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Extraordinary work of Mario Camus with Spanish television.
psagray16 August 2009
This film is an adaptation of the well-known novel of Benito Perez Galdos. The action takes place between the years 1865 and 1876.

The movie tells of a detailed manner among other things, a lover trio during a long period of time. On the one hand, we have to marriage Santa Cruz formed by the sweet and sympathetic Jacinta and the capricious and liar of "Juanito" Santa Cruz, belonging both to the rich and upper middle class of Madrid. The third member of this trio is the lover of "Juanito" Santa Cruz, "Fortunata", belonging to the lower and labor class, who lived in the suburbs.

What makes Benito Perez Galdos in this novel is an overwhelming criticism of the society of the moment, of their customs, of his blindness in religion, the great separation between social classes and between men and women. Along the novel are emerging numerous characters, all very different from each other, with personalities very marked.

As for the characters main we will see "Fortunata" (Ana Belén), which is a woman innocent and sentimental, is one of the characters that appear to be more fictitious because he has the ideal of search for the love of her life and keep forever.. She is a woman who acts by the impulses that dictates the heart, in spite of that is submissive and humble, is guided by their feelings and tries to find the love of her life. Ana Belén makes a formidable work in his character.

"Juan Santa Cruz" (François-Eric Gendron ) is a sensualist, wants to prove all kinds of experiences and, among them, is the rampage, love, infidelity, the desire... It is a young man who, by his social level is not allowed mixed with the people, but he, however test love with a woman of popular origin, the seduces, the deceives. Is the perfect prototype "Don Juan", However is a person manipulative of the people and their feelings. François-Eric Gendron is the actor who represents this character, is perfectly adapted as trouser attractive and makes a good job.

"Jacinta" (Maribel Martín) is a couple of upper class with some knowledge that you have instilled very traditionalists and conservative. She is a woman who, it is not very curious to know world and things around you, try new sensations,. Maribel Martín makes an excellent work in his character.

"Maximiliano Rubín" (Mario Pardo) is the prototype of a man trained for, at the time to be husband play a role given: accompany the woman, govern the house under his command. He is a man timid and insociable, although worship by having completed academic studies..

As for the characters side, there are a large amount to what throughout the film, which have different levels of importance. Some acting directly in connection with the characters main and others, however acting fill in the work but to complete further the description of the society of the time that offers Galdós. Some of these characters side:

Barbarita Arnaiz" (Mari Carrillo) is a woman conservative of traditional values. Tries to her child for the good roads morales and away from everything related to the people:. Mari Carrillo makes an excellent role, and we remember her extraordinary action In the film "El Pisito".

"Estupiñá" (Manuel Alexandre) is a good friend of the family Santa Cruz, who works for them. He is one of the characters more amusing and joyous of the novel. He is accomplice of "Juanito", and also his protector, but not in the sense of his mother, but that does not pass anything but that is free to live. Manuel Alexandre is an authentic master in all his actions.

"Jose Izquierdo" (Francisco Rabal) is a character who, together with "Segunda Izquierdo" his wife, representing a sector of the people which move in elections or other depending on the interest, a language so vulgar that just might say a word delicate, and a fondness for the flaw as alcohol. As always Rabal interprets its character with mastery.

"Don Evaristo Feijóo" (Fernando Fernan Gomez) is the man guide to the life of "Fortunata". She asks council and he becomes his conscience and teaches you how the path must continue to make things slide correctly. "Fortunata" trusts him and opens his heart, and he listening and advised. Fernando Fernan Gomez leaves us in this movie a sample of what has been, a genuine maestro of the interpretation.

It should be noted in the film a magnificent soundtrack of Anton Garcia Abril. An excellent photography by Juan Martin Benito, and an extraordinary scenery, perhaps the best done in Spanish television, by Rafael Palmero, Felix Murcia, and Carlos Dorromochea. Of course the magnificent direction of Mario Camus that together with his great movie "Los Santos inocentes" is for me the best of his filmography. "Fortunata and Jacinta" is a movie that should see to understand a little better life in Spain of the 19th century.
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