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Season 4

5 Apr. 2000
The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000
The boys enter the world of organized crime when they realize they can make money from the tooth fairy with other children's teeth.
12 Apr. 2000
Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000
Cartman is sent to juvenile hall after he throws a rock at a black child.
19 Apr. 2000
Timmy 2000
A handicapped boys' arrival in class leads to protest. Meanwhile, the boys are diagnosed with ADD and heavily medicated.
26 Apr. 2000
Quintuplets 2000
The Marshes adopt a group of Romanian Quintuplets after they are orphaned in South Park. However, soon the Romanian government demands them back. Meanwhile, Kenny develops a talent for singing.
21 Jun. 2000
Cartman Joins NAMBLA
Cartman joins NAMBLA, thinking it will introduce him to more mature friends. Meanwhile, Kenny tries to dispose of his unborn baby brother.
28 Jun. 2000
Cherokee Hair Tampons
Kyle needs a kidney transplant, and Cartman is the only suitable donor. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison writes a novel.
5 Jul. 2000
Chef Goes Nanners
Chef protests the racist South Park flag.
12 Jul. 2000
Something You Can Do with Your Finger
Randy is outraged when Stan and the other boys start a boy band.
19 Jul. 2000
Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?
The boys become obsessed with religion after a sermon about hell scares them. Meanwhile, Saddam returns to Hell and tries to dispose of Satan's new boyfriend.
26 Jul. 2000
Cartman becomes an evangelical preacher when the boys break off from their church. Meanwhile, the feud between Saddam and Chris continues.
8 Nov. 2000
4th Grade
The boys deal with a strict new teacher and experiment with time travel as Mr. Garrison comes to terms with his sexuality.
15 Nov. 2000
Trapper Keeper
Cartman's new trapper keeper threatens to assimilate the town unless Kyle and a robot from the future can stop it.
22 Nov. 2000
Helen Keller! The Musical
Cartman goes overboard directing a Thanksgiving production of "The Miracle Worker." Meanwhile, Timmy develops a bond with a runt turkey named Gobbles.
29 Nov. 2000
Pip attends boarding school in an adaptation of "Great Expectations."
6 Dec. 2000
Fat Camp
Cartman is outraged when he is sent to fat camp by his mother. Meanwhile, Kenny becomes famous for a "Jackass" style TV show.
13 Dec. 2000
The Wacky Molestation Adventure
The boys tell the police that their parents molest them and soon there are no adults left in South Park. However, without authority figures, society crumbles.
20 Dec. 2000
A Very Crappy Christmas
When everyone in South Park decides to forgo presents and celebrate a non-materialistic holiday season, the boys try to bring the spirit of commercialism back to Christmas by making an animated film.

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