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They're the ones I turned to Sunday Mornings...
Ginger8711 August 2004
"Extreme Ghostbusters" was a really a good series. I used to watch it Sunday mornings when I was young. I was very fond of this show and I enjoyed watching it. I also enjoyed watching "Real Ghostbusters".

My favorite character was Slimer. He was cute and funny. I also liked Kylie Griffin because she was cool and Egon Spengler because he was one of the original ghostbusters.

My favorite episode was the two part saga when the original ghostbusters visited the new ghostbusters. It was good seeing the old guys again. I also liked the episode with the Jersey Devil. That episode was a little scary. Another good episode was "The True Face of a Monster".

Overall I really enjoyed this show and I was sad to see it leave. I give this show 9/10 stars.
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Teen slaying at its best!
RStantz25 January 1999
This is/was a great TV show! It was a continuation of The Real Ghostbusters cartoons, in which new teens, Eduardo, Kylie, Garrett, and Roland, uncover scientific proof that ghosts exist. Not only that, but they have equipment to catch them! Egon and Janine remain residents of the old, graffitied firehouse. But now, Egon was forced to make his students (the teens) of his class new ghost-slayers, but the old equipment was no good. Roland used his engineering genius to make NEW equipment, along with a sleek new look to Ecto-1. All in all, now Generation X has/had taken over Ghostbusters. Prepare for a wild ride to the extreme, Ghostbusters ARE back!
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Good TV show But doesn't hold up to the movies
Pac-Man 25624 December 1998
It's a good tv cartoon. I enjoyed it. I think that it was kind of fun to watch a new Ghostbuster team! I would've enjoyed it more if the orginal Ghostbusters were in it. There was on epsiode where the orignal Ghostbusters were in it. But they were old so it wasn't so good. The only original Ghostbuster was Egon Spengler, Janine Melnitz, and Slimer (if you count him). All in all it is a good series. There was also one episode where Janine did some ghostbusting!
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Finally got to see this Cult Classic.
oorialz19 July 2006
Extreme Ghostbusters is and was an instant classic. I waited years for it after so many recommendations and finally it proved to be even better than expected despite my obnoxiously high standards partly fueled by dissatisfaction from second rate programming that flooded TV in those days and continues to do so these days. They don't make stuff like this anymore and they probably can't which is why ceasing the show after a single season was a very sad thing to do. Perhaps it was just packaged that way. The only time they made stuff that could vaguely compare was during the 80s golden era, but obviously no where as good as XGB. Unfortunately it does not come on any channel on TV these days, at least none that I know of.
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This show kicks ass
screamingengine24 July 2006
The Characters, although there are only a few of them, are totally amazing. Thats what made XGB really stand out. Being totally character driven although abruptly stopping the flow after some 40 or so episodes, made this a very strong series. They say more in single lines than any others do in entire conversations. The ghosts, though not always ethereal ghosts of the kind one expects, more like monsters, although considered ectoplasmic, are quite revolutionary as well. Sometimes they can actually scare and thats something I really did not expect. Not every episode has the action of the kind an 80s action fan would expect but with superb writing, stunning characters and provocative ghosts, this show is really something and quite possibly the best animated series ever produced.

PS jtalledo and faglavagna should lay off the crack pipe.
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The final frontier
Salve_Regina25 May 2006
If you are reading this, you already know how awesome EGB/XGB is, therefore no spoilers are necessary. From the creators of the superb "The Real Ghostbusters", comes the next generation in the franchise. However, in the case one saw the latter as a child in the 80s, one should let go of preconceived notions and approach this with a somewhat open mind, given that a lot of changes have been made. Intelligent people should have no problem doing that anyway. It is difficult to compare RGB and XGB as they are both different approaches. At the same time, the same charm and competence that made RGB is also present here.

Explanation? Consider that Masamune Shirow made both the hilarious and brilliant "Dominion : Tank Police" AS WELL as the ultra serious "Ghost in the Shell". If you're into gaming, consider 3DRealms who made the hilarious "Shadow Warrior" and are also currently producing the very serious, emotionally sensitive, "Prey". That same logic applies here : The people who made the comedy centric and somewhat childish "Real Ghostbusters" have also made the very serious, mature and emotionally driven, Extreme Ghostbusters. At the same time, the latter is not outright serious, at least as far as conversations are concerned. It has the same comical charm of RGB and even betters it several times.

