Star Wars: Episode II - The Attack of the Clones (2002) Poster

Plot Keywords

assassination attempt clone
army senator
jedi knight planet
bounty hunter assassin
star wars chase
investigation senate
tragedy jedi youngling
jedi mind trick force lightning
stepfather stepbrother
revenge killing woman in danger
sense of danger falling from height
jumping from height jumping through a window
hyphen in title colon in title
eight word title heavy rain
rain fight leitmotif
symphonic music score orchestral music score
victory war violence
laser cannon cannon
escape war against machines
fistfight brawl
fighting bar fight
bar brawl car chase
gunfight gun battle
shootout disarming someone
showdown hand to hand combat
love interest kiss
laser pistol laser gun
duel dual wield
ambush space western
battlefield combat
kendo mixed martial arts
sword sword duel
tough guy tough girl
two man army action hero
hero allegory of multiple historical events.
subjective camera character's point of view camera shot
torture second part
mistaking reality for dream closing eyes of dead person
murdered before giving protagonist information punctuation in title
roman numbered sequel roman numeral in title
numbered sequel changeling
mechanical hand character feels around for missing head
ends with wedding cult figure
fictional war alien race
diner young love
secret marriage galactic war
no opening credits teenage boy
loss of mother wuxia fiction
messiah fight
warp speed spaceport
shapeshifting invented language
fate of the universe escape pod
disguise death star
creature recapitation
outer space space travel
hologram epic
cult film battle
android wilhelm scream
explosion death ray
cave wedding ceremony
female pilot warrior
responsibility honor
space battle seduction
mass murder infatuation
prequel to cult film hate
one armed man blockbuster
child flying spacecraft kidnapping
part computer animation returning character killed off
revenge prequel
future robot
bodyguard surprise attack
lightsaber mother son relationship
sword fight childhood sweetheart
origin of hero teenage rebellion
chosen one spacecraft
martial arts desert planet
good becoming evil good versus evil
spirituality father figure
sequel foreshadow
teacher student relationship prophecy
imax version massacre
eaten alive severed arm
political manipulation decapitation
nightmare space opera
asteroid giant monster
teenage romance telekinesis
wedding samurai
forbidden love conspiracy
arena levitation
teenage love death of mother
number in title

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