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The most under-rated movie ever ?
Lea Greenall26 December 2005
Firstly this is an adult movie. I remember when it was marketed on its release. It seemed to be targeted to all ages - Robin Williams off the back of- at that time- children's movies. It promoted the technology of the making. Overall they marketed it completely wrong, which I daresay has led it to being placed in the mediocrity bin.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. What Dreams May Come would have to be one of the most intelligent, emotional, visually beautiful, and well acted projects ever to grace the screen.

Robin Williams is masterful and Sciorra perfectly mirrors her soul mate (Williams). Their performances encapsulate all the joy and abject sorrow human life entails. It's a movie that wants you to find real love, see beyond cynicism and grasp the idea of soul mate. And it's all presented in a stunningly gorgeous montage of exquisite colour and symmetry.

From the opening shot to the closing frame, its magnificent. The story is enveloping encompassing nearly every asset of human emotion. It's a roller-coaster ride but rewarding. Comedy, hope, sadness, joy, elation, despair... all displayed perfectly.

ALL actors shine, Cuba Gooding Jr is his usual excellent self and Max von Sydow is impeccable.

The greatest movie ever? close... most under-rated movie ever? - most probably. Watch it, very few movies will touch you as What Dreams May Come will.
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What dreams are made of...
The_Core14 April 2000
To hell with the critics and the cynics. I absolutely love this movie - it's in my top ten (or maybe even top five) list of favorite movies (I saw it at least 3 times in the theater and own it on DVD). I have to admit, I'm one of those non- (almost anti-) elitist, "I don't know art, but I know what I like" type people. I also truly love positive, upbeat movies with happy endings. Not to say that "realistic" movies aren't also great, but there is room for everything in the moviemaking genre. Isn't there enough depressing "realism" on the evening news to satisfy even the most jaded cynic?

I can't say exactly what it is that strikes me about this movie. The incredible color-saturated visuals and special effects certainly help. The acting talents of Robin Williams and Max Von Sydow help. And I loved the story. Emotionally manipulative it may be, but this is one of those films where I WANTED to be manipulated, where I willingly participated. Apparently some people resented it, but I was sobbing through much the movie, and glad to be doing so. Laugh if you please, say whatever you want... this movie touches my heart.

"Deep" it isn't, not terribly. On a metaphysical level, it goes only slightly beyond new-age kitsch. Very few of the afterlife scenes and concepts agree with the spiritual outlook of any known religion. But I don't care. Again, if a movie touches my heart in just the right place, I can forgive it almost anything. This one did. 9/10.
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What Fantastic Movies are Made Of!!!
JimmyT-220 March 1999
Ok, This movie was overlooked. Period. Before I saw it, I was one of the many movie going clones who decided not to see it in the theater because it hadn't been getting the rave reviews that the trailer suggested it should.

So, my roommate works at a video store. One night, he brings home "What Dreams May Come." For lack of NOTHING better to do, I pop it in one night when I'm home alone. 113 minutes later I was floored. This was a fantastic movie. At first, I was a bit skeptical. Very little character development creation, and death comes just as the introduction to life begins. Then......it all hits. The absolute best computer animation I've ever seen. A plot line that has no obvious holes. A story that has never been addressed on the big screen. A subject that is explored in a way that is both believable and desirable. An incredible movie that leaves you happy, sad, curious, and most of all, drained of energy and exhilarated at the same time. I can't explain the feeling that this movie gave me, and I bet you can't explain the after-life any better than "What Dreams May Come," unless your 3 letter name begins with "G" and ends with "D." If you have a mind that will allow you to be entertained by something other than a beefy guy blowing things up with an Uzi, see this movie. 10 out of 10 JimmyT-2
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Wonderful! Actually wonder filled!
lacybar6 October 2005
Although this movie is heart-wrenching, it is just too beautiful to pass up.

The creators explore possibilities of the spiritual life, and in doing so, have created some of the most beautiful scenes that I have ever seen. Their imaginations seem to be beyond any limitations. I congratulate them on their genius.

Those who have experience deeply meaningful experiences beyond the world of physical senses see these images and concepts as actual possibilities, and rightly so. In a world where time and space lose all definition in physical terms, incomprehensible and mystifying beauty become the reality. But then, who is qualified to define "reality"?

