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The most forced, joyless comedy ever.
mdlion29 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
There is only one rule when making a successful sequel. That is, that the sequel has has to be head and shoulders above its predecessor to be considered good at all. It has to be fresh. The key to making a good comedy is to make the humor seem effortless enough so that the audience can enjoy it without having to be told what is funny (this is why laugh-tracks on sitcoms are the worst idea ever). The key to creating a good plot is to give it time to develop, and to let the audience enjoy its twists and turns, whether they be good or bad.

<Warning: Possible spoilers ahead>

Sadly, Men in Black II accomplishes none of these. Aliens come to earth, threaten to destroy it, yada yada yada, MIB has to figure out what's going on before the earth is destroyed, yada yada yada, big guns, alien explodes at the end, just in the nick of time, after being hit by the big guns. Which of the movies am I describing? Both of them. Far from being fresh, this sequel is exactly the same as the original.

As for the humor... there was humor? Simply put, this movie had its moments. Unfortunately, they were few and far between, and, in any case, significantly less interesting than the continual clashing of personalities in the first movie. This was due to the simple fact that in MIB II, Agents Jay and Kay acted identically.

As for the plot, throughout the film, the characters were supposed to be hunting down clues to the location of the light. Instead of getting the feeling that I was watching the characters unlock a mystery, I get the feeling that I'm watching a bratty teenager and his crotchety uncle following a scavenger hunt to... who cares. The film never conveys a sense of importance to the audience about what they are looking for, or why this thing is so important. Not only that, but this wafer thin plot is crumpled into an 88 minute timeframe, leaving, well, a mess.

Maybe the problem is that everybody involved was so determined to make a good movie, that every idea from the past five years ended up getting forced into one movie. Or, everybody involved in the movie was so determined to get a big fat payday, that they didn't care about how crappy their movie turned out. There. That one sounds more reasonable.

I gave this movie a 3 out of 10. Not the worst movie ever, but definitely not worth my time.
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bland sequel
Roland E. Zwick16 July 2002
`Originality,' is, almost by definition, a one-time thing. In 1997, the original `Men in Black' struck a nerve with movie audiences by showing that even a big budget blockbuster, heavily loaded down with state-of-the-art, computer-generated special effects, could still manage to seem light on its feet. The makers of that film pulled off this feat of gravitational legerdemain by coming up with a concept and a script overflowing with creativity, wit, imagination and a cachet of `hipness' to go along with its tone of anarchic playfulness.

Well, five years have passed and we now have `Men in Black II' to confirm what most of us suspected all along: that works that rely on `uniqueness' as their prime selling point are rarely ever able to duplicate their success a second time around. Five years can be a lifetime in pop culture and what seemed `cool' one summer can appear decidedly `old hat' the next. Without that aura of cutting edge newness that defined the original, `Men in Black II' seems like just another loud, over-the-top summertime blockbuster.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back playing Jay and Kay, agents for the government's top secret organization whose job it is to monitor the activities of the thousands of aliens who have secretly infiltrated earth's societies and to help protect the planet from any possible threat from interstellar space. Smith and Jones still appear to be quite comfortable in their roles and they are aided by Lara Flynn Boyle, as Serleena, the baddest alien this side of Darth Vader, and Rip Torn, delightful as Zed, the slightly cracked head of the Men in Black agency.

Although the special effects in this film are, as one would expect in this day and age, astonishing and virtually seamless, the same can definitely NOT be said for the film's screenplay. The story moves along at a fairly fast clip, but it rarely makes us laugh. In fact, the script comes across as undisciplined nonsense, lacking both logic and coherence. Unlike in the earlier film, we get the sense that literally everything here has been placed at the service of the special effects. There's an awful lot of running and bouncing around but rarely to any point or purpose. Indeed, we end up feeling at the end somehow more exhausted and drained than exhilarated and euphoric. It would appear that director Barry Sonnenfeld thought that if he could just keep the thing MOVING we wouldn't notice that he had nothing new to offer in this retread. It doesn't work. In fact, if `Men in Black II' shows us anything, it is that just because something MOVES doesn't mean that it can't bore us at the same time.
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A hasty 'grab-as-much-money-as-you-can' job
Let me just start by saying that I normally like movies with Tommy Lee Jones and / or Will Smith in them. They certainly don't belong to the enormous group of average and unnoticeable actors, but have some kind of style and presence that I really can appreciate. But I'm afraid that's about the best thing I can say about them right now, because what they did in this movie was nothing but a hasty 'grab-as-much-money-as-you-can' job and I really don't like to see that.

