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Kenny McCormick is a hopeless teen hailing from a rather dysfunctional family consisting of junkie parents and a good-for-nothing sister.

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Moss Piglets

Jimmy and Timmy's experiment could nab them first prize in the annual science fair.

Season 9

9 Mar. 2005
Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina
After Mr. Garrison gets an operation and becomes a woman, Kyle decides he wants to be black and Gerald decides he wants to be a dolphin.
16 Mar. 2005
Die Hippie, Die
Cartman leads the resistance when a mass of hippies accumulates in South Park and starts a music festival.
23 Mar. 2005
The boys start a talent agency and represent a woman named Wing in Hollywood.
30 Mar. 2005
Best Friends Forever
Can Cartman and Kenny stay as "Best Friends Forever", even when Kenny buys the last PSP in stock?
6 Apr. 2005
The Losing Edge
The boys enlist Kyle's cousin to help them lose in baseball so they won't have to go to the finals. Meanwhile, Randy trains to fight other parents during Stan's games.
13 Apr. 2005
The Death of Eric Cartman
When the boys decide to ignore Cartman, he assumes that he is dead, and enlists Butters to help him make up for his past sins.
20 Apr. 2005
Erection Day
Jimmy gets his first erection just days before the school talent show.
19 Oct. 2005
Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow
When a dam breaks and floods a nearby town, South Park residents assume it was caused by global warming and barricade themselves in the community center.
26 Oct. 2005
Butters fake his own death and disguises himself as a girl so he can infiltrate a sleepover and steal a fortune telling device from the girls. Meanwhile, Butters' father turns to the occult to bring back his son.
2 Nov. 2005
Follow That Egg
Ms Garrison realises she still has feelings for Mr Slave. But Mr Slave has moved on and plans to marry his new boyfriend, Big Gay Al as soon as the Governor signs the same sex marriage bill.
9 Nov. 2005
Ginger Kids
Cartman leads a vendetta against kids with red hair and freckles, until a prank makes him think he is one of them.
16 Nov. 2005
Trapped in the Closet
Several religious leaders recongize Stan as the second coming of Christ, and a whole soap opera unfolds with the help from a famous R&B sensation.
30 Nov. 2005
Free Willzyx
When a prank convinces the boys that a whale in a local aquarium is an alien from the moon, they go to extreme measures to send it home.
7 Dec. 2005
Bloody Mary
Randy is forced to go to AA meetings, where he becomes convinced that he has a disease. Desperate, he and Stan go on a pilgrimage to a statue of the virgin Mary that is miraculously bleeding from its ass.

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