Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) Poster

Plot Keywords

planet queen
apprentice warrior
alien desert planet
desert jedi knight
lightsaber future
cult film betting
reluctant hero chosen one
mechanic telekinesis
boyfriend girlfriend relationship epic
punctuation in title roman numeral in title
symphonic music score hero
slobber actor playing multiple roles
computer sword duel
action hero character says i have a bad feeling about this
split in two galactic war
comic relief laser pistol
adoption spacecraft
saga lifting male in air
gun battle long tongue
shield lifting someone into the air
space station stealing food
part computer animation prequel
main character dies divine conception
tough guy jedi mind trick
first of series outer space
slavery child flying spacecraft
training prequel to cult film
leitmotif underwater
victory probe droid
force speed laser cannon
martial arts mixed martial arts
combat blockbuster
flatulence sliced in two
palace part of trilogy
cult director shot with a laser gun
hyphen in title warp engine
orchestral music score no opening credits
gunfight sucked into jet engine
invented language chase
subjective camera space war
alien race hand grenade
siege battlefield
two against one eaten alive
decoy origin story
two man army android
star wars hand to hand combat
fictional war space opera
battle tank
shootout female fighter
mentor protege relationship funeral pyre
aerial combat funeral
falling from height impersonation
villain showdown
messiah disarming someone
kendo sticking out tongue
first part undersea city
war violence wuxia fiction
christ allegory war hero
good versus evil double
cult figure mother son relationship
wilhelm scream life debt
torso cut in half warp speed
disguise pit droid
space western space shuttle
laser gun elongated cry of no
famous score colon in title
hidden city impostor
allegory of multiple historical events. ambush
honor cannon
racing sword fight
robot council
hologram space battle
seven word title death of friend
number in title

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