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  • Ricky Santoro is a flamboyant and corrupt Atlantic City cop with a dream: become so well connected that he can become mayor. In lieu of that, he'll settle for keeping his comfortable lifestyle. On the night of the heavyweight boxing championship, Rick becomes mixed up in the assassination of the Secretary of Defense, an assassination involving his best friend. Becoming the investigating officer in the case, Rick soon uncovers a conspiracy to kill the Secretary and a mysterious woman in white. The conspiracy was shocking, but not half as shocking as the identity of its mastermind.

    - Written by The Mystery Guest
  • In an Atlantic City casino, an important boxing match is taking place. The fans are cheering and the boxers are hitting. But in the middle of the fight, someone is murdered in the audience. It is up to a cop who was at the boxing match to find out who the daring killer is...

    - Written by Steve Richer <sricher@sympatico.ca>
  • Atlantic City cop Rick Santoro is pretty happy with life. He has a wife and a mistress, gets his regular rake-offs, and walks easily through town. On duty at a prize-fight when a member of the government is killed, he soon has several leads. But he realises he has to make a choice - turn the other way as he has in the past when the stakes weren't so high, or follow up the investigation and put his cosy lifestyle very much at risk.

    - Written by Jeremy Perkins <jwp@aber.ac.uk>
  • After the assassination of a prominent political official at a major boxing match, a corrupt cop must solve the crime to protect his friend, who was overseeing protection of the fallen. But what the cop uncovers is a conspiracy connected to everyone that was at the boxing match that night, and the one woman who knows everything must run from those behind the murder.

    - Written by MonkeyKingMA
  • A shady police detective finds himself in the middle of a murder conspiracy at an important boxing match in an Atlantic City casino.

    - Written by Ketil Trout


Set during one long night, corrupt, flamboyant Atlantic City police detective Rick Santoro (Nicolas...

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