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Reviews & Ratings for
"Maury" More at IMDbPro »"The Maury Povich Show" (original title)

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27 out of 31 people found the following review useful:

Strange, even for a talk show

Author: Wizard-8 from Victoria, BC
4 February 2003

"The Maury Povich Show" can be considered quite odd, even for a talk show. While it isn't as down-and-out sleazy and exploitive as many other talk shows, it is by no means wholesome entertainment. For example have B&W reenactments (ooh, arty!) of people naked and/or having sex that can't be there for any other reason than to titilate, since the guests and/or Maury could EASILY just SAY what happened with just a few words!

Of course, the topics that are chosen for the show can be considered exploitation. Even when it's about a real and serious problem (overweight babies), it comes off as exploitive. For example, whenever they do overweight toddlers, they are almost always brought into the show just in a diaper to emphasize their weight. The "I have a secret" episodes (which almost all the guests are there to confess to a loved one they cheated on him/her), even though they give guests a way to reveal their secret, still get you irked that Maury is showing, in front of millions, hearts being ripped apart.

And then, of course, we have the paternity tests. OVER AND OVER AND OVER! It seems like every other episode focuses on paternity tests! As others have pointed out, there seems to be an anti-male vibe to these particular episodes (as well as some other non-paternity episodes), with the men made to look like scum whether they are the fathers or not. In fairness, some men right from the start come off as decent (and the audience does show their approval to them), and the men who insult the women certainly aren't being forced to do so. Still, you sense a lot of bias. For one thing, during the lie detector shows, how come it's ALWAYS the MAN who is accused of cheating and is being tested - why doesn't Maury ever do any shows when it's the WOMAN who is being accused of cheating by the man?

What really makes the show odd, however, is the way Maury reacts to what he covers. We see him comforting upset guests, he offers various kinds of help to his guests, he tells rude guests they can't act that way, and he regards just about everything with utter seriousness. The way he acts is indeed warm and likable, but you cannot tell if Maury REALLY cares for his audience or not (unlikely, give this IS a talk show!) In fact, I would say that this attitude of Maury's - phony or not - is probably one of the big reasons for its success and long run.

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17 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

The Show is Like a Train Wreck

Author: nate505 from Colorado, United States
8 December 2006

whenever it is on and I'm not working, I'm compelled to watch it for a half hour or so, only to be revolted at myself for watching this trash.

Like all the other reviews have said, there are basically three types of shows. The first is the show that's on every other episode, the one that tries to find out who is the father of the poor kid fathered by some nasty whore. It always starts out the same, where the woman is angry that the father would deny he's the kid's father. The father will then call her every nasty name in the book on a minute video or so, to get the crowd against him. It really feels scripted, to be quite honest. The guy will come out, get booed, and the two will exchange words that you can't hear because have of them are beeped out. Povich will give the results, and half the time the guy is the father, and half the time he isn't. If he is, the woman will berate him for a minute and he will make some half hearted comment about how he will be a real father, when you know this poor kid will grow up to be a criminal or a stripper, never really given a good chance in life. If he's not the father, he will do a little dance, berate the woman for a minute who has gone backstage crying, while Povich will make a vain attempt to console her. The subset of this show is whores who have cheated on their boyfriend of the week, and want to take a test to make sure the child they had together is really his. Another subset of this show is 'cheating' boyfriends, which usually involves a 'sexy decoy' (read: some whore Maury paid off to flirt with the guy) flirting with a guy caught on camera, much to the girlfriend's chagrin. The 'sexy decoy' whore will come out and berate the guy, probably for violating her high moral standards or something. The girlfriend will then leave the guy, only probably to go back to him when she can't make her trailer home payment or when the project she lives in kicks her out of her house.

The second show is sending kids to boot camps. South Park make a perfect parody of it already. The most amusing part of this is seeing this angry black guy, Dee West, come out and scream for five minutes or so. The kids go to boot camp or juvi or whatever, and are all magically reformed and all go to thank the glorious Povich for his sage wisdom. A subset of this show is the abusive husbands who also get yelled at by West or whoever and are sent to jail and amend their ways, all nicely in an hour.