Extreme Ghostbusters is not the overtly commercial production that the RGB was, and it does not rely on proved formulae and predictable events, straightforward story lines, and does not have 80s dance music slewed to fight sequences. The focus is on serious plots, emotion, dangerous threats and atmosphere, rather than handling Ghosts as more of a "pest" problem, with superior production at all levels. It is almost as if a Higher Power was dictating everything and the team was implementing it. (Someone did say that this was Godly stuff. I agree.) The new characters are superb. Kylie Griffin in particular, is awesome and amazing. Wow. Some make a rather strange claim that the new characters are modelled on the old ones but that would be a rather biased and twisted way of saying that the same competence used to design the old ones, was also used in the new series.

Unfortunately, aiming for a mature audience instead of children cost the series its commercial success. That, besides horrible timings and poor marketing and PR, did not help either. It did generate a number of video games though. It also not that this series was not without certain faults, but the good parts by far, overcome the few bad. One thing that was disconcerting was that some of the original characters who reappeared, have been "modernised" and lose their original look, not to say the new ones are'nt any good. However, one learns that this was a copyright issue! What an irony. Overall, the animation is state of the art, superb, and shows the capabilities of the industry. The realism is brilliant.

I was very very very very lucky and blessed to have caught this series on TV. Today, there are very few purchase options for those who did'nt : You can buy a few of the eps on Amazon but the tapes are EP speed! You can buy the whole series from a third party but the recording quality from TV is not that good, with a lot of aliasing and noise. You can get the DVD from ebay but the digital compression ruins a lot of the animation quality, besides which, conversion from A->D also included the problems from the former.

For the few narrow minded who are still dissatisfied, all I can say is that RGB was already stretched to 140 episodes and was getting stale after the first two seasons already. Quality and Quantity don't often intersect. Even so, I was very upset that Extreme Ghostbusters lasted only 1 season ie 40 eps. Whether one personally "enjoyed" RGB or XGB more, and the concepts behind both, is irrelevant. Plain truth is that Extreme Ghostbusters reflects a superior production and series. I have seen 100s of shows over the years, but this by far, beats all of them. No other show can even touch this. Its IS Ghostbusters, afterall! Best Regards
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Instant Classic
killthemoto2 August 2006
With Extreme Ghostbusters, the Ghostbusters franchise scores its fourth smash hit success and is quite likely the best venture of the entire franchise, although perhaps the most different. This series introduces superb new characters and some modernized weaponry (proton packs and traps). Its very sad that it lasted only for 1 season but that seems to be the idea from the beginning. During the 80s times, one had to watch 20-30 episodes of a cartoon (the good or top ones) simply in order to "digest" the concept and progress of the series. Occasionally, they'd thrown in a few good ideas, stories and action sequences and your brain is expected to put that all together over a large time frame with the bunch of viewed episodes before you can judge if what you saw or are seeing is actually good? This is not the case with XGB where each stand alone episode is a masterpiece and can be appreciated individually. The only nitpick I can think of is that like everything else, XGB is sometimes guilty of not living up to its own standards when it came to a few episodes.
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A great Ghostbusters cartoon!
Zelda14434 August 2006
OK, I haven't seen RGB, but I am a big fan of the movies, and based on the two theme songs at Youtube EGB looks a thousand times better! EGB was a great show because it each episode was different and interesting. Especially the episodes "Deadliners", "Ghost Apocalyptic Future", "Heart of Darkness" and "Casting the Runes". The characters were well done and relatable . And the show was surprisingly dark and violent for a children's show. They put a lot of effort into the design of the new weapons and ghost trap, to make them look stronger than the old weapons. There was also a lot of effort put into the designs of the ghosts and demons in this show. Especially, the Sphinx, the Deadliners monsters, The demon from "Casting the Runes", and the monster from "The Unseen" are good examples.

And this show was not an insult to Ghostbusters! It had a direct sequel to a RGB episode ("Grundelesque" which continues the RGB episode "The Grundel") Egon and Janine and Slimer were still there! And there was that two parter episode where they brought back The Real Ghostbusters! And the original cast! Heck, there was a statue of Peter Venkman in the fire house! And the theme song rocked! Deep down in your heart you know the theme song was the best theme song of any cartoon ever.

Overall, EGB is a great show that features everything you'd want in a show like this. Action, good stories, good characters and serious plots. It is no doubt one of the best cartoons of the 90's.
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Fantastic series and revived the franchise to an extent
nuclear_unclear3 August 2006
Its is very heartening to know that such an excellent classic series was the product of the Ghostbusters franchise. The popularity and quality of the original two movies by Ivan Reitman, followed by the cartoon titled the Real Ghostbusters, is best represented by the bell shaped curve. That is, they were initially good and then progressively got worse and finally died. In particular, the Real GBs cartoon started off somewhat poorly, got better through the first season and then got worse towards the second season and then as expected, produced terrible episodes in the following seasons and finally died.

