attempt.
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Comedy sketch show Absolutely will be coming back for a Radio 4 series

Cult sketch show Absolutely will be making a comeback on the radio.

The team behind the 1990s comedy series will record four brand new half-hour episodes on BBC Radio 4 to air from September 6.

Gordon Kennedy, Morwenna Banks, Pete Baikie, Moray Hunter and John Sparkes will perform new material, though Jack Docherty will not be reuniting with his former castmates.

Several popular characters from the Channel 4 show will return, including Calum, Denzil and Gwynedd, The Little Girl and the Stoneybridge Town Council.

The largely Scottish group have promised fans "something old (us), something new (the sketches), nothing borrowed (as far as we know) and nothing blue (although some of it is quite surprisingly rude)".

The team previously reunited for Radio 4's Sketchorama strand in 2013, winning them a BBC Audio Drama award.

Executive producer Gus Beattie said: "The Absolutely team did an amazing job updating their much-loved characters for the Sketchorama show,
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All wool be revealed! Thn chats to ‘Shaun The Sheep Movie’ directors Richard Starzak & Mark Burton

Shaun The Sheep Movie is about to be released on DVD and Blu-ray after a baa-rilliant reception on the big screen. In many ways the original farm heroes saga, its story follows Shaun and the gang as they head into the big city to rescue their gibberish-speaking custodian, the Farmer.

The film was praised for its echoing of old school slapstick comedy and hopes are high for a follow up. So while the gears of the studios whirr in contemplation over that, we sat down with writer/directors Richard Starzak and Mark Burton for a good old bleat…

Shaun The Sheep on TV is only a few minutes long. How did you go about expanding the concept to feature length?

Richard: That was the big challenge. That’s why I think me and Mark work as well together. Mark’s had much experience of writing feature scripts and we had
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 17 Review – ‘Melinda’

Danny Hale reviews the seventeenth episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2…

This week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. flitted between our character’s current situation and Agent May’s past finally revealing why she is known as the cavalry. Previous information has revealed that during a mission in Bahrain May entered a building and emerged having saved a large number of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents against seemingly insurmountable odds but the exact details have been a much speculated mystery for fans since the first season. Why did May leave the field prior to the show’s pilot and why is she so cold when Coulson has previously stated that she was not always that way? As an audience we finally got to see that happier side of May and Ming-Na Wen did an excellent job of portraying this younger more innocent Melinda while never moving too far from
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13 Things WWE Doesn’t Want You To Find On Google About Chyna


The clamour to get former WWE Women’s Champion Chyna into the WWE Hall of Fame ended last Monday.

Speaking on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast live on the WWE Network, COO Triple H quashed any hope Chyna’s legion of fans had of seeing her name in amongst the great and the good of wrestling’s past as he said WWE simply couldn’t induct her.

Austin outright asked Triple H if he thinks Chyna should be in the Hall Of Fame, The Game replied:

“Does she deserve to go into the Hall Of Fame? Absolutely. It’s not just as easy as should this person go in the Hall Of Fame. She’s a paradigm shifter, changed the business, did what no other woman had ever done before. All the other stuff that happened, happened, and I don’t need to get into any of the other stuff,
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Chyna Responds To Triple H’s Comments About WWE Hall Of Fame


Chyna has responded to comments made by Triple H on last night’s WWE Network Steve Austin Podcast. Chyna and Triple H famously dated in the late nineties, but she ended up leaving the WWE in 2001 when Hunter began a relationship with Stephanie McMahon.

Stone Cold Steve Austin outright asked Triple H if he thinks Chyna should be in the WWE Hall Of Fame. Triple H replied “Does she deserve to go into the Hall Of Fame? Absolutely.”

“It’s not just as easy as should this person go in the Hall Of Fame. She’s a paradigm shifter, changed the business, did what no other woman had ever done before. All the other stuff that happened, happened, and I don’t need to get into any of the other stuff,” Triple H continued, “there’s no beef on this side.”

However, Hunter then went on to detail
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Red Band Society Winter Finale Post Mortem: Ep Talks Leo-Kara Sparks, Emma's Collapse and a Looming Death

Red Band Society showrunner Rina Mimoun wants you to know two things: A central character will die before Season 1 is over, but the medical drama itself is not quite as certain to dance with the Grim Reaper — despite Fox deciding last week to limit its freshman season to 13 episodes.

