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Stan and Kyle run away with Ike, Cartmans' trip to mars lands him on death row, Mr. Garrison and Randy help the trolls destroy a country.


3 Jun. 2003
Unaired Pilot
Cartman wakes up and realizes he was abducted by aliens after hearing it from his friends. He is in major denial at first though, but even Chef is a believer.
19 Mar. 2003
Chef and the children learn that Earth is actually just a reality show for other planets. When they learn it is to be canceled, the boys travel to a distant planet to plead their case to the network executives.
26 Mar. 2003
Krazy Kripples
Jimmy and Timmy land in the middle of a gang war; Stan, Cartman, Kenny and Kyle stay out of the way when stem cell research divides the town.
2 Apr. 2003
Toilet Paper
The boys toilet paper their art teacher's house to get revenge for a bad grade. When Kyle's guilty conscience makes him want to confess, Cartman makes an attempt on his life.
9 Apr. 2003
I'm a Little Bit Country
The town is divided down the middle on the Iraq war issue. Therefore, Cartman tries to induce a flashback so that he can find out what the Founding Fathers would have to say about the war.
16 Apr. 2003
Fat Butt and Pancake Head
Cartman makes a Jennifer Lopez hand doll and turns her into a music star, which draws the furious anger of the real Jennifer Lopez as well as the sexual advances of Ben Affleck.
23 Apr. 2003
Lil' Crime Stoppers
After the boys start a Jr. Detective's Club and find a girl's missing doll, they are recruited by the county police department. Their first assignment: to break up a meth lab.
30 Apr. 2003
Red Man's Greed
South Park residents are forced out of their homes when an Indian casino takes their land.
22 Oct. 2003
South Park Is Gay
Kyle, Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave travel to New York City to bring an end to the latest "metrosexual" fad, and discover that it's actually part of a crab-people conspiracy to take over the planet.
29 Oct. 2003
Christian Rock Hard
Cartman, Butters and Token become Christian rock stars so that Cartman can win his bet with Kyle. Meanwhile, Kyle, Stan and Kenny learn the sad consequences of illegally downloading music from the Internet.
5 Nov. 2003
Grey Dawn
South Park takes all of the driver's licenses away from its senior citizens, and the AARP responds by launching an armed invasion of the town to defend their rights.
12 Nov. 2003
Casa Bonita
When Butters is invited to Kyle's birthday party instead of Cartman, Cartman kidnaps Butters and locks him in a bomb shelter.
19 Nov. 2003
All About Mormons
Stan learns about the Mormon religion after a new family moves to South Park from Utah. Caught up in the family-friendly doctrine of the church, Randy declares the Marshes to be Mormon as well.
3 Dec. 2003
Butt Out
Rob Reiner comes to town to lead an anti tobacco crusade after the boys briefly take up smoking.
10 Dec. 2003
Stan becomes inconsolable after Wendy breaks up with him, and Butters has a crush on a sexy waitress at a local restaurant.
17 Dec. 2003
It's Christmas in Canada
The boys go to Canada to retrieve Ike, after his birth parents show up in South Park and claim him as their own.

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