To revive things, the XGB series takes a step in evolution and introduces a bunch of new elements and changes. Without doing a stupid move of trying to bring back the already dead elements of the RGBs, some new characters were introduced. As expected, the new characters are truly fantastic but also much more realistic.

Through some brilliant writing, animation and mood which all raised the bar for standards, the franchise could be revived to strength at one point. Even though it was much better than the Real GBs series, the XGB series unfortunately lasted only a single season and could thus only revive the franchise to a certain level and extent. Even so, it needs to be appreciated for what was done. Whether that itself was the point or whether it was intended as a stand alone series, there can be little doubt that the producers came out with the arguably best series ever seen in animation. It will thus always remain a classic.
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What it lacked
3jsnlv8 July 2002
Extreme Ghostbusters was indeed a great show, but I'm just sorry it only lasted 40 episodes and I taped every single one of 'em. What this series lacked was a full in-depth look at the individual team members. It also lacked the use of old villains from the original show. For Halloween, I wouldn't mind seeing Sam Hain again bustin' out of the containment unit again and all the Ghostbusters had to stop him. I also wouldn't've mind seeing a Bogeyman episode for this show, but I guess that's what fan fiction is for.
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Very cool show, unhappy that it was cancelled
kiyakid15 March 2000
Extreme Ghostbusters was (and still is, although no new shows have been made) my absolute FAVORITE cartoon of all time. the characters were like real people, the animation was superb, and the actors were the best (Jason Marsden{Garrett Miller} went on to Disney films), and it teaches that people who may be considered not right for this job, can do it. I say this because in this show, the Ghostbusters are a black man who is a serious scholar, a Spanish man who is considered a slacker, a man who uses a wheelchair, and a woman, all teens. I wish Extreme Ghostbusters was still on air, as I think it would be a really good show for children now to see the Ghostbusters. They don't know about the movies in the 1980's, nor the cartoons that were out. If it was continued, it would be a hit. Extreme Ghostbusters is one of the best animated series of 1997, and it would be really nice if there was a film made, whether animated or live action. I, like many others, am sorry it was cancelled, but I highly recommend the series to anyone who sees it on video in stores.
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Just to correct a few myths and technical details
Wing Cdr. Jacobson26 June 2005
In a nutshell, sophisticated viewing for sophisticated audiences.

Before the AF, I used to work in the presentation area. Our job was to scrutinize every pixel. I cannot possibly imagine how silly and downright dishonest some people are to complain about the animation here. XGB is by far, the best animated show in existence, without the use of CGI in any form. Its interesting to see how newer shows struggle with CGI+hand-drawn hybrids and still fail to match up to this one.

Compared to this, the RGB was just plain, rubbish, so poorly animated in fact, makes me want to vomit. This is true for just about every other show before it. This is like comparing the Unreal-3 game engine to Wolfenstein-3D. In XGB, there is brilliant use of lighting, coloring, shading and seamless environmental blending to make some episodes a near photographic experience. The effect of rain/precipitation in a certain episode "Bird of Prey" was truly unbelievable. Admittedly, some eps didn't have the same animation standards as others, but the overall effort was groundbreaking. The music was highly original and gripping. This is exactly what I had come to expect from a "Ghostbusters" show.

What is disappointing is the small clique of RGB-fanatics whose minds are still stuck with what they saw as children and cannot accept a brilliant extension to the original concept, thus bashing the GBs themselves in turn, for reasons that are purely fake or made-up. The truth is that those who complain about XGB or claim that RGB was better, haven't seen XGB at all. They just assume things or have downloaded grainy partial video clips off the net. Others are simply dishonest.

Some hypocrites complain about the use of "Extreme" in the name. What about the "real" in RGB? Does that sound any better or moderately mature? I suppose that would mean that there are a "fake" ghostbusters as the name implies to distance itself from? After reading a pile of nonsensical claims of RGB's superiority, I spent a good amount to purchase all the episodes on tape for further review. If your viewpoint is that of serious nature, no way does this even compare to XGB. Some supposedly highly rated episodes namely "The Boogieman cometh" and "No one comes to Lupusville" etc were just plain pointless, highly conventional and downright boring. Without wishing to point fingers, the only reason some hypocrites who wish to impose their outright biased and arrogant views on others here and on forums/message boards, are because they can't stand the fact that their old faves (Venkman, Stantz, Winston) were replaced. They can't see beyond that. Another reason is that RGB ties directly in with the two movies unlike XGB which is more distanced. If the GBs were'nt redone the way they were, it would have been quite boring as 80% of the latter eps of RGB showed quite clearly.

