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awful film

Author: drunkpete2003 from United Kingdom
4 May 2007

This is the worst film you will ever see, please stay away from it. i have joined this site only to tell people not to watch this film, now i have to write 10 lines saying how bad it is. Its stupid, its not funny, i hate it, i told all my friends it was good so they would watch it and now they hate me, Jennifer Love Hewitt is hardly in it, please don't buy, rent, borrow this. How Emma Woodhouse says this is good is, i kinda hate her a bit, i'm sorry Emma, i'm sure you're a great girl but for real, this isn't a good film, 94 minutes of badness, i know this film as love sucks, no, this film sucks. Only one more line to go, but i could go on forever hating this film.

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Haven't heard of it? No surprise.

Author: PBY 777 ( from Southeast Texas
24 April 2000

Watch this movie, and you'll see why it didn't go nationwide. It just can't hold it's own.

Like most movies with young actors, yet no aliens or psychopaths, it was labeled a comedy. (Using stars from "Can't Hardly Wait" and "She's All That" doesn't help.) It's not. If you laugh aloud more than three times, you're probably drunk. I do agree with other reviewers that this movie would make an okay stage play, but as a movie, it's not targeting its ideal audience, assuming there IS one.

This movie looks as if it was being written as they filmed. How else would you explain their top billed stars, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Peter Facinelli, starting as main characters, then switching to comic relief. Meanwhile, the unknown Dash Mihok becomes the main character.

Not that he's a bad actor; his performance surpasses that of many of the others. Sadly, his character is so serious compared to the others that no chemistry exists to link them. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if we see him again soon.

As for the others, Hewitt and Matthew Lillard are the only ones cast in outright "bad" roles (and should be more worried about "The Audrey Hepburn Story" and "Wing Commander," respectively). This movie is too unknown to effectively damage any careers, anyway.

There were two things I did enjoy about this film. The first was how Mr. P (the hobo) turns out to be the hero from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner." Unfortunately, not all viewers of teen movies share my interest in literary allusion. The second was the song, Soccer Ball, written by the director. I am, of course referring to when it's played during the closing credits by professionals, not when Facinelli "sings" it during the rave scene.

Overall, the video is good for insomniacs, provided they can find it.

My rating: 3.

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An Englishmans views

Author: glad_fan from Manchester, England
16 December 1999

The english title for this Movie is "Love Sucks" and I have to say after sitting through this garbage I must agree with the title. This has got to be the worst movie I have ever had the misfortune to sit through. Even Jennifer couldnt save this movie as her role was badly written and somewhat annoying. On the whole a must miss movie.

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I'm Telling You, this movie stinks

Author: ChakaMan from Cherry Hill, NJ
13 July 1999

Even my love, Jennifer Love Hewitt, can't pull this one out of trouble.

This movie is a fence-walk between an intriguing independent film and a trendy, likeable Hollywood teen-flick (ala Dazed and Confused). But, unlike Dazed and confused, it's just short of intriguing and way short of likeable.

The movie contains scenes that are PAINFULLY drawn out and exaggerated, and the characters completely lack depth. Because of my age, I'm trying to picture these people as my peers, and I'm cringing.

The story develops too slowly and, because of that, the "climax" is such a let down that you can't even believe that anyone working on the movie could make a decision about where to end it. But you're glad someone did.

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What is the point of this movie?

Author: ( from Sayreville, NJ
1 November 2000

"All money hangin' out like a big ol' pimp!" If you've seen this movie, you'll probably remember this line. I love Matthew Lillard. But this movie was really bad! His parts were pretty funny, but the rest of the movie was just kinda thrown together. I didn't like it at all!

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Telling you to avoid this film

Author: Mark Richardson from London
23 April 2004

A few years ago, I went to the video store full of joy. The Matrix had been recently released and I was aching to see it again. My girlfriend of the time made me choose this instead claiming it was more the kind of thing we could both watch.

I have still never forgiven her. It has been six years.

The plot, as I recall, opens with a long anecdote about a scorned woman. It almost (but not quite) looks like it could be funny. Then the whole film becomes lazy and badly written. It has the feel of a really cheap novel, or something a teenager might write. There is little plot, little dialogue and less interest.

This is very poor film making, and I want those 90 minutes of my life back.

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Dreadful, awful, pathetic.

Author: (llihilloh)
14 January 2001

I don't normally think twice about movies that are this nauseating, but after realizing just how lame this is, I am forced to share my opinions.

For the most part, three words can be used to describe 'Telling You', and I have already used them. Everything from the first word to the last scene was dreadful. Was this film trying to make a point about something? If it was, I totally missed it. I accidentally stumbled across this movie one night. After watching it, I tried to remember if I had ever heard anything about it before. I hadn't. This just goes to prove that it is not worth seeing.

The plot was a disaster. What exactly was it again? All I can remember is that it mostly took place in a pizza joint. The writing was so boring, I found it almost impossible to stay awake. Scene after scene was humiliating on the actor's part. Not to mention the crew's.

One thing that I found the most laughable, was the actors. Matthew Lilliard is able to handle more entertaining films. So why would he agree to take part in this? Hewitt, who is not one of my most favorite actresses, is "supposedly" talented, defeats that purpose for joining into this group of loser acting. I can't even begin to wonder why anybody would have the nerve to have anything to do with this film. I will commend them on one thing and only one thing. - They had the decency to not laugh in the faces of whoever thought up this garbage.

I could rattle on and on about how much I obviously despised this film. Instead, I will let anyone who reads this, read the other comments because they are all basically the same. DON'T WHATEVER YOU DO, MAKE ANY ATTEMPT AT TRYING TO SIT THROUGH THIS.

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TELLING YOU what? Telling you this movie is tedious from the first shot.

Author: ( from PA
7 October 2003

Telling You (1999) Peter Facinelli, Dash Mihok, Gary Wolf, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Matthew Lillard, Gina Phillips, Jennifer Jostyn, Frank Medrano, D: Robert DeFranco. Two brother-like buddies (Facinelli, Mihok) get hard luck running the local pizzeria in this teen-comedy. Not even a good-looking cast can salvage this turkey from being worthless, boring, and plain as the nose on your face. Running Time: 94 minutes and rated R for language and brief sexual content. * ½

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