The third show is kind of a grab bag, usually either animals, overweight babies (which is the one that truly disgusts me), people afraid of condiments, guessing whether a tranny is a man or a woman, and tall fat people who are dating short skinny people, because that's just funny.

I'll confess, maybe I watch this show to make my pathetic self feel better compared to the wastes of humanity that are on this show. That being said, I wonder how much of the show is scripted because it all sounds the same. Still, it brings out the worst stereotypes of all their guests. Then again, it brings them out in blacks, whites, and latinos, so I guess Povich is an equal opportunity basher. No Asians though, I wonder if Connie put the nix on that.

Povich himself is absolute slime. Say what you want about Jerry Springer, but that guy knows and admits he is scum. Povich portrays the attitude like he's actually doing humanity some sort of service, which is bizarre. That being said, I'm watching the show right now and listening to that Dee West guy berate a bunch of husbands who proudly proclaim they beat up their low self esteem wives, so I can't say the show is horrible. Still, like I said before, I watch it partially due to the train wreck factor, and partially due to the fact that I feel better about myself after watching it.

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15 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

The Good and the Bad of Television

Author: lambiepie-2 from Los Angeles, CA
21 August 2006

I was a big fan of Maury Povich when he hosted "A Current Affair" back in the late 80's. "A Current Affair" was tabloids TV at its best and Maury was the right guy to host. He kept your interest with these far out, non-six/eleven o'clock reported news stories. Maury as it's host, kicked butt.

So when he got a chance to host his own show, it seemed very promising. Over the years of the Maury show, 'promising' went the route of 'shocking-sensationalism'. That became too sad. In the back of my mind, I've always hoped that Maury Povich would have gone to CNN by the mid 90's and had the chance to shape himself into an anchor that would show the "real" side of news. Instead, he has shaped himself into a perpetrator of stereotypes.

Some viewers actually think Maury's show "helps" people. It only helps place folks deeper into stereotypical behaviors for the world to point at and see/think "I knew it!". It's 2006, and it's a sad commentary on the world.

The Maury Show has gotten into a bind. You know, like some famous old musicians who've been around longer than they should be -- and they try to do something new and the mass buying audience doesn't accept it -- so they get stuck doing the same thing over and over instead of just quitting. Well, this is the same thing that is going on with this show.

Maury has these shows:

1.) Is it a man or is it a woman audience contest show 2.) Disrespectful children to their parents show (boot camp impending!) 3.) Teenage Girls who want babies show 4). Hidden video show 5.) Teens on drugs show 6.) Who's the Daddy Show

The most popular is the "Who's the Daddy Show". At this point, I find that Maury and his producers are the most manipulative folks on this planet with that show. Sure, it provides great entertainment for viewers who want to see women degrade themselves by appearing on the Maury Show numerous times to find the one daddy for their child -- but I've noticed something about all of his shows over the years...

Take a look at whom they choose to place on the shows. It's all stereotypical - no matter how difficult, heart wrenching or ... positive ... the outcome is you see this:

1.) The angry, horrid-slang speaking African American 2.) The trailer trash (or as close to it as they can get) 3.) The fiery Hispanics (usually with tattoos or in gangs)

While this may be harmless entertainment for some, this has been overall perpetrating stereotypes. There is one show he (presumably to show a "softer side") does that I've purposely did not list above and this is what made me think about what this show is doing. This show Maury does is called:

"The Most Talented Kids Show"

Who appears? The stereotypical singing and dancing African American child, yes. The amazing trailer trash child, yes. But only in this show, will you see...the most talented violin or piano playing Asian. Now, that's interesting to think about.

Maury Povich and his producers are seeking the most outrageous, volatile people to keep the show on air and they only have fallen into the groups above, under the themes above. That's tabloid showbiz. But understand that is also viewer manipulation and part of television's contribution to the decline of western civilization. The Jerry Springer Show makes no bones about what they are and whom they appeal to. Maury Povich tries to categorize themselves as "better" but they aren't.

If you watch and are entertained by this, understand it IS only entertainment at the expense of promoting stereotypes - and the Maury Show does NOTHING to counteract that. It's all very one-sided. If you are looking for a program that may give you a view on other's lives...this is the program that shows the disturbing parts of those lives, a small percentage, and are not indicative of these folks as a whole.

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15 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Disgusting Show Exploiting Disgusting People!!!