“We were never pulled from the schedule. We were always airing our first 10 episodes, and then going off for the holidays. That’s why we built toward this cliffhanger,” insists Mimoun, who notes that shooting on the Season 1 finale begins Monday. “We’re going to air the last three. Yes, we
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Adrianne Palicki Talks Mockingbird's Secrets, Handling Ward, the Hawkeye Question and More

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Adrianne Palicki Talks Mockingbird's Secrets, Handling Ward, the Hawkeye Question and More
ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Tuesdays at 9/8c) dialed it up to 11 with the addition of Barbara “Bobbi” Morse, played by Friday Night Lights alum Adrianne Palicki. The elite undercover operative (code name: Mockingbird) joined the team just in time, as all hands are needed on deck as Coulson & Co. labor to temper the Hydra threat, as well as crack that confounding alien code.

Palicki spoke with TVLine about tackling the Marvel-ous role, Bobbi’s “complicated” past with Lance Hunter (and possible history with an archer Avenger) and her recent three-pronged attack on screens big and small.

Tvline | I happened
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Weisz And Collette Are Best Friends In Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Miss You Already’

Having directed stories about vampires (Twilight), werewolves (Red Riding Hood) and worst of all overactive teenagers (Thirteen), Catherine Hardwicke is ready to helm a story about grown up relationships with Miss You Already.

With the intriguing combination of Rachel Weisz and Toni Collette in the lead roles, the film sounds like a variation on Beaches ramped up to eleven, as two best friends’ lives are disrupted by a pregnancy on one side and sickness on the other.

The script is courtesy of Morwenna Banks, a comedienne who rose to prominence on cult sketch show Absolutely in the 90s, before joining the cast of Saturday Night Live. On her return to the UK she has been most notable for her work with Reeves & Mortimer and I for one am looking forward to seeing how her writing will fuse with Collette, one of the most diverse character actresses around.

The comedy drama
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Badults episode 1 review: Money

Review Jake Laverde 24 Jul 2013 - 06:40

Jake checks out episode 1 of Pappy's sitcom, Badults, which contains the seed of something great, but has some growing up to do...

This review contains spoilers.

1.1 Money

Badults is the first TV series for acclaimed sketch troupe Pappy's, originally known as Pappy's Fun Club, though it's not their first attempt having piloted a self-titled sketch series and The Mr and Mrs Hotty Hott Hot Show for Channel 4 previously. The premise is that Matthew Crosby, Tom Parry and Ben Clark all live together, joined by childhood friend Rachel, played by Emer Kenny. Older readers may remember fantastic anarchic trio The Goodies and their inspired cartoon flights of fancy. It's that kind of tone Badults is going for.

The working title for Badults was 'The Secret Dude Society'. Though it may seem like an innocuous assortment of words, it also hints at the flaws running through the first episode.
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Pappy's talk 'Badults': 'A British version of an American sitcom'

A stage troupe who have been building up a cult audience for over a decade, Pappy's are set to burst into the mainstream this month with the launch of sitcom Badults.

Ahead of the launch on BBC Three next week, Digital Spy spoke to one third of the trio - Tom Parry - to talk about the group's transition from stage to screen.

And what on earth is a "badult"? Read on to find out.

What can you tell us about your new show Badults?

"It's about three friends who are bad at being adults. They don't really want to grow up, they don't want to engage in the real world. They're three guys who have been best friends since they've been at school.

"They made a pact that they were one day going to live together, and now here they are facing adulthood and all the responsibilities that come
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LatinoBuzz: Interview with Benjamín Ávila

In Clandestine Childhood (Infancia Clandestina), writer/director Benjamín Ávila drew inspiration from his personal exiled childhood during Argentina's Dirty War as the son of two Montoneros guerillas. The film, which took prizes at both San Sebastian and Havana Film Festivals last year, is set in 1979 during the family's return from Cuba to fight in the Montoneros counteroffensive operation under new assumed identities. Benjamín spoke to LatinoBuzz about what it meant to see memories from his formative years unfold on the big screen.

Clandestine Childhood is being released in NY and CA on Friday, January 11th, 2013.

LatinoBuzz: What did the actors take away from spending several days with former Montoneros?

Benjamín Ávila: I wanted the actors to have the chance to physically live that era. The most complex challenge for an actor is the ability to give dimension to the story from the time that it happened, not from the present. For them it was important to get rid of all the Whys and be able to answer them by themselves. So I decided to have the actors meet a couple of former guerrilla members to do a training drill for two days, the way it was done back then, as well as for them to have a chance to talk and for the actors to be able to ask anything they wanted.