"Men in Black II" starts four years later from where the first one ended. Kay has given up life as an agent and has returned to civilian life, working in a postal office, while Jay has continued to work for the 'Men in Black'. While investigating what seems to be a routine crime, Jay uncovers a diabolical plot masterminded by Serleena, an evil Kylothian monster who disguises herself as a sexy lingerie model. With their headquarters under siege and time running out, Jay must convince Kay, who no longer remembers anything of his time with the MIB, to rejoin the agency so they can save the Earth from being destroyed completely.

I admit that some of the special effects were nice to watch, but even that didn't always convince me. Some of the aliens were small masterpieces, others however seemed like a hasty job, unfinished by the people of the computer graphics department. The only possible explanation for that might be that they wanted to save enough money so the profit rate would be even larger. And the computer animations weren't the only one to suffer from that problem. The script writers didn't come up with any new things either. All they did was to repeat what worked in the first movie. It even seems like they didn't have the time to come up with a new and decent plot.

And yet not everything was that bad. The humor for instance worked, not always perfectly but it worked. Jokes like "It came with a black dude, but it kept being pulled over" when they talk about the automatic pilot in the Mercedes were funny. I even liked that dog singing on the front seat of the car, but overall it just wasn't enough to save the entire movie. No, if you are looking for a spectacular new movie that is full of great acting, a great story and some excellent computer animations, than you'll be very disappointed by this one. It just seems like they threw it together in a couple of weeks and that's why I can only give it a 6/10.
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A Sequel About Money
Michael_Elliott23 May 2012
Men in Black II (2002)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Boring and bland sequel has Earth coming under attack from a dangerous alien (Lara Flynn Boyle) so Agent Jay (Will Smith) must bring Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) out of retirement. I really wasn't sure what to expect out of this sequel but the very, very, very last thing I did expect was something boring. I must admit that I was really shocked to see how bland and downright bad this movie was as sadly it's yet another example of a sequel to a good movie being about nothing more than money. The original film was smart, clever and funny in regards to the subject matter but this sequel just lacks any sort of originality and it's really nothing more than a copy of the original. What's so sad is that there could have been so many good and interesting story ideas but sadly we're just given a copy of the first film and we even get many of the same jokes. It's funny to think that the jokes worked so well the first time but here they're just annoying and unfunny. I think the majority of the blame has to go towards the screenplay, which is just a mess. It's never funny, never makes too much sense and sadly it's clear that very little went into it. The performances outside of Tommy Lee Jones really aren't all that memorable either. Lara Flynn Boyle has no problems looking sexy but her character is bland. Rip Torn isn't given much to do and the same is true for Johnny Knoxville and Rosario Dawson. The incredibly bad love story with Dawson is just an embarrassment. MEN IN BLACK II even features some very poor CGI effects and in the end this is just a rather worthless movie that isn't worth the trouble.
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A Very Weak Sequel
sddavis6322 January 2003
As funny as the original MIB was, the sequel proves that the same old thing can get very old and very tired very quickly. I mean, how often can you really find it funny to watch an alien grow its head back after having it shot off? This was a cute gag in the original (and I think we only saw it happen once if I remember correctly.) In this one, it happens over and over again. HEY! AFTER THE FIRST TIME IT'S NOT THAT FUNNY! That's the basic problem with this movie. It doesn't seem to have a lot to differentiate it from the first one, with the result that it's just not that interesting.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles as Agents "Jay" and "Kay" respectively, and here was one element of the story that might have made this a fun adventure if it had been developed. "Kay" is retired as this movie opens, and he's been "neuralized" - his memory of having been an MIB agent has been wiped clean. If the story had focussed more on "Kay" and his attempts at re-integrating into the MIB agency, I think this might have been a very funny movie. But "Kay's" re-integration just seems to happen far too easily, and for the most part the focus of the movie is on Smith's "Jay." The problem with that is that I just feel Jones is better suited to the whole MIB persona, and I felt Smith quickly became tiresome without Jones balancing him more fully. (And Frank the dog - another of Jay's "partners" - just didn't cut it. I really wanted that dog to get eaten by the big worm or something. A very irritating character, in my opinion.)