Author: amwcsu from United States
16 December 2005

The first couple of times, I would call this horrible excuse for televised entertainment a guilty pleasure, while seeing people being incredibly stupid. Speaking of stupidity, these are without a doubt....MORONS!

Why, you ask? Simply because they come on national f*%king television to reveal to the nation or 42% of it, meaning people with a double digit I.Q.'s that you're a whore, a drunken wife beater, or a immature loser or whatever the case maybe.

Every time I turn to this "Circus From Hell!" there's always single mother(who's under 30 years of age) with like 9 kids and she doesn't have a goddamn clue to who's the father of any of them. Okay! Haven't these inbred, trailer park, knuckle-dragging dicks or these ghetto-ass bozos ever heard of friggin' contraceptives? It's like these people never socially evolved with rest of the human race!

The show becomes predictable every time Maury "the ringmaster"Povich reads the DNA tests aloud and it's not to the mother's liking, she runs off-stage wailing something like: "Oh Lawd!" and collapses into a heap and convulses like a damn seizure victim. While the so-called boyfriend jumps for joy like a clown. "Please! You knew what would happen if you screwed more people than the IRS!"

Speaking of whores, this the same thing goes with those reckless teen brats they scuttle onto the show. Why are their mothers cowering behind their tears, whimpering and whining like some 4-year-old? It's called "parenting"! You suppose to discipline your children not let them run amok dressing(or in this case un-dressing) like Paris Hilton! "Where the hell are their fathers in all this mess?" What made them flip like this? They all say the same selfish, whiny, and utterly mindless ranting nonsense: "My mother's bitch, my mom's slut, my mom's a whore" and so on and so on. Why? Because she won't let you buy the new 50-Cent CD, buy a 27-inch plasma screen TV, or screw some scumbag with a mullet in his Camaro Z28 or some brotha' in an Escalade. "Stop me if I'm wrong: but if your future plans only include partying, sex, and annoying the locals at 3 a.m. while in a intoxicated stupor; aren't you the slut/bitch/whore and not your mother. What makes matters worse, some of these mutants want a child! It's like any of these bastards(parents or children) never heard of parental guidance, common sense,or the real world. But what really pisses me off is the fact that Maury displays the handicapped like they're attractions in a circus side show. Why? because they don't have arms and/or legs, or maybe even a face. These are human beings that don't deserve this kind of exploitation. Parading them around to an audience of complete idiots pretending to be sympathetic is worse than any bullying.

But in my opinion, this show has an agenda up it's sleeve.

Agenda #1: If you have a rare deformity and/or disease you are an attraction for all to see. "When in reality you only get stares and a few disses, eventually people do get used to it."

Agenda #2: single mothers are scum and/or the mothers of scum. Really? To boost ratings(along with the news), it jumps onto the fear bandwagon pumping these retarded lumps of lard full of shock and awe. "By showing ten year old videos of cars accidents, explosions, and robberies by young black men and scruffy white-trash that have been aired on FOX hundreds of times before as if they are happening now!

Agenda #3: Be afraid of going outside, cars,teenagers, and black people. This is a sad, pathetic, and tasteless excuse for a television show! At least Jerry Springer doesn't exploit people with deformities. "This should be the worst television show in history!"

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14 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

a little VARIETY wouldn't hurt...

Author: Michael A. Martinez ( from Los Angeles, CA
28 February 2002

If it wasn't for the fact that I'm way too lazy to change the channel when I leave the TV on FOX late at night while doing homework, I'd probably have never been exposed to this awful dreck. This show never once strays from one of three premises: Paternity Tests, Rebellious Teens Sent to Boot Camp, and Men Who Beat Their Wives. While this is a little more varied than the "Yet Another Potentially Explosive Love Triangle" theme of every Springer show, this show is a lot less fun because it actually takes itself seriously. Maury tries really hard to look like a sensitive host who cares about his guests, but he's extremely sneaky and manipulative as are his producers/editors who set every scene up to automatically put the blame on one individual and make a saint out of the other one. What a joke!

I've had friends that would appear on these shows and it's almost insane how much of the content is either faked by the individual or invented by the producers. It's impossible to take this sort of show seriously, yet it really tries to go for the gut punch with its seedy manipulation shady and attempts at sentimentality. It makes you wonder what audience they were looking for.