It was very productive because their body changed, as well as their stand before history. It also helped me to confirm some doubts that had arisen during the process of writing the script. And from that moment on, the improvisations we did were very important in defining some scenes of the film. Particularly the argument scene between the grandmother and mother. That improvisation came after the work we did, and some glorious moments emerged as a result, very complex and incorrect that served to give another dimension to the movie.

LatinoBuzz: Was there a particular audience for this film that was most important for you to see it?

Benjamín Ávila: Not really. But firstly, it is a film that I made for my brothers. And for the children of the disappeared and those killed during the last dictatorship in Argentina. They are the primary audience, but the story is not constructed so that only they understand. On the contrary, I wanted the film to move people, to it would provoke feelings and ideas, without sacrificing the cinematic and artistic construction. Luckily, for all the feedback that I receive from the people who have seen it, I think we have achieved that goal. It's a film that provokes many emotions, that endures for days within the people who see it, and that generates the need to reiterate the questions that were supposedly already answered.

LatinoBuzz: When was the first time you realized that 'Infancia Clandestina' was the story you had to tell?

Benjamín Ávila: I always knew it. Since I was 13, I knew I wanted to work in film. I also knew back then that one day I would film my childhood. Somehow I made a tacit commitment at that time with myself, with my family, and with my own story. Therefore it is very important for me to have completed this process. It is a feeling of a debt paid, like I "had to do" this film. It was a duty rather than a necessity. Now that the film is finished I feel a relief, that of mission accomplished. Now I can be at peace.

LatinoBuzz: How much of what was going on were you very much aware of and how did you process that as a young boy?

Benjamín Ávila: My older brother and I were very aware, even though we were 7 and 8 years old at the time. I always think we were like the kids living in the street, who have a very conscious relationship with their environment. We knew what was happening, what we could and could not say. Although we were doing and saying what we were living, we could not have a dialectical discussion nor a real argument. We understood it all.

For us what we lived was not anything special, but it was normal. It was our life. We could not imagine anything different. This is why we were never traumatized. Even nowadays I miss that lifestyle. That clear and powerful bonding we all had. What was traumatizing was everything else: the absence, the persecution, the disappearance of my mother and not knowing anything to this day, not having been raised with my younger brother (Vicky in the movie). It was not until three yeas ago that we started having a life of ordinary siblings. And it cost a lot to have it...

LatinoBuzz: You were a child of Montoneros, so your childhood was unlike many others yet in the film we largely see this sweet portrayal of this blossoming first love between Juan and Maria –just like any teenager experiences. How much of that was Benjamín wishing that childhood was that innocent?

Benjamín Ávila: What you need to understand is that living in hiding was not something different to normality. It had parameters that were unusual, but we lived them like any other, even inside the house. I remember many common and normal family moments. Like waking up too late at night to watch the matches of the national team playing the World Cup youth soccer, Maradona’s first in Japan, and the matches were at 4 or 6 am. I remember going out at 7am in the morning with all the neighbors to celebrate the championship. My mother chastising me because I was late for school, or because I hadn't made my bed. Family barbecues, like any other Sunday, and so on, thousands of memories as normal as any other.

LatinoBuzz: What happened to “María”?

Benjamín Ávila: Maria never existed at that time. I had my Marías, but in other places and other times!

LatinoBuzz: In writing such a personal story what was the hardest thing to

write and did you avoid anything?

Benjamín Ávila: The most difficult part was at the beginning, trying to detach myself from my own history. Because several things were clear to me: the subject of film, that I did not want to be the protagonist of the story, that the most important part was the reconstruction of a routine

that has never been shown but that was not only mine but of many. That's why I took anecdotes and stories from others... Writing the script with Marcelo Muller, a dear Brazilian friend, helped me to achieve that distance I wanted for the construction of the story. With him I was able to rule out what wasn't important to the film’s story even if it was personally very important to me, and so we achieved that distance even though I deepened what remained. It was as if Marcelo pulled out to keep it to the essential, and I pulled inwards to deepen what remained.

LatinoBuzz: Was the casting difficult? Were you looking for yourself in

the Actor?

Benjamín Ávila: The casting of the children was complicated. We did it with María Laura Berch, an incredible casting director specializing in children, and we elaborated a very clear, yet complex, strategy. We saw over 700 children in total for all the roles, and it took us three months as planned.

But most importantly, we wanted to cast very homely, to give the kids the idea of what the shooting was going to be right from the beginning. And as I do my own camerawork every time I film, I decided I was going to shoot the casting so the kids could get used to my presence close to them and behind the camera from the beginning. And it worked really well.