I have seen this awe filled movie several times and would love to see it again.
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I just couldn't get enough of What Dreams May Come.
chrisbrown645319 June 2002
Warning: Spoilers
It was a moving, visually stunning masterpiece unlike anything I'd ever seen before. Even though I knew how it was going to end, I kept cheering for it to happen. An absolutely beautiful film.

Chris (Robin Williams) and Annie (Annabella Sciorra) are husband and wife. They met by chance and fell in love immediately. They have two wonderful kids and a marriage full of love and life. But tragically, one day their kids are taken from them in a car accident. They fight to continue their lives, but one day, four years later, Chris's life is also taken. He ends up in Heaven, but can't accept his fate. A guide is sent to him, in the form of his friend Albert (Cuba Gooding Jr.). Albert leads Chris on a journey through Heaven, and the wonders it can bring. In the real world, Annie can't handle Chris's death, and she kills herself and ends up in Hell. Chris must go on a journey to find her, and save her from an eternity of sorrow.

This movie hits all the right chords. It makes you laugh at times, and makes you cry at times. The love Chris has for Annie is stronger than anything you have ever seen. He's willing to lose his mind, and spend all eternity in Hell with her, with neither of them recognizing the other, because they are soul mates, destined to be together for all time. This movie is hard to explain in any other way. The journey Chris goes through is remarkable, but the real star of this film is the visuals.

When Chris goes to Heaven, he is told that what he sees is what his mind can create. So what he sees is himself inside Annie's paintings. He lives in a Heaven full of brilliant colors. Life in a painting. It was amazing to look at. And the colors of the movie, along with the set designs were incredible. His house, Annie's Hell, the sea of Faces. I just couldn't believe how fantastic everything looked in this movie. The performances were wonderful. Robin Williams was at his dramatic best, and Cuba Gooding Jr. brought energy to the film. The story was strong, if predictable, and the manner is which it was made (utilizing flashbacks) was powerful. You really felt the characters emotions throughout.

I know this review is weak, but I really don't know what else to say. I guess you're going to have to see for yourself. It doesn't matter if you don't believe in a Heaven or a Hell. What Dreams May Come will make you believe in something even more powerful than that. Love, and what one man will do because of it.
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absolutely stunning
megawhoosits26 May 2003
I love this movie because it is truly romantic- it shows that love does not just happen in an instant, or at first glance, but is something that you have to commit to and work at. It's not just 'boys meets girl, stuff happens, they get married and live happily ever after' - Annie and Chris have to deal with real adversity and issues, which are shown through numerous flashbacks throughout the film. (ie- Chris being embarrassed to dance, teaching his daughter about death)

You're not supposed to watch this film for the visual effects. They're great, but they're not the point. If you have a short attention span, and are expecting action thrown at you every five seconds, then go watch something else, and don't complain that this film is boring.

This film was very simple and very human. If you want inspiration that REAL love exists (and not that stupid teen movie crap), then I highly recommend it.
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whossweettiger13 December 2004
I thought this movie was EXCELLENT the first time I saw it about 3 years ago and I saw it twice since. I bought the DVD just a few days ago and watched it again tonight and I cried so much. It is an amazing movie that really has you on your seat wondering what will happen next. It is neat to see the possible reality of one's "after-life" in heaven or hell. It makes you want to love those whom you love more and more every day and make sure that they know it. I was watching it tonight with my fiancé and could not keep the tears from coming....even after the movie I was crying because I was thinking about how I would feel if I lost him. I am not one to cry much, especially when I'm watching a movie. But this movie was a definite tear-jerker and an excellent must-see film! :o)
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an impressive "tug" at heartstrings
renaldo and clara21 August 2000
I am not that crazy about Robin Williams, though I don't dislike him. But he was adequate in this movie, because it called for a real sensitive and really nice guy. I feel that, from almost every one of the actors, there was a luminous glow emanating from their faces, like there was some sort of special lighting used. (There probably was!) As a result, the audience has empathy toward the characters and actually cares about what is happening to them. I've heard so many complaints about how it tries to pull at your heartstrings. Excuse me, but if there WAS a movie out there that made people cry without trying to, I would stay as far away from it as possible...