My advice: stick with the original.

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A huge step down from the original.
Michael DeZubiria27 December 2002
Sequels are almost inherently inferior to their original films. The reason that a sequel is ever made is because the original film was a huge success and therefore people want to see more, but at the same time have developed high expectations from the original film, expectations which are rarely if ever completely fulfilled. In my opinion, every sequel has a right not to live up to the original that it followed, but Men In Black II abuses the privilege almost as much as Austin Powers has already done twice so far. Roger Ebert makes an interesting comment in his review of Men In Black II, stating that the original was so enormously successful because it was unexpected and we had not seen anything like it, while the second one is a rehash of the original, and now we HAVE seen something like it. The expected result is that, like the two Austin Powers sequels, what we have here is little more than an extension of the same jokes that we saw in the original film.

The entire cast has come back, of course, since this is guaranteed to be a hugely popular film (although at the same time guaranteed to be an artistic failure), and we also see a few more introductions to the cast of actors and artists with flailing careers like Lara Flynn Boyle and even Michael Jackson, who embarrasses himself in the film by playing the part of someone desperately trying to secure himself a position as one of the Men In Black (`I can be Agent M! Pleeeeeeeeeease???'). Naturally, everything that got a laugh in the original film is milked to death here, although not entirely without effect. I thought it was really funny when K blows off Jeebs' head (feeding off of one of the more amusing scenes from the original during J's introduction to the aliens amongst whom he lives), and J asks him how he knew that Jeebs' head would grow back if his memory had not been restored, and K replies, `It grows back?' Not very creative, but certainly amusing.

The movie has its strong points, I am not saying that it was a stone-faced bore, but the problem is that it completely feeds off of whatever was successful about the original film. There is virtually nothing creative presented in this film, it is much talkier and drier than the original and doesn't seem to have a personality of its own. MIB followed an alien disguised as a redneck named Edgar as he tries to get his hands on a galaxy that is small enough to fit on a cat's collar. In the second film, we not only have a charm on a bracelet that is the most sought-after item in the film, but we also catch a couple of overly brief glances at some tiny populations of life forms that are able to fit into an airport locker but are still not able to secure themselves a larger part in this film, which chooses instead to entertain us with a talking dog. How's that again? Why is it that there were so many interesting creatures in the original film but this one gives us a quick glimpse of some fascinating creatures but then tries to distract us with the talking (and sometimes singing) antics of a tiny dog, which had just the right size role in the original film?

Things like this and the fact that the movie had nothing new to add to the Men In Black story bring the quality of MIIB way down, leaving it to tag along behind its predecessor like an annoying little sister. We already know there is going to be a Men In Black III (hey, if they made a second sequel after the ridiculous Austin Powers 2…), so we can only hope that the producers and director will take a little more time in deciding how to entertain us and what kinds of life forms to focus on, because this was entirely overlooked in this sequel. Even the enormously sexy Boyle was not comfortable on her role and therefore unconvincing as an alien villain in disguise (indeed, it was more convincing that the writers were so unconfident in their script that they felt the need to gloss it over with a sexy villain than it was that she was a threat to the MIB), and Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones had little to nothing to work with in their roles. There is still something left to be salvaged in the Men In Black story. Like the story for Hollow Man, there are nearly endless possibilities, but they were unfortunately largely ignored in this film. At least it's all uphill from here…
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More of the same, but just as fun.
vip_ebriega26 May 2008
My Take: Not as wildly enjoyable as the first, but makes a terrific sequel.