Let's just get something straight. XGB is serious. RGB was an out and out comedy. Apples and Oranges. Difficult to compare. However, only a completely biased omadawn would say that RGB was better. One certain reviewer even claims that that RGB's ghosts were scarier, proving that he hasn't even seen both because the RGB ghosts were purely of comical purpose. Not to put an excellent series down, but RGB was just plain outdated, pale, childish and tacky in comparison if you take a technical standpoint. The villains were never even intended to look serious in RGB (not that it is a bad thing). In XGB, they dared to take on areas others would'nt touch. Once again, this is exactly what one expect from "Ghostbusters" Yes, RGB had 120+ episodes but any serious viewer would note that after one season, the quality dropped exponentially and finally crashed. Only a handful of episodes from the first and second season were worth their salt. What you got were a few good episodes intermixed with loads of fillers for quantitative value.

Lastly, if anyone dares to mention the word "PC" in this context, he should be thrown out or banned from the respective site or forum. It is indeed an extreme offense to use that term. There are certain "questionable" elements involved that I am not going to spell out but at no point, were they unrealistic to the level that one can blame it for any (nonexistant) drop in quality. In fact, it brought in a fresh perspective into a stale genre.

I apologise for some harsh sentences but they were purely to contradict some misleading information posted for purposes beyond informing others with the honest truth. I for one am disgustingly ashamed that such people like Mr. Skavlos are also a part of the same following.
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Utterly brilliant. Nothing could nor can touch this. Best animated series ever.
fear_persona7 August 2006
Out of the 461 video tapes I've collected over the decades, spanning every popular or higher end but obscure cartoon, this series will alway be on top of the list, always ready for viewing for a reminder that some time in the past, people could still produce utterly brilliant shows such as this even if they were overshadowed by the commercial successes of lesser ones. XGB is easily the best animated series ever produced. The category is a misnomer as is the G rating which is completely misleading. This not a show for children by any means. It is violent, mature and too intelligent for any younger audience. The writing is incredible but that would be nothing without the brilliant characters it delivers. No where else has anyone attempted something like this. Honorable mentions of episodes,

True Face of a Monster - Best written episode of all time. Also, the second best animated.

Bird of Prey - Best animated episode of all time.

Deadliners - Most violent.

Killjoys - Most shocking.

Home is Where the Horror is - Worthy of a real horror movie. Most scary.
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Abso-bloody-lutely Fricking Awesome
fumingnitric9 August 2006
What a rarity indeed. You don't see developers taking so many unusual and questionable approaches towards making a show like this and yet coming out with such a winner and ground breaker. While the characters in the inferior RGB series of 1986 presented a good standard which was difficult to meet, the creators of XGB have not only met but also beaten those standards in every way. They have truly achieved new standards when it comes to characters, episode writing and animation. Weighing strengths against weaknesses, this is not just the best cartoon of the 1990s but also easily the best cartoon ever made. One of the best things about it is that it can be both utter fun and so extremely mature at the same time. Problem is that you have to be pretty fortunate to come across it today. I hope that they'll release the DVD soon. This one is a real treat for Ghostbuster fans too.
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Le RGB est mort Vive le XGB
whiptrol11 August 2006
Well, maybe not really since the old one could be considered a classic for children and great childhood memories but you really can't help admiring all the advances that this XGB series has made in all levels of production while it stands tall. The new characters are incredibly deep, likable and aren't one(and a half) dimensional like the ones in the RGB series. With Egon still there, he is raised to full standard from his old 1.5 dimensional self in RGB. The new animation style is superb, well, in most episodes at least. The new weapons are nice too and there are some new instruments to use in full blast. The events play out well and the writers have done a tremendous job except in one or two episodes where one just has to be satisfied with the quality of actual implementation. Without a shell of a doubt, this series is was a ground breaker by any standards. 10/10
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Great show! Want to see another season!
ingrid6002 November 2000
I believe this show makes the original movie die of shame. This is my favorite show, and I record it every morning so I can watch it when I come home. Extreme Ghostbusters was, I think, a brilliantly done cartoon with the entire ghost busting essentials; including the fully equipped Ecto1, new and improved psychokinetic energy (PKE) detectors, and of course, the modernized proton blasters!

