Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) Poster

Plot Keywords

chancellor general
jedi knight battle
rescue vision
childbirth dying in childbirth
star wars fight
birth death star
nightmare planet
lava lightsaber
interplanetary adoption robotic midwife
coughing robot political intrigue
romantic balcony scene character says i have a bad feeling about this
borderline personality disorder force choke
murder of a child buzz droid
wookiee jedi youngling
force lightning kicked in the chest
friends become enemies choking someone
grabbed by the throat character says i love you
character says i hate you twins separated at birth
birth of twins father misses the birth of his child
eight word title hyphen in title
colon in title roman numbered sequel
leitmotif symphonic music score
orchestral music score death in childbirth
end of trilogy kicked in the butt
end of war kung fu
kendo disarming someone
laser gun laser pistol
gunfight showdown
opening action scene sword duel
hand to hand combat combat
action hero hero
allegory of multiple historical events. husband wife relationship
subjective camera lifting a female into the air
character's point of view camera shot woman in labor
dream bolt upright after nightmare
elongated cry of no punctuation in title
roman numeral in title numbered sequel
mechanical hand lifting someone into the air
sole black character dies cliche triple child murder
dead children tragic event
cult figure cult film
fictional war expectant mother
expectant father alien race
marital abuse domestic violence
abusive husband man on fire
funeral procession torture
temptation suffering
soldier marriage
violence humiliation
disciple compassion
christ figure blood
galactic war no opening credits
melodrama wuxia fiction
messiah spaceship
space war space travel
space shuttle warp speed
human alien alien technology
alien space craft alien language
alien contact alien civilization
pregnant wife giving birth
space opera outer space
invented language doctor
disguise computer
volcano wilhelm scream
severed head monster as victim
personality change destiny
severed leg space battle
warrior race blockbuster
treason temple
telekinesis shootout
senate secret marriage
prosthetic limb premonition
murder loss of wife
ledge hangar
giant lizard funeral
farm epic
elevator elevator shaft
dream sequence desert
twin torso cut in half
sword and sorcery surgery
stabbed in chest stabbed in the back
shot to death shot in the chest
shot in the back shame
severed hand severed arm
robot vs. robot remorse
person on fire mass murder
loss of friend hatred
falling from height exploding ship
evil robot electrocution
dismemberment disfigured face
decapitation crushed to death
burned alive adoption
hologram tragic villain
alien returning character killed off
queen emperor
spacecraft senator
robot pregnancy
mentor disfigurement
armor tragedy
third part chosen one
warrior sword fight
good versus evil betrayal
saga sequel
part computer animation moral corruption
prequel downfall
martial arts number in title

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