Summer movie sequels are usually the victims of the "sequelness". Most sequels to big blockbuster hits tend to simply repeat the success of the first film, and simply recycle the formula of its predecessor. MEN IN BLACK II (or simply MIIB) is no exception. It practically repeats the formula of the first film: Aliens are out again, J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are back as partners to fight against it and the whole lot. The formula is copied, but the same cannot be said about the rest of the film. There are new rabbits in this same bag of tricks. Although most innovations are of special effects, MIIB provides some new fun moments in a somewhat formula approach.

Like said, MIIB returns Smith and Jones as the dynamic duo out to stop an alien, a creature called the Kylothian, who takes the form of a lingerie model (Lara Flynn Boyle), who, guess what? Trying to take over the world. of course. This is nothing new in comparison. It's mostly just a retread of the previous film. But few of these "been there, done that" sequels are fun in a different way. This one is, and it's actually surprisingly entertaining. The new script by Robert Gordon and Barry Fanaro contains a number of effective puns which elevates the humor from other formula sequels.

Of course, there are new and colorful special effects from mostly the same crew of the original film. The effects by effects house Industrial Light & Magic and make-up artist Rick Baker are still outlandish and imaginative. They still give us a host of aliens and creatures that we can feast our eyes upon. Not much imagination went to the storyline and characters, but a lot was certainly invested upon the effects and visuals. Kudos for director Barry Sonnenfeld, production designer Bo Welch and much of the special effects crew for providing a colorful atmosphere that bursts with liveliness in an otherwise formulaic episode of summer sequel season. It's the same old thing, but with new fun.

Rating: ***1/2 out of 5.
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Same Planet. New Scum.
Jessica Carvalho10 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
''Men in Black II'' is not fantastic as the first movie, but it is a good and entertaining movie to be watched anyway.

It is so funny to see Michael Jackson as one of the aliens from MIB! (I mean, let's be honest, the guy doesn't even need a make up to look like one!)

One of the things I need to complain about this movie, is the fact that we don't have the same good explanations as the first one. A lot of errors are present, like the lack of story about Laura's life explaining why she is the light of Zartha, if she is K's daughter with Lauranna or not,as well as Johnny Knoxville's character just disappearing without reason.

It has been five years since Agent K returned to the comforts of a civilian life working as a mail man. Agent J, for the other hand, continues to work for the Men in Black, but he never has success finding a good partner to stay with him: all of them hated the life of being an agent and were neuralized. Serleena, an evil Kylothian alien, disguises herself as a Victoria Secrets' model while planning to find the Light of Zartha, that will put the galaxy in danger once again. Now J will need the help of agent K once again to save the planet, specially because he is the only one who knows where the Light of Zartha is.
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what a suck-fest
klassa25 July 2002
This is quite possibly the worst movie I've seen in the last few years. There was no plot, and the acting was terrible. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are capable of much better performances.

Lame. Really lame. I'm sorry to have spent $7.25 on it.
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I think the makers of the film thought we had somewhere to go.
Aaron13759 May 2003
This movie is the sequel of course to the hit movie "Men In Black". I gave this movie a six, but I felt like being generous (I probably should give it a five). This movie is short. I mean really, really short. There is a short that preceded the movie so that tells you how short this movie is (the short got more laughs than the movie I think). I went to this movie knowing how short it was, but it just went by so fast and the movie was a bit unmemorable that it was a waste of time to drive to the theater. There was no time for character development or much story development. In fact, the opening credit scene itself took four or five minutes. The story has Smith's character trying to get the memory back of Jones character to battle an alien threat. For the most part there isn't much that is funny in this one, but there are a few scenes to make a person chuckle. Then there is the pug dog. I think it had the same screen time as Tommy Lee Jones. It was funny in small doses, but its role was expanded way too much for the sequel. Johnny Knoxville's character was lame as was the main villain, which had looks but no funny dialogue at all. Tony Shaloub is back, and once again his character's role is small and underused. So all in all this is an inferior sequel by all means with just enough to look at to keep you from getting bored. If they ever make a part three, please let them get a director who is capable of making a movie.
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Men in cheap suits
Shawn Watson20 May 2004
For such a belated (and now unwanted) sequel to feel so much like a quick-rehash to cash in on the original's success is weird. This movie had 5 years (and some false-starts) to refine and for the filmmakers to really make it something special for the fans and to pay tribute to the brilliant Men in Black. It never happened.

