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The Drama Continues... Scandalous Maury Guests Return!

Angel and Peanut return to the show because she thinks he has a guilty conscience for all of his transgression in their marriage; teen parents Tyler and Skylen face each other again; an update on abusive, sexually ...

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5 Babies Denied... We'll Prove You're the Father!

Jessica says she fell in love with her co-worker, Adrian. But, as their relationship began to heat up, Adrian revealed that he had to leave Ohio and head back home to Oregon. Several days later, Jessica discovered she ...

Season 20

18 Sep. 2017
My Sister Cheated with 3 Men... That's Not Your Baby!
Shantae's brother tells her ex that he isn't the father of her baby, causing him to deny the child; a mutual friend tells Aaron that his baby's mama cheated; Suvina and Lavonte return in hope of getting to the bottom of a paternity enigma.
19 Sep. 2017
I Have a Secret... I've Been Dating You Both for a Year!
Patricia suspects that her boyfriend in New York has been cheating on her with other women; after having four children in seven years, Katie suspects that her husband has been leading a secret double life.
20 Sep. 2017
4 Women... 7 Babies Tested... Which Man Is the Father?
Fantasia left her boyfriend for another woman, but wants him to be a father to her twin girls; Ben does not believe that he is his lying and cheating ex's children's dad; Tim wants to know whether he is the father of Kim's miracle baby.
21 Sep. 2017
Mom... The Test Will Prove Your Husband Is a Cheater!
Ahmyri wants her new stepfather to take a lie-detector test because she thinks he is scamming her mother; Chastity found her brand-new husband doing something he shouldn't; Pamela has discovered evidence that her knight-in-shining-armor may not be.
22 Sep. 2017
I Am a YouTube Celebrity... but Not Your Baby's Father!
Self-purported Internet sensation Jay insists that his ex-girlfriend and potential baby-mama is only after his fame; PJ takes tests to find out if he is the father of his wife's children and his ex's son.
25 Sep. 2017
Who Is My Baby's Dad... My Ex or the One-Night Stand?
Adult Sondra wants to know if Curtis is really her father; Brenda swears that her brother is not the father of his fiancée's child;
26 Sep. 2017
I Recorded My Fiancee Cheating... Who Fathered Her Baby?
Vaile thinks her boyfriend is trying to seduce other women; Ashley's fiancé insists that he is not the father of her child, because he is certain that she cheated on him;
27 Sep. 2017
The DNA Tests Will Prove You Have 14 Children!
Terrence and his mother deny all four of his ex's children; family members claim that Chelsea's boyfriend is not her son's father; two women, who don't get along, insist that Steven is father to both of their children.
28 Sep. 2017
Did the Man I Love Try to Sleep with My Sister?
Angela's new husband disappears in the middle of the night; Amber and her husband, Dustin, return to the show because she wants him to know that she hasn't cheated on him and that he is her son's father; Lakisha says her sister's man made a pass at her.
29 Sep. 2017
Your Identical Twin Told Me You Cheated... Is That My Baby?
Stefon is disgusted with his deadbeat dad brother and steps up to be a father figure to his niece; Adam's mother wants to prove he is Ashley's child's father; Tabitha says that her twin sister is promiscuous and that another man fathered her baby.
2 Oct. 2017
DNA Will Prove I Have 2 Babies with Your Husband!
Jordan says Shay kicked him out of the house, brought other men to the house, then popped up pregnant; Chris is sure Diamond's child is not his, because he was away when the baby was conceived; after a breakup, King says he isn't Diana's baby daddy.
3 Oct. 2017
Is My Fiance Having an Affair with My Sister-in-Law? Test Them
Charity wants to find out if her childhood love, Carlos, is cheating on her; Ashley believes that Robert attempted to hook up with anywhere between 50 and 100 women; Brittany's sisters have differing opinions on her boyfriend, Shelton.
4 Oct. 2017
A Paternity Test Will Prove My Sister's Ex Got Me Pregnant!
When Tim learns Brittany expects to have twins, he accuses her of cheating with a friend, who is a twin; Michael denies being Damika's father, claiming her hair texture doesn't match his other 10 children's; DNA test results may tear sisters apart.
5 Oct. 2017
Your Husband Is My Boyfriend... The Lie Detector Test Will Prove It!
Reshonda claims to have been in a relationship with a married man for the past five years, but he denies it; Cheree says Brian packs up and leaves for days on end and has been caught messaging other women.
6 Oct. 2017
The Other 300 Women Didn't Get Pregnant... That's Not My Baby!
Braylon wants to be Alexis' baby's dad; Marybel hopes her son is the father of his former housemate's child; at 42 years of age, Ruthanne becomes shocked to hear that her fiancé got her pregnant, but he denies being able to father children.
