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Another classic from Leslie Nielsen!
Michael DeZubiria27 June 2003
I read another reviewer's comments about Wrongfully Accused, and I am continually amazed at how many people judge movies like this as though they are meant to be serious cinematic endeavors. Leslie Nielsen's films, literally, are jokes, and if you can't take them that way then maybe it would be better if you didn't watch them. I only say this here rather than just to that reviewer because I think it's worth pointing out that, in case you couldn't already tell, this movie is a parody and is meant to be laughed at.

I am perfectly willing to admit that it is peppered with scenes that fall completely flat (the sex scene with the sports commentary in the background is a prime example) and much of Nielsen's acting is absolutely awful (also note that much of this is also a parody of similar bad acting in the movies that are being spoofed in this movie, such as The Fugitive and obviously some of the James Bond films), but again, you really need to keep in mind what kind of movie this is.

Besides, there are also plenty of truly hilarious scenes. I can't help cracking up at the train peeking around the rock at Nielsen as he tries to escape, or the scene where he bends down to get his foot out of the railroad tracks and is hit in the forehead by the crossing gate. This scene was also screwed up, because that crossing gate was down across the track rather than a road going over the tracks, and it stopped rising just above Nielsen's head. But who cares? Comedy is a surprise, if you just saw what was expected it wouldn't be funny!

I can't say that Wrongfully Accused promises a cerebral workout or any moving social commentary, but if you look at the cover of this movie and expect something like that, maybe you should stick to the kid's section at the video store, because you are probably a little out of your league. The rest of you should be able to find some things to laugh at in this movie. Just enjoy it for what it is, because there are really only two things that frost my butt, a snow cone about that high, and IMDb reviewers that can't take a good joke!
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Helltopay2719 March 2005
How does this movie only have a rating of 5.2?! The only movies that might be funnier than this that I have seen were Airplane! or Mafia!, which Mafia! has an even lower rating! This is the mother of all parodies, except for maybe, once again, Airplane! or Mafia!, each of which is hilarious. Stupid, stupid things come together to make a funny, funny movie. I swear, when he accidentally fries that janitor with the defibrillator, every time I see that I nearly p*ss myself! I actually took count once, and I think there are around twenty to thirty different movies that this one parodies, from Star Wars, where the usher has a light saber instead of a flashlight, to The Terminator when the lights are turned on when the villain is wearing night vision goggles and his eyes glow green, to the immortal, "Here's looking at you, kid," from Casablanca, this movie really has it all.

Really simple things that you most likely don't even remember make this movie HYSTERICAL! From, "You're not Lauren, you're an impostor!" to the hydraulic car playing "La Cucaracha" (which, by the way, is another one of my all-time favorite gags), the slapstick and reckless comedy this movie has will have you really split your sides (call the hospital in advance).

All in all, if you haven't seen this movie before, see it. Ignore what the IMDb rates it, a somewhat lousy movie. This movie has hysterics beyond belief.
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A Fun Movie For Film Buffs
ccthemovieman-128 February 2006
Since "The Fugitive" is one of my all-time favorites, this takeoff on it was fun and enjoyable for me to watch. Hey, sometimes it's best to laugh at ourselves and the things we like. For much of it, this movie was laugh-out-loud funny.

It helped not only to know "The Fugitive" story well but also "North By Northwest," "Casablanca" "Titantic," and many, many other films, both classic and modern-day. The more familiar you are with movies, the more of these "inside" jokes are going to make you laugh.