Instead we have a plot (that doesn't even make sense) so wafer thin it's almost invisible and repeats of old scenes. Always, always, always a bad, bad, bad mistake for a sequel. NEVER homage or try to be smart by repeating scenes. John Carpenter did this with Escape from LA and that was lost on almost all audiences. Just like what has happened with MIB II. I did expect this to be a huge hit. But it's gone largely unnoticed because it's asking for money for old rope.

David Cross (who played the morgue attendant in the original) has the only funny scene and I swear any other laughs will be no more than exaggerated smiles. You'll want to enjoy, but won't. Lara Flynn Boyle is not the uber-[female] her character should have been. And Rosario Dawson has NOTHING to do in her role at all. I don't want to say that she is a bad actress because the part offered her so little to do. Not even so little. It was nothing. Never before in my life have I seen such a pointless character. All she did was stand around with her eyes open in amazement. That's it. Had her character been called Laura MacGuffin instead of Laura Vasquez it would have been a tiny bit acceptable. What IS the deal with that silly 'light' nonsense?

Plus the chemistry between Smith and Jones is gone. It's simply not there and there is no spark. Jones originally didn't even want to do this film (Linda Fiorentino was supposed to return) and he seems like someone totally different. First time round he was wise and crafty. Here he is just a gear in the machine. There's no magic. No comic timing.

MIB II should have been one of those surprising sequels that blows the original out of the water. Like Gremlins 2 for example. Spielberg was producer on that movie too. It came 6 years after the first. MIB II had 5. And it seems like they just hastily threw it together in a couple of weeks. It is so puzzling. And what is even weirder is that the Men In Black Limited Edition DVD has a trailer for MIB II. And that DVD was released in Fall 2000! (ages before this film's eventual release, where they aiming for a summer 2001 release?) And the trailer for MIB II on this DVD is anamorphically enhanced at 2.35:1. But the actual film itself is 1.85:1. I found this to be one of the most strangest things of all. It's practically false advertising.

Oh well, I don't want to give the film 1/5. I really don't. Not when MIB deserves a sequel so much better. And by giving it 1/5 I am, in a way, insulting the original. But I must. Sorry.
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Recycled garbage
mage12117930 June 2002
If you've already seen "Men In Black" and "The 5th Element" then you certainly don't need to see this. They just blended these two movies into a crap smoothie. Absolutely no originality, no flavor, no reason to see this movie unless it's free and you are bedridden. Otherwise, go for a walk and save your money.
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truly terrible
Jonathan Glass7 July 2002
I was really amazed at how badly this sucked. It was 3/4 an attempt at a Mel Brooks-style parody of the original, and 1/4 an earnest sequel; it was impossible to take the result seriously within its own parameters because you were constantly hearing Sonnenberg screaming at you through the shots "this is a stupid ridiculous piece of nothing which I'm just doing for the dough."

You would think that an actor like Tommy Lee Jones wouldn't put up with it; he shoulda just walked off the set. Will Smith apparently thought that his banter would save the film, but he was wrong.

The worst kind of sequel: a massive repeat of the original, only much much dumber, without even a decent recreation of the original tone or sense of reality. Successful sequels heighten or deepen the themes of the original - give us Men in Black mythology; give us a new conflict, perhaps a mole within the agency; give us a trip to another planet; give us a more fully developed alien character, instead of aliens-as-one-liners. Edit out the schtick which doesn't serve the plot and isn't funny and which just takes you out of the movie and reminds you that the director thinks it's all just a stupid joke.