9 Oct. 2017
I Had Your Husband's Baby... The DNA Test Will Prove It!
Monique wants to prove Corey is the father of her 11-month-old daughter; Trevor claims he's not the father of Winnie's daughter; Sierra says he's the father of Robert and Stephanie's daughter.
10 Oct. 2017
Bullying Will Not Stop Me From Becoming a Star
People, who were bullied, step into the spotlight and allow people to judge them by their talents and not their looks.
11 Oct. 2017
Did You Cheat with My Sister and My Niece?
Michelle fears her boyfriend, Jerrell, is cheating with two people who are close to her; Amanda fears her husband, Fabian, is cheating on her.
12 Oct. 2017
DNA Test These Men... One of Them Is My Baby's Dad
Ebony says Wallace is the father of her daughter; Kristen says Derrick is the father of her two kids;
13 Oct. 2017
Five Adult Children Denied... Which Men Are the Fathers?
Ashley says, when she was a teenager, she found out the people she thought were her parents were actually her aunt and uncle; Latisha says a man reached out to her, through Facebook, claiming to be her father; Billie Jo claims Frank is her father.
16 Oct. 2017
After My Fiance Had a Secret Child... Is He Still Cheating?
Michelle's best friend tells her that her fiancé is not being faithful; McKayla's fiancé has lewd photos of women on his phone; Trinity and Kiara fear that their partners are cheating.
17 Oct. 2017
I Don't Make Boys... I Can't Be Your Son's Father!
Daysha told her mother's husband that her baby sibling is not his; CJ thinks his fiancée's baby is her male roommate's; Michael says he cannot be Marissa's son's father because he's in the business of creating girls.
26 Oct. 2017
Is My Best Friend the Father of My Girlfriend's Baby
Keaira is determined to prove to her lifelong best friend that he is her daughter's father; Jill is fed up with being a single mom of a 2-year-old with medical issues and wants Travis to step up; Bella insists Jerald couldn't be her son's father.
27 Oct. 2017
I Left My Husband for a Younger Man... Is He Now Cheating?
With many rumors circulating, Kevin's fiancée wants him to take a lie-detector test to prove he is faithful; Josh returns to the show to take a polygraph test; Marissa gave up a lot to be with Brandon, but it may prove to have been a mistake.
30 Oct. 2017
Your Baby Looks More Like My Cousin... Who's the Dad?
Crystal wants to prove to her ex that she did not sleep with his cousin; Travis says Takiya is trying to pin one of her children on him, and not for the first time.
31 Oct. 2017
What Happened After Those Scary Results? Maury Guest Updates!
Updates on relationships that took a scary turn; DNA surprises and stories of infidelity that landed guests in hot water.
1 Nov. 2017
I Had a Baby with Your Husband... The DNA Test Will Prove It!
Kaseem thinks he is unable to father children, so his fiancée's child cannot be his; Tonda says her son is not a baby girl's father, because she walked in on the baby's mother in bed with someone else.
2 Nov. 2017
Did My Own Twin Daughters Sleep with My Ex-Husband?
Shalanda has found condoms in her boyfriend's car and has seen him sneaking off to take phone calls; Nicolle discovered a hotel receipt for her boyfriend and another woman; Linda thinks her young-adult daughters slept with their stepfather.
3 Nov. 2017
DNA Will Prove I Had a Baby with Your Uncle!
Teen Mya says her best friend is her baby's father, but he and his mom say she is just trying to pin the child on him; Chad denies being the father of his girlfriend's son, saying he looks like a white man's baby.
6 Nov. 2017
I'm Back for the 11th Time... DNA Will Prove You're the Father Again
An old roommate tells James that Chelsea's baby belongs to her ex; Kally suspects that Rena revenge-cheated with multiple men and that her daughter is his cousin's; Walter claims he can produce only boys, so Telena's daughter is not his.
7 Nov. 2017
The Test Will Tell... Is My Boyfriend Cheating with a Man?
After Tabitha learns that her children's father cheated on her, he cannot go anywhere without her thinking the worst; Tamisha gets back together with her ex-husband, but fears it may be a mistake; Kristen suspects that her baby-daddy is a cheater.
8 Nov. 2017
You Took My Daughter's Virginity... Stop Denying Her Kids!
Zane denies paternity because he has seen his ex's child's name tattooed on another man's chest; Peanut rejects his devoted wife's children; many people question the paternity of Crystal's two daughters.
9 Nov. 2017
Help... My Wild Teen Daughter Bullies Our Family!
Teens meet some shocking victims of bullying and go face-to-face with the consequences of their actions; actor Quinton Aaron and psychotherapist Susan Lambert try to get out-of-control teen girls to mend their ways.
10 Nov. 2017
You Wanted a Threesome... I'll Prove Your Husband Got Me Pregnant!