Being a movie buff, a lot of these gags connected and made me really have a good time watching this Leslie Nielsen farce. Be warned, parents: this is not a family comedy. There are tons of sexual innuendos, so typical of today's comedies.
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Joy Ride
mermatt21 August 1998
Spoofing THE FUGITIVE, Leslie Nielsen takes us on a wild ride that combines the Three Stooges with the Marx Brothers and includes quick stops at CASABLANCA and THE MALTESE FALCON, then north by northwest to MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, BRAVEHEART, and TITANIC. As the ads say, this isn't a movie -- it's all movies. And it's well worth the trip. Nielsen is in top form.
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One of Leslie Nielsen's funniest films
the_phantom_was_here12 July 2005
I have been a fan of Nielsen's since I first saw Spy Hard when I was still a kid. Leslie Nielsen was perfect to play this role simply because he has the presence of a dramatic actor only making his actions funnier. Nielsen is perhaps one of the funniest comedic actors around, though his movies like this are criticized as though they were supposed to be some Oscar Nomminated hit or something. What those "drama critics" don't seem to understand is that all his comedy movies are PARODIES of dramatic movies. They're not supposed to be taken seriously. Niesen movies like this are just for a few yuks and laughs. I have always loved random comedy movies like this, therefore, I love this movie.
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One-armed, one-legged, one-eyed man
Petri Pelkonen16 December 1999
There has been a murder in town and the violin player superstar is the main suspect.He is wrongfully accused, of course.He gets a death sentence but he manages to escape.So then he is an innicent violin player chased by the cops.All he knows is that the real murderer is a one-armed, one-legged and one-eyed man. Shouldn't be so hard to find.Easier said than done.Wrongfully Accused is a comedy, that has parodies from many other movies and some series.Mostly from The Fugitive.There are also parodies from movies like Braveheart and Titanic.Leslie Nielsen is perfect for the movie.He knows the genre very well.He is a parody man.Great comedian.Great comedy.
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one of the funniest movies ever
amgrove1513 June 2005
If you like leslie nielson movies, naked gun, airplane, then you will love this. definitely the funniest movie i have ever seen by far, if you like his style. if not then don't see it. but if you like weird random movie, see it. very very funny. a make fun of harrisons fords " the fugitive" the sad thing is you can't buy this movie anymore, anywhere. no one has really seen it. i have met one person outside my family that has seen it, and i ask everyone i meet. movies like this shouldn't go so unnoticed. very funny movie. you should definitely see it. best of leslie nielson. very many can't stop laughing parts. parts like after a big train wreck. all silence, this first thing you hear is a guy complaining who was inside the train about his shoe being untied. very funny
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A Leslie Nielsen Classic
Drake_Clawfang1 January 2006
It stars Leslie Nielsen. what more do you need to know? It's true, Nielsen has built a career out of movies like this. He plays Ryan Harrison, the dashing, although somewhat clueless hero who somehow romances a woman half his age, tracks down a 1-armed, 1-legged, 1-eyed man, and saves a UN Member. He does so through trial and error, questionable flashbacks, smart-alec quips and oddly phrased metaphors. And somehow does it in what seems to be 2 days! In the good tradition of the parody, nothing is sacred to this movie. Although it is mostly a spoof of The Fugitive, every movie gets the blade here. Braveheart, Titanic, Mission Impossible, Field of Dreams, it all gets the Nielsen treatment. And just movies, but pop culture too! Car alarms, ER, bras, basketball commentary, and Alfred Hitchock all get their dues. Even the adorable puppet Lambchop can be heard chanting 'Riot, riot, riot!' in a scene.

Simply put, any Leslie Nielsen fan will love this. If you hated his previous movies, you won't like this one. It's a rehash of the classic parody formula, a formula that has withstood the test and still stands up. And of course the clueless Nielsen doesn't fail to disappoint. Running from a model airplane, wearing a meat factory coat to impersonate a doctor, using a long wooden stick to deactivate his bear-trap car alarm, and playing a violin with his teeth...He does it all! Leslie Nielsen is without a clue, without a hope, and he's been Wrongfully Accused!
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Parody is Parody
dromasca10 August 2003
You do not go to see a Nielsen movie expecting anything else but a good laugh. You know that you will see a parody, based on one film, and a lot of references to other famous movies. The humor itself may get what they call rather low, but occasionally you will have a good laugh, and even some gags to remember. No social comments, no pretentions. This is exactly what this film is - an average level parody, with one memorable scene, and a few good other. Go in the right mood, do not expect too much, and you may enjoy it. 6/10 on my personal scale.
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Leslie Nielsen's Funniest Masterpiece!
denis88823 October 2006
Oh, what a sheer delight! If I had to choose one of the most hilarious, and one of the funniest films ever made, I'd choose this one. What a great entertainment, what a clever fun, mighty pun and a merciless satire on those films that it mocks at! Mr. Nielsen is as usual at his best. His impossibly funny face, his over the place, exaggerated gestures and intonations are merciless stabs and jeers at all those "hot actors", who really need to be shaken a bit. The plot is based on several films, and it interweaves all the plot lines so impeccably easily that you have to check every time what film it makes a parody on. The main idea is pretty simple - a famous violinist, Ryan Harrison is wrongly accused of murder he did not commit, so he has to become a run-away. He is chased by an incredibly silly police, and he has to overcome so many hardships - the wild wood, train chase, computer problems, shootout. The clever stabs on Mission Impossible, BraveHeart, as well as Stephen King's Corn fields are just brilliant. You cannot change your breath, so hard your laugh is. The main hero finally finds one-eyed, one-armed, one-legged Irish terrorist, Sean McGhrea, and the revenge is sweet, but you really must see that final scene on Titanic board, when the lovely romantic couple is cruelly hit by a low-hanging bridge. Impossibly funny, really smart, clever, merry and very bold. Excellent film.
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