The characters were brilliantly thought up also. Roland was the strait intellectual character who helps to tinker with the new ghost busting equipment. Kylie, often misinterpreted for and "ice queen" was always the one to figure out what the ghost of the episode was, and how to defeat it. Garrett was the hero or more popularly known as "the butt kicker" of the show, but he had a sensitive side too (remember Persephonetheous?). Eduardo, the slacker, was also a guy of action with a sensitive side (he had a major crush on Kylie but never did anything about it).

I'm sick of you people being so technical with your comments about how differently the writers have decided these characters should be. They obviously thought it would make the show more exiting with a wide variety of characters, and this way, it isn't labelling any one kind of people group. I think it was a very good idea to put in such a variety of characters we often make stereotypes about.

Again, great show and I hope we see another season!
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I like it!
Reshaela29 June 2000
Basically, I just have to say Extreme Ghostbusters is my favorite show! I like it so much that this morning I had a dream that Extreme Ghostbusters was on and then I woke up, turned on my TV and guess what it was on! If Extreme Ghostbusters was your answer then ding ding ding! YOU WIN!!! My favorite character is Eduardo! (I have a crush on him) All in all I give Extreme Ghostbuster 11 on a scale of 10!
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One of the best cartoons ever made
egbkid4 November 2000
This is one of the best cartoons ever made. Stereotypes are gone in this show. Gone, out the window! I mean, how often do you see a group who would normally be outcasts in a cartoon or television show? When I went to school learning Early Childhood, I was told cartoons that are best for young children contain certain elements. Some of these elements are showing different cultures working together; showing people with different abilities working together and doing different things that would normally be considered unable to be done; guys and girls doing the same job, with no difference between them, etc, and guess what? Extreme Ghostbusters conforms to this EXACTLY! Of course, it is a little violent, so I wouldn't let my three year old watch it. But I recommend Extreme Ghostbusters to ANY school age child, including all you teenagers out there (after all, I got hooked on it when I was seventeen). This show is what made me realize what I want to do with my life, animation, So ENJOY!!
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Memorable Charactors
ingrid60027 October 2000
Extreme Ghostbusters was a very well done series with action, adventure, and memorable characters: Eduardo, the main character was a slacker, but he could also be brave. Garrett, the hero was always the first to jump into action. Roland was the brains behind the operation, (he was the one to modernize the equipment). Kylie was the encouragement on the team, you could always count on her to free you from the demons. Too bad it was canceled, I would like to see a new season.
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A Superlative series
stratcori19 August 2006
I've followed the Ghostbusters from the very first day they started and kept myself on par with developments throughout the decades. The movies and the 1986 cartoon always had something special and were always charming. But it also fell short just a slight bit when it came to realism and emotion. These missing elements have successfully been implemented in this new series titled XGB, which takes the franchise to a whole new level and introduces a magnificent bunch of new characters who are truly amazing and unrivaled. As expected, the production levels are extremely high, with matchless animation and atmosphere. As I've mentioned, the characters are also very profound, likable and realistic.

Combine that with very scary and realistic villains and threats plus august writing and brilliant screenplay and you end up with something truly out of this world. I would call it the best animated series ever made if it weren't for other development houses who have done fantasy epics whose base content is slightly more difficult to come up with creatively. Even so, watching this is utter rapture.

It also very strange that this series is the Sony production house's only good one, with MiB perhaps being passable. The rest of the cartoons produced by Sony have been extremely bad, especially low in production values, in my humble opinion, despite their popularity. Ironically, this one, XGB in contrast, is world beating.
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A promise delivered.
triplecompact22 August 2006
Some time in the late nineties, the quality of TV shows were getting really bad and dropping fast. You really started to miss the days of DiC, Filmation or Ruby Spears animated shows which were all very good and popular. Non-animated shows were OK and getting slightly better but only saw a great improvement towards the 21st century. Then one of the channels made an announcement of a massive bunch of quality shows coming up and the XGB were among them. The short trailer looked extremely impressive in animation and sound. Most of the new cartoons introduced by that channel weren't that great but by God, XGB was mindblowing. I imagined that it would be continuation of sorts to the well known Ghostbusters movies and cartoon and it was, in a lot of ways. It seems that the guys who made it decided to go all out when it came to quality and that was especially evident with the brilliant characters that this show introduces, to replace the old ones who were also good for their time. Of course, what are Ghostbusters without Egon and he stayed, sometimes even helped out on missions. Janine also makes a comeback, although in a much more mature model. XGB betters all the previous efforts in the franchise and has done the latter proud. It is a truly fantastic show and achievement where the experience could not easily be described by mere words alone. Although this my favorite show of all time, I can say that there is no jaundiced claim if one were to say that this show is really that damn good and the best ever. They really don't make stuff like these anymore so go and collect it fast.
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Simply the best
Consultant25 November 2005
EGB is a continuation and the next generation of the very popular Ghostbusters from the 80s. EGB however, meets and exceeds our high standard of expectations through the delivery of a ground breaking and phenomenal show that leaves pretty much everything else in the bin.