.....YES, I believe there IS merit to be deserved by a movie if it creates any kind of obvious emotion. I think that crying at a movie either scares or annoys some people.

I like how the movie made me feel awed during the first half, and even more awed during the second half; all the while making me feel sad throughout the movie at the same time. However, there is a difference between 'sad' and 'depressing'. I think the sadness helps any audience realize some parts of their inner-selves.

While very memorable, curiously, the movie never intends for its audience to be close-minded enough to think that this is, with certainty, what happens after you die. It is more of a suggestion, an analogy, of how precious life is, and how deep the bond of love is between some people, no matter what happens.

Rent this one today.
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life after death?
SharonHopson3 December 2005
Excellent movie.....I laughed and cried. It was not exactly what I expected... a journey into a supernatural realm. The special effects were simply awesome! Robin Williams will never cease to amaze me. He gave a wonderful performance, as did Annabella Sciora, and Cuba Gooding, Jr. True love, the kind that puts your partner before yourself, is clearly shown in this film. The film also makes you what to call everyone you haven't talked to for a while and let them know how you feel about them. It gives the viewer lots to discuss. I've seen it 3 times. Once alone, once with my grown daughter, and once with my boyfriend.
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Seriously Spiritual
dominic6926 December 2005
I don't know how some of the comments can state that it is New Age Kitch. The concepts in this movie is 100% spot on with the new way of thinking in just about all progressive belief systems.

A heaven which we create based on our own dreams and reality. A hell where we place ourselves in contrast to being sent here by a despotic God. The concept of coming back to live another life. These are not concepts that are way out. They make the basis for the majority of the religions in the east and therefore the majority of the world population.

Chistianity has also moved very close to this.

This movie MOVES me every time I see it. If you are in any way concerned about the greater plans in the universe, watch this.

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Major tear-jerker
jentlke_in_black4 June 2006
It's been a while since I last saw this one, but I will always remember this as one of the saddest movies I ever saw, in a good way of course!

There are hardly any cheerful tones throughout the movie, so it is not for people who like soppy stories. But the effects are amazing and the vision of heaven is very original. Robin Williams is, as always, very good at performing. This was the first serious movie I saw featuring Williams, and I was amazed. I had thought Williams would be the type who could only act decently in comedies, but this one proved me wrong. He can put down a serious character with all ease not only that, he can truly touch you with his oh so tear-jerking lines.

My conclusion: if you are planning on watching this movie, keep your tissues at hand, and some food and drinks as well since the movie isn't exactly what you call short.
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Visual effects and not much else
John Hensley30 June 2002
"What Dreams May Come" combines impressive visual effects and cinematography with an equally unimpressive script. Most of the film takes place in the afterlife of a man who is killed in a car accident and wakes up inside an oil painting (This is difficult to understand without seeing the movie, but don't bother). The story revolves around his attempts to reach out to his wife both before and after her own death. Unfortunately this story gets put on hold for long periods so that we can see them portrayed as giggling idiots during their courtship; and then so the director can explore various visual tricks; and then again to insult the audience with pointless plot twists where character A actually turns out to be B. I had to wonder whether the writer planned that part from the beginning, or was just trying to write himself out of a corner.

Williams managed to shine despite the material he was given, but the film as a whole left a bad taste in my mouth.
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Thought provoking, but lacked decent storytelling.
jesse-reinhard29 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Definitely made to be a romance, but I got more out of it for its philosophical depictions of heaven that probably would appease to multiple beliefs. As well as a classic depiction of hell, definitely some inspiration from Dante's Inferno. The movie didn't have enough time to explore all the philosophical possibilities for heaven, probably for the better because I felt it was already trying to cram in storytelling.

It felt very fast paced in establishing the relationship then immediately jumping to the tragedies. Then once Robin Williams is in heaven, they have to keep doing flashbacks throughout the movie, and keep introducing plot points right up to the end. What irked me the most was perhaps how no one appeared to be who they really were in heaven, part of being who you literally want to be. But it didn't really matter that they kept changing identities because their characters were underdeveloped and you don't associate them well with how they looked when they were alive anyway.