There was not a single decent moment in the whole stupid thing.

This terrible terrible movie isn't even worth the time it took to tell you how stupid it was - but there's an obligation to try to get you the viewing public to save your precious few dollars... you'd get more enjoyment out of burning your money then spending 88 minutes watching this.

They should have named this Men in Bleccch
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The Fifth Element Again
tedg26 October 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

Is it enough to have a few good jokes?

Is it enough to have some of last year's effects?

Is it enough to have Jones play straight man to Smith's sitcom mugging?

Is it enough to hear Elfman's honks again?

No, but its interesting to note that the cheesy video within is as dumb compared to this as this is to reality.

The girl is pretty. I'll bet she was a highly engineered selection to be as desirably raceless as possible, further emphasizing the `one world' underlying moral. This has a pretty good fireworks show at the end. Big screen a must.

Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 4: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
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A complete abomination!
AnyankaCEJ7 July 2002
While not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, the original "Men in Black" was a lighthearted, entertaining vehicle smoothly carried by the repartee between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. This debacle, however, bears little resemblance to the 1997 crowdpleaser.

Let me begin by assuring you that liking the first movie by no means guarantees that you will enjoy MIB 2. That was certainly not the case for me. The pacing was terrible, the plot pathetic, and the jokes are set up in a haphazard, rushed manner, giving the impression that the director was handed a script containing too many jokes, and of a poor quality!, and attempted to cram them all into an 82 minute running time. The original was fresh, and the actors seemed to be having fun, but here Tommy Lee Jones looks depressed, not as part of his character, but as if he is aware of the terrible quality of the production and is merely waiting until he can go home for the day. Will Smith tries his best, but laden with an asinine script and poor direction, he cannot help failing. As other users have commented, the plot is nonsensical and painful. I understand that the plot is secondary in films like this, and in fact am a fairly major Jackie Chan fan, so I honestly would not have minded if everything else had fallen into place. What's more, whereas the original film's humor was almost entirely clean, the sequel finds it necessary to riddle the script with tasteless sex jokes. I'm not a prude, and I did not object to the risque "humor" because it was vulgar, but because it was truly boring.

This movie's greatest sin, though, is that it exemplifies all that is wrong with filmmaking today: it is a big budget, overly slick, ultimately cynical and heartless film that plays to the lowest common denominator and laughs all the way to the bank. I'm not knocking populist entertainment, but this piece of filth insults the intelligence and makes one yearn for filmmaking lacking in polish but teeming with heart and wit. Only people willing to pay the admission price to see the trailer for "The Two Towers" (which was infinitely better than MIB 2), have a valid reason to see this dreck. My rating: 1/10.
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Crap is this year's black
Jexxon9 December 2004
Uninspired film-making at its worst. A completely pointless sequel (or rather scene by scene remake) of the fun original.

Watching the film, its painfully evident that none of the people involved seemed to have any fun. The script is a retread of the first film, only weaker. Do the audience really want to see the same story again? Last time the villain was a bug, this time it's a plant.

The actors seem very bored (Rosario Dawson is the first person I've seen who can be described as a macguffin - she's got absolutely nothing to do in the entire film), the exception being Will Smith (reduced to doing slapstick) who appears to be so desperate to be having a good time that he overacts in the absurd.

The editing sucks. and the effects look real cheap, its hard to believe that this film was made five years after the first one. Rick Baker's make-up work is brilliant from time to time, but still not as impressive as in the original.

Moreover, there are other things that help sink the film: All of a sudden, almost everyone seems to be an alien. There are some huge plot (if there is such a thing) holes - like what happened to Knoxville in the last third of the film. There is also an air of racism throughout the film. I can't exactly say why, but it's a feeling I couldn't get rid of.