EGB is easily the best incarnation of the Ghostbusters ever, although many changes have been made but for the better. For the very first time, the elements of full seriousness have been included. To call it incredible would be a gross understatement. Although only one season was made, it makes up for the lack of quantity through quality and superior animation.

One particular episode "True face of a monster" must be the best (20 min) episode in the history of animation.

My humble salute to the developers. All hail you!

11/10 Stars.
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Ahead of its time
audiologic_randix14 June 2006
Extreme Ghostbusters was and is one of the greatest shows of all time and that's already well known. Having lasted only one season may have put off a lot of people but we must realise that most good shows aren't always very long. Gorgeous and stunning Kylie Griffin is my favourite character of all time. A classic that needs to be archived. Waiting eagerly for the official DVD release! That should have been done a long time ago but then again, a customer base will take time to build. Unfortunately it is also one the last great series in Cartoon history. I doubt that the industry could pick up from there, having reached the peak. They've tried many attempts in other series to make a mature product but failed miserably and this series is unique. I hope that TV channels pick it up and play it repeatedly. 11 out of 10 stars.
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Groundbreaking classic and the only one from the 90s.
vansepe20 June 2006
Brilliant in every way and something to treasure deeply. Lovely characters, especially Kylie. However, I must react to two stupid comments made, comparing this unfavourably against the original. If you've never seen the original series as a prepubescent, you'll never understand why people even want to compare the older one with the newer one, which is ten generations ahead in every single way in terms of quality? However, you may be victim to a differing and skewed perspective if you did.

While the older series titled "The Real Ghostbusters" aka RGB derived a lot of success from the popularity of the GB-1 and 2 movies through offering continuity, this series distances itself from that original theme and introduces a brand new set of characters and new atmosphere. Older one was a fantasy but this ones closer to reality. The heart and engine running both series remains the same (for which I guess, we should credit Richard Raynis most) but the front ends are completely different. This may have invited harsh reactions from a few original fans but I wish to quote someone else who did a review on the Ghostbusters movie page,

------------------------------------------------------------ The premise of "Ghostbusters" is cool, too. We want to be transported into a world in which there are ghostbusters of this kind, so much so that we're prepared to overlook the fact that we're watching fumbled comedy rather than successful fantasy. ------------------------------------------------------------

He is of course, talking about the perspective of an 8 year old. The perspective of an 8 year old or any pre-pubescent blissfully enjoying the RGB series and the perspectives of the same grown man watching the same series cannot be the same. At the most, it can be blissful short term nostalgia. Add this disappointment to the fact that a superior series was derived through replacing the original favourites and making a lot of changes, one will start to feel cheated. So what would one do?

React sharply and choose to ignore reality? Yes. If a complete and utter fool willing to soak his mind in the darkness of ignorance. Or choose to embrace reality instead of your own skewed perspective? Any smart person would. The solution has been well formulated as XGB, the modernised and mature side of Ghostbusting which should appeal to any fan of the empire. XGB was never marketed as a fantasy comedy anyway, but a thriller bordering on horror themes. Yet they've maintained some of the RGB charm.

One must not let pre-pubescent emotional attachments with RGB rob one of common sense. In other words, XGB is the magnum opus and best effort in the Ghostbusting empire. RGB is not. It is old and it is a classic but its history and obsolete. While XGB is what the creators and need I mention, that these guys are veterans, have to be more proud of, the biggest flaw is the lack of depth, simply due to this series being restricted to just 40 episodes. As a 4 season show, the RGB offered much greater depth, even if replete with filler episodes. One must however not take into account such stuff like "Junior Ghostbusters" and "Slimer! and the RGB" which were just nonsense spin-offs.

PS The animation was brilliant and not like other Sony cartoons. Jtalledo is a lying idiot.
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