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Eye candy or I can die (knowing that films don't come any worse).
adamsays7 January 1999
It's a rare thing to feel embarrassed leaving a cinema - but that was my reaction after sitting right through one of the most nauseating, boring, unfulfilling films I've ever seen.

The writing was on the wall with the saccharine opening of bumping boats on a Swiss lake (why Switzerland? beats me!) and a "mountain meeting" scene that could have been conjured from an erotic fantasy version of Wuthering Heights. Then there was a mercifully high-speed review of a "perfect" family forming, only to be interrupted by the central tragedies of the children's deaths soon followed by that of the husband (Robin Williams). All of which, in the absence of any substantial character development, would have left us cold - if it weren't for the sentimental speeches and over-blown musical score which heralded and underlined every essential moment of the film.

In heaven the rot really set in, with overblown special effects and surging symphonic passages trying hard to overcome the "zero" story-line. After much traipsing through the flowers of paradise's imaginary pallet we reached the nub of the story with the earthly suicide of the wife.

At last, a good 45 minutes into the film, the plot emerged: an old fashioned "search and rescue" mission set in cyber-heaven. But what a miserable mission: a search emasculated of any dramatic tension by the fact that the protagonist is already dead (but living well in paradise) - so what has he to lose? what threat has to be survived? It's a case of "have Robin Williams, will travel" on a tour through a bizarre series of sets and special effects, including Hell dressed up as a burning boat (was this something picked up from Titanic's cutting room floor?) And a rescue so bland and predictable that it wilted on the flacid vine; and the resultant reunification of family was as cloying and sick-making as the cheapest brand of ersatz champagne.

OK so there were a few stunning images that brought to mind Terry Gilliam's work (although without the wit or bite), but these didn't compensate for the crass dialogue and laboured direction. In any event, they were undermined by some sinister undertones in the film. Such as the large proportion of black people inside the burning gates of Hell contrasting with the white faces in Heaven; and the idea that suicide is in all cases irredeemable, but for the rest of us there is a better life to be had after we are dead.

So sorry to all of you who thought this was such a great film - for me it was drivel of the worst kind: a simple story dumbed down and painted up - a thin (very thin) veneer of "eye candy" and nothing more.
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Changed My Life
XxIrishEyezxX4 November 2005
The first time I saw this movie, I was 12 years old, and on my very first "date". It was Valentine's day, 1999. I couldn't really tell you about the boy, because I don't remember much about him at all. I only remember walking out of that movie theater with such an incredible sense of awe. I felt as though I understood so much more about Life, Death, Love, Loss and Courage.

No movie had ever touched me like "What Dreams May Come" and to this day, that is still the case. I am now 19 years old, and I watch it at least once a month. Sometimes more. I still laugh and cry as if I have never seen it before. The cast could not be better, and the story is one you will never forget.

The more love you discover throughout your life... The more this movie will mean to you. It changed me. Made me stronger. I never thought that I would ever say that about a movie, but all the same, it's true.

The score, composed by Michael Kamen is just as amazing. Subtle and powerful at the same time. I would recommend both the movie and the soundtrack to everyone I know... Oh wait... I have!
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Breathtaking, amazing, incredible!
gpeeke10 July 2006
This is definitely one of my favorite movies of all times. The special effects in the movie are great. The actors in this movie are AMAZING. Robin Williams completely blew me away with his performance. Annabella Sciorra gave such a convincing performance that I had never heard of her before I saw this movie but now I will never forget that name. The movie is tear-jerking and breathtaking. It doesn't get any better than this. The story is incredible, it really makes you think. Everything in this movie is just AMAZING, down to the last detail. I can't even say it enough. I own this movie and it is definitely one that I can watch over and over again without ever getting tired of. I can't possibly express in words how much I love this movie. The movie is so emotionally exhilarating, it's almost weird. It is so well done, that if anyone would tell me they didn't like it, i'd think they were seriously joking. It's just that amazing.
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Tears That Jerk
zardoz-133 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
In "What Dreams May Come," Robin Williams plays a doctor who dies and goes to Hell. Sitting through New Zealand director Vincent Ward's visually arresting but histrionic New Age allegory about life, death, suicide, and reincarnation is like going to Hell, too. "What Dreams May Come" derives its title from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet," but prolific science fiction & fantasy writer Richard Matheson penned the actual novel. No, I haven't perused Matheson's novel, but people have reliably assured me that the movie pales in comparison with its literary source. An earlier and more successful Matheson novel "Bid Time Return" became the cult romance classic "Somewhere in Time" with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.

