Zero Effect (1998) Poster


Plot Keywords

client blackmail
private investigator tycoon
private detective recluse
paranoia paramedic
love investigation
emissary awkwardness
ivy league shower
hired killer security system
surveillance camera writer
musician penthouse
smooth talker san francisco california
husband wife relationship societal dysfunction
rain architect
watching tv cafe
father son relationship mother son relationship
thirty something mother daughter relationship
cardiac arrest search
death liar
lie voice over narration
topless female nudity bare chested male
working out wheelchair bound
wedding treadmill
tax return target practice
tape recording stalking
socially awkward sky diving
silencer shot to death
shot in the head shot in the chest
scrabble safe deposit box key
revelation restaurant
research red dress
rape quitting a job
sex port a potty
planetarium pistol
photograph pay phone
pager newspaper clipping
murder suicide murder for hire
motel millionaire
memoir massage
lying loyalty
letter infant
illegitimate daughter husband murders wife
hitman gym
guitar playing funeral
freeze frame flashback
fire alarm fake moustache
fake beard disguise
desperation safe deposit box
deception death threat
death of parents cpr
corpse confession
computer coincidence
character says i love you bus
boyfriend girlfriend relationship blood
bar bag of money
bad singing arrest record
amphetamine airport
box office flop poem
heart attack secrecy
health club fake identity
eccentric accountant
portland oregon murder
los angeles california father daughter relationship
revenge neo noir
number in title title spoken by character
character name in title surprise ending

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