I don't see how they get guests, much less audiences to appear on this show. The one thing I can think that would be more embarrassing than appearing as a guest on this show, would be to have someone recognize you sitting in the audience of booing, easily manipulated morons. If you're a guy and you spontaneously get a free ticket in the mail one day to New York to appear on this show, either rip it up or expect to be completely humiliated for several minutes on nationally syndicated TV.

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9 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Maury is like a bizarre tornado of chaos and destruction

Author: Jayson Orleans-Perez from Jersey
1 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show was decent back in the '90's (circa 1993-1998) I'll give the show that much credit. It began with gifted children and adults of all race, religion, and creed beating out the odds and gaining some substantial ground with their lives. But then about 2001 or 2002 something changed Maury Povich probably saw his ratings drop to (I'm guessing) Jerry Springer (as around that time, Springer would have the camera men go to people's houses, I wonder why they stopped that?) as Rikki Lake and Jenny Jones had been long gone, it only left those two super powers in the talk show industry (at the time). Instead of Maury hanging it up and retiring, Maury became like a bizarre tornado of chaos and destruction. The show was almost playing second fiddle to Jerry Springer.

Now, if you're reading this then obviously you know something about The Maury Povich Show. It attempts to invade your home in three forms. The first, and most popular form, is the paternity test/ baby daddy drama type episodes. These reared their ugly head slowly at first, coming on the show once a week. Then it turned into two-part episodes. And finally, it turned into an all week affair, as if that's the show's storyline. It starts with a woman on the stage with Maury and telling him that (add ridiculous name) is her baby daddy cause (add ridiculous name) looks just like (add ridiculous name). She then rants and raves until Maury is certain that the crowd is strictly behind her before he lets them hear what the man has to say on a one minute video clip. The man calls her enough nasty names for the crowd to condemn him as an awful man and then Maury brings him out. He comes out with a new skank girlfriend and they both yell at the woman, meanwhile Jerry...oops..I meant Maury is quietly telling them to stop. This goes on for about ten minutes before he practically screams that the results are in. Now, this goes two ways: If the man is the father then the woman jumps up and begins to berate him and the crowd begins cheering and the male makes some bullshit comment about how he's gonna be a great father. The other way, is more painful, however. If the man is NOT the father, then the man gets up and begins dancing, while the woman has tears in her eyes and sprints backstage with Maury, the man, and the skank girlfriend close on her heels. She collapses on the 'sobbing couch' backstage while Maury promises to find her baby daddy and the man and the new skank girlfriend are teaming up to yell and scream at her. This happens every single episode, I'm shocked it ain't scripted.

The second tier of episodes has to do with unruly little teen girls who want to either get back at their mothers by sleeping with everybody in the world or want to have a baby. Their mothers (where are their fathers, by the way?) cry and plead for Maury to do something and gets this big angry black guy to come out and yell at the young girls and round them all up to juvi or a semi-kayfabe boot camp. Then as soon as the bad teens come out of boot camp or juvi, they are all reformed. All conveniently within the hour.

The third and final tier of episodes are for miracle survivals, overweight babies (ugh), guess that tranny, or tall lanky man with short stubby woman. They rarely show show these episodes for some odd reason.

This is the worst show on television today. Not only does it bring out the worse in all races (blacks, whites, my fellow Hispanics) but Maury seems to be having a good time exploiting these people. Now, Jerry Springer isn't the most noble person in the world, but he knows and admits that he's scum and frankly I believe his show is a bit more appealing to watch, at least you get the anticipation and question if today's episode could get crazier than yesterdays. With Maury, every episode is the exact same, the exact same words exchanged, the same stereotypes day in and day out. This show has to be scripted because these people say the exact things no matter what. And if it is scripted, then Maury needs to fire that writing team of 3rd graders and hire the 7th graders.

Maury is scum!

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Relentless Male Bashing. A Glorified Jerry Springer Wannabe

Author: CrassActionHero from United States
19 June 2007

"The Maury Povich Show" (1991)

Review: I'm not too much into TV reviews, but this one I will.

