This Is My Father (1998) Poster

(I) (1998)


Kieran O'Day: Yes father.

Father Quinn: How often have you done this?

Kieran O'Day: Ogh.

Father Quinn: More times than you can recall?

Kieran O'Day: I'm afraid so father.

Father Quinn: What do you think about when you touch yourself?


Father Quinn: Do you think about men?

Kieran O'Day: Men? No father I think about a girl.

Father Quinn: How old is she?

Kieran O'Day: ogh about seventeen

Father Quinn: That is a child. You are a grown man. Stop it. what do you imagine doing with this child?

Kieran O'Day: Just, just kissing

Father Quinn: where do you imagine kissing, this


Father Quinn: child?

Kieran O'Day: [pause] Where? The, the face.

Father Quinn: The face?

Kieran O'Day: I mean, I mean the lips like.

Father Quinn: Have you touched her? Has she touched you?

Kieran O'Day: Well, we, we've kissed.

Father Quinn: So. Are you fornicating with her?

Kieran O'Day: Oh God no. father. No.

Father Quinn: But you want to. You've thought about it?

Kieran O'Day: I want to marry her father.

Father Quinn: Marry her?

Kieran O'Day: Igh.

Father Quinn: You are putting this child's immortal soul in danger. Do you want to be responsible for this? You must pray when these thoughts arise. You must be stronger than her desire. Now for your penance, I want you to say three decades of the rosary every day for two weeks and do not see this girl again. Is this clear?

Kieran O'Day: Yes father.

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Fiona Flynn: So what do you want?

Kieran O'Day: Tonight I asked God to help me forget you. I prayed all night trying to get you out of my mind. But you were all that filled it. I tried to remember what it was like before you... I couldn''t remember. I tried to imagine what it would be like without you... and nothing came to me. I love you. That''s the truth. I love you. And it scares me. It scares me because everyone seems so dead set against us. But I want you to know, that if you'll have me, I'll be your man. I'll give it all up for you, if you want me.

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