Zahier says a baby's sonogram picture didn't look like him, and the dates don't add up; Matt has a mountain of evidence that his fiancée is a serial cheater; Freddy has seen photos and video of another man with Quinnsonovala in the delivery room.
13 Nov. 2017
Is My Brother Helping My Husband Cheat? Test Them Both
Janay and Tanasia think Devante and Maurice are accomplices in cheating; Ashley's friend sent her a photo she thinks is of Ashley's fiancé in a car with another woman.
14 Nov. 2017
You Cheated with 14 Different Men... That's Not My Son!
Jasmine says Charles is her only love, but he thinks her daughters were fathered by other men; Patrice's pregnancy came as a shock, and Craig denies being the father; Jason thinks Ashley's son looks like her ex.
15 Nov. 2017
Test Me... I'll Prove I'm Not Sleeping with Your Husband!
A woman wonders if her husband has been unfaithful; a woman suspects her boyfriend has cheated on her multiple times; a woman wants an explanation for text messages, from other women, on her husband's phone.
16 Nov. 2017
Who Fathered My Wife's 3 Kids?
Mario claims Jade's baby is too light-skinned to be his, so he abandoned them; Brian and Jeanna return to the show because he still is not convinced that her child is his; Chris and Chrishandra return to have a DNA test on their latest child.
20 Nov. 2017
DNA Test My Baby... I'll Prove Your Husband Is the Father!
A man doesn't believe he's the dad of his ex-girlfriend's daughter; a woman seeks to prove to her former paramour and his wife that he's the father of her child.
21 Nov. 2017
Did You Cheat While I Was Giving Birth to Our Son?
Matt's wife has tracked his every move with an app she has on his phone, and the signs point to cheating; James swears he has been faithful to his child's mother for the past four years; Feliza and Marcus return so he can take another test.
22 Nov. 2017
I Married Your Teen Son... I'll Prove He's My Baby's Dad
Young Karl and Jasmine intend to prove to his mother that their child is her grandson; while their marriage was filled with deception and infidelity, Barbara insists that Allan is the father of all of her children.
24 Nov. 2017
I'm the Wrong Guy... Those 4 Kids Are Not Mine!
Terrance and his mother say none of Tatianna's children look like him, so he can't be their father; family members deny that Kasey is Chelsea's baby-daddy; Suvina, Lavonte and Caroline return to get a paternity test for another child.
6 Dec. 2017
Your Kids Have Different Skin Colors... I Can't Be Their Dad!
Jessica wants to prove that her boyfriend, Raj, is the father of both of her children; Nancy is out to prove that a man named T.J. fathered her daughter; Rosemary intends on proving that her boyfriend of four years is the father of her son.
7 Dec. 2017
My Fiance Is a Male Stripper... Is He Also a Cheater
Michelle is going to refuse to marry Adonis, if she finds out he's been unfaithful; Monae claims to have slept with Ginger's fiancé, Yusup; Lucy believes that Dayshaun has been cheating on her.
8 Dec. 2017
A Few Seconds of Love Can't Make a Baby... I'm Not the Dad
Dymond says DeAngelis is the father of her baby; Ashley says Philip lied, cheated and denies her child is his; Cory says Destiny became pregnant, while cheating on him.
19 Dec. 2017
Is My Man Having an Affair with Your Wife? Test Him
Simone wants to know if her son's father, Jermaine, is a liar and a cheater; Samantha thinks her boyfriend, Eric, is cheating with his best friend's wife; Doretha found her fiancé alone in a bedroom with her friend.
21 Dec. 2017
I Revenge Cheated... But DNA Will Prove This Is Your Son!
Faith is fed up with her live-in ex-boyfriend, Chris, who denies her child; David wants to be the father of Kisha's daughter, but he refuses to be duped again; friend-with-benefits Rod says Akiva had a boyfriend who could be her baby's dad.
25 Dec. 2017
Maury's Most Inspiring Kids!
Children demonstrate courage and perseverance.
26 Dec. 2017
We Are Both Here to Prove You Fathered Our Babies
A man's ex-girlfriends believe he's the father of their children, but he has doubts; and the mother and sister of a deceased young man refuse to believe that he fathered his girlfriend's daughter; a case involving the paternity of three children separated by mothers.
27 Dec. 2017
Is My Brother Helping You Cheat on Me? Test Them Both!
Jerrica and Kaziah think their men are cheating; Leslie says her boyfriend has a fake Facebook page and multiple dating profiles; Curtis is engrossed in a web of lies and behavior that girlfriend Leesa says points to no good.
28 Dec. 2017
Will DNA Prove I Had a Baby with an 18-Year-Old and 16-Year-Old?
A woman seeks to prove that the father of her child is who she says it is; a man claims a baby can't be his because the child doesn't look like him; a man refuses to believe he fathered a woman's child, even though he's the only man she's been with.