Kiddie friendly pediatrician Chris Nelsen (Robin Williams) and his gifted artist wife Annie (Annabella Sciorra of "Jungle Fever") are soul mates. Nothing can separate them! "Dreams" repeats this theme ad nauseam so that its ludicrously lackadaisical ending comes as no revelation. Meeting in their youth on a serene lake in Switzerland, they court in the scenic Alps. Life blesses them. Residing in a palatial home, they raise two adorable teenagers, Ian (Josh Paddock) and Marie (Jessica Brooks), along with a rambunctious Dalmatian. Chris enjoys a successful practice as a doctor, while Annie doubles not only as an artist but also as an art gallery curator.

During the opening expository scenes, "Dreams" bathes audiences in the warm radiance that wreathes the Nielsen home. Predictably, the good times prove ephemeral. Less than twenty minutes into the action, an off-screen auto accident claims the lives of both Ian and Marie. A few scenes later (four years in story time), Chris dies in a spectacular on-screen accident. Initially, Chris refuses to believe that he has kicked the bucket. After all, Chris is walking on Earth as the living do, and he appears none the worse for all his wear and tear. Audiences know better, however, because they see his heavily bandaged body from several high angle shots that suggest his spirit has blown town. Chris eavesdrops on his own funeral. He struggles to console his grief-stricken wife. Eventually, his fuzzy-looking spiritual guide, Albert (Cuba Gooding Jr.), convinces Chris that he can do Annie no good by lingering. Every time that Chris achieves a breakthrough with Annie, she collapses in tears and recriminations. Frustrated, Chris gives up the "Ghost" routine.

Meanwhile, Annie's condition steadily deteriorates. She holds herself responsible for the accidental deaths of both her children and Chris. She let their housekeeper drive Ian and Marie to school the day of their fatal accident because she was too busy with her career. Later, she dispatched Chris to get some paintings for an upcoming gallery exhibit which she couldn't fetch because she was feeling poorly. Colliding with death in a traffic-clogged tunnel, Chris dies playing Good Samaritan to a woman trapped in a wrecked car. After Chris's funeral, Annie considers suicide. Nothing can console her, not even the diary that her therapist has made her compile to deal with her grief and guilt.

Veteran scenarist Ronald Bass adapted "Dreams." Usually, he knows what constitutes a worthwhile weepie. His impressive credits include "Waiting to Exhale," "When a Man Loves a Woman," and "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." Sadly, Bass's skills abandon him in this overblown, love-conquerors-all melodrama riddled with chaos, contrivance, and a conspicuous lack of coherence. Neither Bass nor Ward focuses enough time on the Nielson family as a unit to make them seem sympathetic or charismatic. Cluttered incomprehensibly with flashbacks which come and go in fits and starts, "Dreams" generates wholesale confusion. Ward and Bass shuttle audiences incessantly between the present and the past as well as Heaven and Hell. Not only do they weave a tangled tale, but they also play musical chairs with their characters. The characters aren't so much individuals as they are puppets that stand for ideas.

Despite all of this rampant confusion, "Dreams" conjures up some of the most phantasmagorical imagery that any movie has ever offered. Lenser Eduardo Serra of "Blood Diamond" and production designer Eugenio Zanetti of "Flatliners" deserve Oscars for their sterling efforts. Even when "Dreams" is boring, the LSD scenery is powerful. Hell resembles a conventional synthesis of Dante's "Inferno" and the art of Dutch painter Hieronymous Bosch.

A miscast Robin Williams does a mediocre Kevin Kline impersonation. Worse, reverting to his usual comic antics, Williams cracks giddy jokes that clash with more than compliment this metaphysical melodrama. Sciorra suffers from a string of bad hair scenes. Williams and Sciorra both play characters that reinforce sexist, one-dimensional stereotypes. Chris braves Hades as the never-say-die husband hero, while Annie epitomizes the hysterical damsel-in-distress. "Dreams" represents Sciorra's first role after an absence of some years. Too bad that she chose to grace this poster-art pabulum to stage a comeback.