There is one scene in the film that perfectly sums up the whole movie - Jones and Smith being flushed down a huge toilet (yes, it's that bad)... [1/10]
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flexiking14 May 2004
When I was 14, I watched a British film called 'Leon the Pig Farmer', a truly awful movie that left me with a strong desire to hurt people, especially those responsible for such tripe. For 7 years, this was top of my 'Worst Ever' list, and I doubted it would ever lose that dubious honour. Then, on a rainy night in Budapest, I went to the cinema with two beautiful girls to watch 'MIB II', and ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE A NEW WINNER! Without doubt, this was the most terrible thing I have ever seen - and I saw Kathy Bates naked in 'About Schmidt'. I don't say this lightly, as I am definitely a glass-is-half-full kinda guy, always looking for the redeeming feature, but 'MIB II' has none. Anyone who was involved in the making of this movie should be ashamed, as I cannot stress highly enough how dire it is. I am just glad that I paid Hungarian prices to see it & not the extortionate British ones. Avoid at all costs.
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Actually made me sad...
BENARES-218 June 2003
Yes, watching this movie did indeed make me sad. Though not because of anything plot-related in this stinking garbage bag of a movie : while the original MIB was camp and entertainingly silly, this movie was so abysmally bad that I was actually depressed after watching it, primarily due to the contemplation that I actually spent money on it. I have seen some stinker sequels in my time, ones that even bypass this movie on the Shame-o-meter, but this one certainly ranks high on the awful level. First off, let's start with Will Smith and how he appears throughout the whole movie like he couldn't even care less about reprising this role. It's like being led by a tour guide through a skull-numbingly boring museum exhibit, with Agent J walking us through the motions of just getting through the movie and getting the experience over with. Tommy Lee Jones shows up, and the producers actually expect us to find some form of amusement or lighthearted surprise that the tables have turned and Smith is now the alien-expert. Whoopie. None of the characters have any appeal whatsoever, none of the alien ideas are innovative or interesting, and experienced actors Smith and Jones look like they'd rather be having reconstructive dental surgery than be in this bomb. The plot is a mish-mash of last-second ideas with a lot of sudden "Oh, by the way, this is happening now"'s thrown in, all the while leaving us to scratch our heads or wonder if there was some advance reading we should have done before seeing it. And why the director thought it would be a good idea to focus on the alien sub-characters from the last movie so deeply I have no idea : JarJar proved that less is better, so the worms and the dog could have given us the same courtesy. Lastly, I know many people think it's funny for some odd and inexplicable reason, but I can only tolerate so much defamation against African-Americans before getting sick, even if it's coming from Will Smith himself : why does Hollywood think it's acceptable to make anti-black jokes? Does Mr. Smith really think it's a good idea to promote the stereotype that blacks are criminals or car thieves? Is he such a desperate sellout? As you can see, I have many, many reasons to feel sad after watching this pathetic film, and if you see it you will too.
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Avoid at all costs!
EliasMagnolia8 February 2003
Before I get started on MIB2 let me just say that I liked the first Men in Black movie (***/****) because it was fun and Smith and Jones had good chemistry together. Men in Black 2 is a perfect example of Hollywood's greed. A movie made not to tell a worthwhile story or at least an entertaining one but for the sole reason of putting money in the pockets of everyone involved.

I was annoyed enough after being bombarded with so many commercials (ads for the movie, ads for the soundtrack, cross promotional ads with Burger King, Sprint and even Head and Shoulders!) that seemed to play during every commercial break around the time that the movie was released but when I actually got off my lazy butt and saw the movie I was downright p***ed off. I would have been ok with the mass advertising if the movie actually delivered on what it promised but it didn't even come close.

The story for MIB2 is tremendously stupid and pointless, it's a balls-less stale rehash of the first movie. The argument from the defender's of this junk is that it's not about the story but it is about entertaining us and making us laugh, the thing is the movie does neither unless you consider a

singing dog to be funny which I certainly don't. The action scenes (if you want to call them that) are so dull and been there done that that I found myself begging for them to just be over so I didn't have to suffer anymore.