Let me make a point. I hate this show. It's the same thing every time. It's either about, Boot camp for brats, He's Cheating, and Who's the dad. One thing for sure is that this show is mostly driven to hate men. Like the who's the daddy episodes are making the women seem like the innocent victims and the men are pure evil at least 95% of the time. First off, you are at fault for not using birth control and did not consent to safe sex. Second, you are a whore if you do not know who the father is, by means who have to point a finger and administer a paternity test to find out. Just how many guys did you sleep with? Unprotected nonetheless. Stupidity. The dads are also idiots too for not paying 3 dollars to purchase condoms to make sure that a pregnancy does not happen. As far as I'm concerned, both of em got themselves into this situation themselves. The only "victim" here is the child.

This show is based too much on trying to be a glorified Jerry Springer wannabe instead of dealing with issues that need to be taken care of. From the loud crowd to the usual guest taunting the crowd to the unoriginal ideas, Maury Povich is trash TV.

The Last Word: Unoriginal and mean-spirited. At least Jerry Springer does not take themselves seriously. Maury Povich does. Total garbage.

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9 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

dna tests, boot is all SO BORING NOW!

Author: (Starlet_International) from Queensland, Australia
27 January 2004

I have been watching Maury Povich on Australian PAY TV since 1997. Everyday Maury would have different subjects everyday, every week. lately all his episodes are paternity tests, kids with attitude/drug/sex problems and stupid men with violence problems. It is boring. I don't even watch maury anymore, unless the topic is NOT about paternity tests, teenage girls/boys with problems, husbands/boyfriends with violent behaviour.

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10 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

This show makes me very sad

Author: toddrandall68 from United States
7 February 2006

Every time I have seen this show it has something to do with paternity tests. Sometimes the outcomes are so heartbreaking and crushing. It never is about anything other than humiliation of the "guests." The audience shouts for more and laughs and mocks the misfortune of others. For instance, I saw a man humiliated by his wife and found out that it was possible that the baby he knows as his own may not be his. sometimes the baby is as old as 4! It is the most disgusting crap I have ever seen. I am surprised that Maury and the rest of the crew hasn't moved on to more hideous episodes such as "DNA tests on aborted fetuses," and "rapists tell all," or "lets humiliate the victim of rape" and "which family member is the molester, lie detector tests show?" This show hurts me to watch, and whether it is real or contrived, it is the most despicable, degrading, and morally reprehensible show I have seen on T.V.

Update: I think I am wrong about this creep being an alumnus of Harvard. I did see his show again today and I am convinced this show is made up. A woman came on and "told all" to her husband about cheating on him with his cousin. Well, it turned out neither was the father. Sounds like a low-rent conspiracy to me. Aren't there some racketeering laws regarding this sort of thing?

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13 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

Talk Sludge

Author: pooh-24 from Los Angeles
4 July 2000

A previous poster couldn't have said it better when he said "The Maury Povich Show" now just called "Maury" these days is an insult to men everywhere.If you are a man expect to be dragged out as some deadbeat dad,some suspected teen father forced to take a paternity test,some controlling husband or boyfriend,or some guy who hasn't seen some girl who looked like nerd in her school days but now must show off her wares to this guy who "called me names and taunted me at school" in one of these"you called me a nerd but look at me now" segments.It is all too much really with Povich with his raspy New Yorker voice smiling at this mess he started and hoisted upon the viewing audience. It is a doublestandard when these sad sack women start crying their eyes out to Maury about their problems and then when the cause of their problems comes out,a man of course,he is booed relentlessly by the studio meat puppets Povich has gathered to watch his travesty unfold. Men ,themselves,aren't the only targets of Povich's bull sessions,kids are too.A mother will cry that her kid is a bully,or dresses like a whore,or beat her up and now we have a show that is called"My Violent Teen Needs Boot Camp!"The kids are huddled off to these camps and are humiliated and scared into civility where when they come back on the next day they have flowers and kisses for their talk show oppressor Maury. Better to send these parents off to boot camp since they can't raise their kids properly than have them used by creeps like Povich.It is sad that television talk shows,a long time ago,used to be conversations about topics of the day concerning the general public.Now they are public embrassments of innocent men and others at the hands of Povich.The fact Maury Povich can run his game with a national TV audience watching no less,tells me what sad shape the country is in right now.

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