Only mahogany-faced Max Von Sydow of "Flash Gordon" emerges with his reputation intact. Cast as 'the Tracker,' he escorts Chris through Hades to find Annie. Sydow wears an outfit that combines Clint Eastwood's Man with No Name with Charon, the ferryman of Greek mythology who steers the dead to Hades over the river Styx. Meanwhile, Cuba Gooding Jr. brings good cheer to a role that qualifies as strictly secondary.

"What Dreams May Come" makes the after-life appear alluring. Admirably, the filmmakers treat suicide as a big no-no. Horribly, they do a soft shoe where morality is concerned. In granting amnesty to Sciorra's suicidal character, "Dreams" suggests that life and death are not altogether terminal states of consciousness. The theology of "Dreams" stirs Greek mythology, New Age religion, and Judeo-Christian traditions into a thick soup that shouldn't offend anybody except die-hard fundamentalists. Although thematically ambitious and visually spectacular, "What Dreams May Come" degenerates into a sluggish, schmaltzy, tear-jerker whose happy ending is hopeless manipulative.
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..if Heaven looks like that, take me there..
fimimix19 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
As many users comment, this movie will become a classic, and deserves a much higher rating that a "10" can convey.

Director Vincent Ward (director) certainly was dedicated to directing Richard Matheson's and Ronald Bass' script. Who really knows what Heaven and Hell look like? However, these are fairly acceptable images to more people than I. The cinematography in "What Dreams May Come" is exquisite; the usage of brilliant blues, to me, gives the viewer hope. The score was certainly appropriate for whatever was happening on-screen. I always look at the credits to see how many "stunts" were used. This film has hundreds - the sheer number of behind-the-scenes crew is staggering. One wonders if that cost were ever recuperated.

Robin Williams ("Chris Nielsen") was stellar in his interpretation and gave an awe-inspiring performance. Every nuance was appropriate, from sadness to happiness. His portrayal of his character was beautiful and inspiring in that it showed he was willing to stay in Hell forever, just to be with his beloved wife. The scene of his telling her he wanted a divorce - and her reaction - was heartbreaking, and certainly provides their decision to be reborn.

Cuba Gooding, Jr ("Albert Lewis", "Josh Paddock") was wonderful in his role as angel-son. Gooding always is a marvel in the roles he chooses and certainly scored in this film. Annabella Sciorra ("Annie Nielsen") was superb; her eyes conveyed every emotion convincingly. Max von Sydow ("The Tracker") was frightening, but willing to show "Chris" the way to Hell. The sets in this episode were astounding, but dread through-out but also with touches of hope with a little blue. Rosalind Chao ("Leona") gave another stunning performance....one could see that she was "Marie Nielsen" (Jessia Brooks Nelson and felt "Chris'" heartbreak.

Although the film is long, the viewer is drawn-into it. As many have written, don't be afraid to become consumed by this movie. You have to witness and participate to really understand and enjoy it. I don't think I'd like to see the different ending presented on DVD - the film is perfect as I saw it. Bravo!-brava! to all, even the least contributor to this astounding movie. Everyone should watch it - once with someone to appreciate it with, then ALONE to really let your emotions flow.
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I loved this movie
sammyanne122 August 2007
This movie did not rely on it's visual effects (which were stunning) it did not rely on raw action, it was a movie in the tradition of classics. If it weren't for the visual effects it would have been an excellent play. It plays on pure, unadulterated humanity. The reality of heartbreak (not the silkened sobbing normally attributed to any scene of emotion in Hollywood)permeates the feel of the movie. While the over-all message is one of steadfast joy, love in it's actual form. I found this movie to be touching, real, well acted, well written, well directed. As with most films of substance, this has seemingly been buried by the sequins and glitz of other movies. I do not consider this a chic flick. This is a movie that belongs squarely in the drama category. This is the drama of existence, the drama of beyond existence, humanity uncut and pure.
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MyOwnNarnia27 June 2003
It's hard for me to believe this movie didn't get higher ratings, after all, who can REALLY explain death? Depressing, sometimes. But over all, this is for people who know true love and know what it is like to have children.