Others flaws included a major character played by Johnny Knoxville pretty much disappears without any explanation of what happened to him and a character who was killed in the first while working at a morgue (played by David Cross) is back without any explanation as a guy who owns a video store (which are both just careless filmmaking which is quite sad considering that this was made by the man who gave us Get Shorty). Oh and let's not forget the blatant product placements in the movie, they actually had a Sprint and a Burger King inside their MIB headquarters! I wonder how a secret agency could remain so secret while acquiring such franchises.

The short list of plusses in this movie are even though they seem to have mailed in their performances in this one the chemistry between Smith and Jones was still there and there was a locker bit that was kind of funny.

It comes as no suprise to me that this movie had the big first weekend but then dropped and dropped and ended up grossing 50 million less than the original despite all the ads, never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Men in Black 2 is a giant piece of s*** that never should have been made.

My Rating: 1/2*/****
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Major disappointment
darrell-garrison25 January 2003
(My vote: 1 out of 10) I was looking at the votes for this film, and there were 380 that voted 10 out of 10! Incredible! I then went back to see if I could re-cast my 1 out of 10 vote, and apparently I can. So either (a) kids are re-casting their 10's or (b) people associated with the film are re-casting their 10's or (c) there are a lot of gullible movie-goers, or (d) all of the above.

I gave this movie a 1 out of 10 not because it was THAT awful, but because of how insulted I felt after watching it. For THIS it took five years to make?! I LOVED the original so much, that even if they had made a halfway decent sequel I would have been fine with it. But this bomb is patronizing, money-guzzling and worst of all, a bore. In some scenes in the original, Tommy Lee Jones comes across as so laid-back he's cool. In this one, he's so laid-back he seems DEAD! Will Smith's smirks wear thin immediately. Barry Sonnenfeld seems to be having fun, but at our expense. He's the guy behind the two Addams Family movies, remember? 'Addams Family Values' was a sequel that advanced the characters and plot, and still had fun.

What's the deal with the special effects here? They're good, but not state-of-the-art, as they should have been. Serleena's effects were annoyingly bad.

This movie takes forever to get going, and when it does, it feels like more of the same, just regurgitated.

When I'm done here, I'm going to go put a review down for the original, which I've seen many times, and will give an 8 out of 10 to.

It's a shame that at 88 minutes (!), Men in Black II seems too long. And I can't BELIEVE this movie made around $200 million in the U.S.! Hollywood, Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Barry Sonnenfeld are laughing all the way to the bank. We poor suckers...
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Horrible movie.... who finances these things, do they make any money???
dumpholster19 July 2002
This movie was terrible. I guess i expected too much from will smith but i guess you can only do so much. The writers should have quit while they were ahead. At the very least they could have made the alien decide to turn into a HOT chick not whoever that underwear model was... This movie SUCKED.
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i wonder if a movie can get any worse...
culov8 July 2002
i saw this movie and thought it was pathetic. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are both NOT funny in this movie. The jokes in the movie are TERRIBLE. I thought the first one was average (5/10), but this one gets a (1/10). I didn't laugh once the whole time, and the story was terrible. This is one of the worst ten movies i have ever seen.
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Rupert Munn1 November 2017
This film is OK, but just OK. At it's best it's slick, at it's worst it's clunkily predictable. It's fast-paced, which sometimes lets you ignore the flaws in the storytelling, but at others makes thing jerky and monotonous.The characters from the original are still entertaining here, but they haven't really developed, and the new additions are one- dimensional. It's watchable, and I didn't zone out of the action, but there's just no spark. It doesn't really add anything new to what we got from the original, it isn't funny enough, and it doesn't really leave you feeling anything. One to while away an empty 90 minutes, but not more than once.
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Cynically cashing in on the original.
carbuff11 May 2015
Really lame and disappointing.

Clearly made to cash in on original. Had only a few good lines and scenes in the entire movie. Thirty or forty years ago a movie like this would have been able to fly on its spectacular special effects alone, but nowadays that's not enough, and special effects is all this movie has going for it.

Aside from Tommie Lee Jones scene-stealing, the best thing that can be said about this film is that it's short enough so that you don't feel you've lost too much of your life watching it, but, seriously, don't waste your time.
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