Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) Poster

Plot Keywords

triad private investigator
immigrant baby
lapd marriage
boat blood
gunfight house on fire
detective police
boxing match fourth part
police brutality judo throw
dentist maverick cop
china elevator
slave labor exploding truck
wu shu mexican standoff
stylized violence two man army
flamethrower cell phone
blood spatter fistfight
u.s. coast guard shoulder holster
falling from height shootout
two against one forklift
shot to death secret room
tough guy violence
black cop sequel to cult favorite
interracial kiss nitrous oxide
los angeles california showdown
laughing gas sequel
shot in the chest foot chase
gunshot wound secret
stabbed in the stomach kung fu
underwater fight helicopter
miranda warning frog
buddy cop beretta
interracial relationship martial arts
childbirth numbered sequel
asian gang boxing gloves
tough cop action hero
ambush car accident
mixed martial arts car chase
six shooter blockbuster
murder reference to the marx brothers
wilhelm scream warehouse
child in peril counterfeiter
hand to hand combat judo
counterfeiting dodging bullets
chase general
scissors exploding car
opening action scene shot in the arm
rabbi semiautomatic pistol
shot in the head cemetery
slide locked back chinese mafia
police officer racism
hero tough girl
brawl jujitsu
boxing shark
cult film 1990s
revolver illegal immigrant
black comedy boxing ring
gun fu street shootout
disarming someone two way mirror
pregnancy wheelchair
ak 47 son in law
lasersight police shootout
chinese restaurant pistol
wire fu number in title

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