I loved "What Dreams May Come"... its shows the true beauty of existing :)
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c_poli_9916 April 2000
Not since the Wizard of Oz have i seen such a beutifully crafted world of imagination brought to life. Vincent Ward has done yet another fascinating film of Fantasy. This is also Robin williams best film to date as he gives a very moving performance as Chris. Also excellent is the supporting cast. Highly recommended 10/10
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Needs more than one viewing, not for children under 15 in my opinion.
Ellen Roemer21 May 1999
This film is one that needs more than one viewing. There are nuances that are not clear. Even though I don't belive in reincarnation I find the treatment fascinating. Not a film for children under 15 in my opinion.
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Grippingly emotional from beginning to end!
Shayde923 March 1999
I first wanted to see this because of Robin Williams who I feel is a brilliant actor as well as a side-splitting comedian. Then my husband and I started watching the movie. Now, we knew it was going to be sad from reading the back of the video box (we didn't get to make it to the theatre unfortunately...I WISH we'd seen this on the big screen!!!)...but we weren't quite expecting how absolutely beautiful this movie was going to be. The colors in this movie were absolutely gorgeous! Even the scenery reached out from the television screen and grabbed not only our attentions but our hearts as well. They were symbolic to the core.

I don't want to give away the plot, but let us suffice to say that Robin Williams and Annabella Sciorra were beautifully cast in this movie about soul mates and how the "Afterlife" works. I never thought I'd find my beliefs about reincarnation and the Afterlife portrayed in a movie, but this one managed to catch just about every single thing I believe in. It confirmed my idea of soul mates and about love lasting beyond "till death do you part."

And was it emotional! I said before that we knew it was going to be sad. But even the happy scenes made us reach for the box of tissues. I cried when things were sad and I cried when things were happy. That was because when things hit a happy moment, they weren't just "happy"...they were JOYOUS! They were moments of complete exultation that I wanted to just leap through the screen and celebrate with the characters. Those scenes of joy and happiness reached out from the television screen and grabbed my heart and squeezed so hard that I thought I would burst! I never felt so happy from a movie in my life. This was not a comedic "happy" either...although this movie did have its funny lines and moments. It was a happiness from being aware of life and from knowing the joys of true love and soul bonding. It was a remarkable feeling.

I recommend this movie to anyone. If you've lost someone, see this because it offers a beautiful picture of what "the better place" is that they've gone on to. It doesn't subscribe to any particular belief system at all. You don't have to be of any specific religion to enjoy this film at all. In fact, if anything, it offers the peace and harmony to strive for despite all our outward differences. And it shows that heaven is what you make of it.

I've rarely EVER rated a movie a complete 10 or complete 100 or whatever the number may be on a rating scale. But this one is absolutely perfect. I intend to see it again and again, and as soon as possible, I'm adding this to our movie collection!
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The Most Stunning Film I Have Ever Seen, Visually
star-2818 October 1998
This movie is an artistic masterpiece,a bold, surrealistic canvas that moves from one stunning scene to another. As a story, it is as masterful a re-telling of an ancient myth as I have ever experienced, and as skillful a weaving of archetypes. Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell must be pleased, wherever they now exist, with this movie. Honestly and touchingly acted,

and emotionally involving, still it is the cinematography and

the incredible use of art and color that make this movie one of the most unique and awe-inspiring cinematic events I have

personally witnessed in a lifetime of loving movies.
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113 minutes you'll never get back. Rent Babette's Feast instead.
tauber22 July 1999
I can't believe I actually paid money to see this schlock. I can suspend reality with the best of them, and I like sentimental movies -- I even liked Little Women and A River Runs Through It -- but I couldn't abide by this tripe.

I think the most annoying thing about this movie is that the premise is interesting and has a lot of unfulfilled promise. It basically tries to state that self-centeredness leads to both mental and spiritual destruction. Along with that is the premise that redemption must be sought; it cannot be imposed from without.

The movie really falls apart when Robin Williams' character dies. Heaven is portrayed as some sort of perfected communist state where God is referenced in the most obtuse of ways.

It just gets more dreadful and stultifying from there.

If you want to see a movie that makes you think about how our interactions in this life affect our view of the next, rent Babette's Feast.
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