With the adults it was very different. I saw Ernesto Alterio in the TV series "Vientos de Agua" by Campanella miniseries and compared to other roles I've seen him perform, I found the construction of his character wonderful. Something similar happened with Natalia Oreiro, she is very famous in Argentina but because of roles in comedies or romantic comedies, but seeing her in Caetano's "Francia" I noticed a dramatic profile in which I was very interested. With Cesar Troncoso, he was recommended by Luis Puenzo who had worked with him in "Xxy" the film he produced, directed by his daughter Lucía Puenzo. I had seen him in "The Pope's Toilet" and I had loved his role. And it was always a dream that Cristina Banegas play the role of the grandmother, and luckily we did it!

LatinoBuzz: Was seeing the film for the first time like looking at

photographs of your childhood?

Benjamín Ávila: No, this film has a lot of traits that belong to my childhood but they're for the most part, changed or modified. What does happen to me, is that I see through them my own memories. That happens to me, but it's something very intimate. The photos that appear at the end, which are from my family in reality, is the moment that moves me the most as I get haunted by the echoes of that wonderful past that was destroyed at the moment portrayed by the film.

My production company is called Room 1520 in tribute to the last scene of Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders, where the young kid (Hunter) is reunited with his mother after a long time in that same room... My childhood accompanies much of what I do.

LatinoBuzz: How many details from set design and wardrobe to how the actors who played your parents looked and acted did you involve yourself or were you able to separate yourself?

Benjamín Ávila: The shooting process was very intimate, intense and emotional. All of the staff, technicians and actors, we were involved in a special way. I have a way of working which at first puzzled the team. I like getting carried away by what is happening and then decide each scene based on the actors, the set and the light.

I operate the camera, I always do it when I'm the director, and I like to approach it as a documentary, finding the images based on what happens, as it happens. In that sense, each take was a particular universe of its own, unique and not replicable. Of course some takes came out really bad. But others were magical ... and those are the ones remained.

On the third day of filming something happened that made the whole team realize the scope of what we were doing, and from that moment on, everybody trusted my working technique. It happened that we were shooting Juan's (played by Teo Gutiérrez Moreno) first sequence where he burns the photos, near the end of the film. A tough sequence due to the mood that Juan had to reflect (as he just learns that his father was killed and had just hopelessly cried with his mother), and with children you don't work from a rational place but rather from the body directly, something very natural to them. So, I asked Natalia Oreiro to stand off-screen next to me, and that at moment I said 'action', for her to scream inconsolably, begging for help. On the other hand I told Teo that regardless of whatever was happening, he should not take his eyes off the fire, and that he should run out when I called his name. We got ready and at the moment of saying 'action' Natalia started to scream, heart wrenching, and all that I wanted to happen to Teo, started happening to me with the camera on my shoulder. I began to cry inconsolably (if you look carefully at the scene, the camera moves because I'm crying), as if it was an ancestral cry from some other time, and at some point I yelled at Teo and he perfectly did what he had to do, as usual, an he ran. I said 'cut', gave the camera to my assistant and as I was leaving I saw Natalia crying uncontrollably, everyone saw me and realized I was crying. I went to the video assist and as I entered everybody was very excited, they saw me crying. I asked to see the take… At that moment, everybody including actors, technicians and me, realized that we were doing something more than professional, but also very personal.

LatinoBuzz: Were there any films that influenced the look of the film?

Benjamín Ávila: Absolutely. For the tone of the performance and the gaze of the kids, "My Life as a Dog" by Lasse Halstrom. All of Krystof Kieslowski's filmography, and the political view of the films that Ken Loach made in

England such as "Raining Stones", "Riff-Raff" and "Hidden Agenda".

LatinoBuzz: What's the next project?

Benjamín Ávila: I am writing for a TV series of 40 single chapters. Additionally, I am adapting a novel by Elsa Osorio that I've been wanting to do for 12 years. I'm adapting it with her to make a miniseries of 13 chapters. It's about 40 years of history and involves many characters. A different look at the people who survived or were involved in Argentina's dictatorship.

For Screening times in NY and CA visit: http://www.filmmovement.com/theatrical/index.asp?MerchandiseID=314

Like em at: https://www.facebook.com/Infancia.clandestina

Written by Juan Caceres and Vanessa Erazo, LatinoBuzz is a weekly feature on SydneysBuzz that highlights Latino indie talent and upcoming trends in Latino film with the specific objective of presenting a broad range of Latino voices. Follow @LatinoBuzz on twitter.
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