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Factual errors 

The registration of French aircraft starts with "F" (which is correct in the movie) but includes only letters. Quinn's airplane has only numbers following the "F".

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

After Quinn is dragged down the waterfall, he says, "I'm fine." But his mouth movements don't match the words. He also says something about it being her turn, which is also not synchronized with the audio. The mouth movements he is making for both sentences are simply him drawing breath.
The band singer in the island bar.
When the pirates show up and Quinn hits one with a stick the audio doesn't match up during the shot.


After Robin crashes the plane, the propeller is sheared off. After she and Quinn are pulled from the wreckage, the propeller is undamaged.
Robin is wearing a long white dress when they crash. She changes into floral shorts and a tank shirt when she and Quinn go looking for fresh water. After he gets the snake out of her pants in the water, they cut to next scene where they are back to the beach where the plane is. Robin is looking for fresh clothes in her suitcase and the shorts and tank shirt she was just wearing (which had gotten dirty and wet) are in her suitcase folded and clean, and Robin is changing out of the white dress she had already changed out of.
When Angelica comes on stage to dance, on the night of the plane crash, her ankle bracelet is on her right ankle. When she turns around on stage, the bracelet is on her left ankle.
When the pirates' gunboat is attacking the plane, it is initially shown moving towards the beach at some speed. When the plane takes off, however, the boat is seen to be perfectly still with no visible wake near it.
Near the end, the injury on Robin's forehead seems to get worse between shots.
When Robin crash lands Quinn's plane, the left side of the cockpit is partially submerged. But when Quinn is helped out of the plane, his door is not submerged but is a few feet above the water.
During the scene when Robin inflates the raft inside the plane the plane's flaps are in the full down position, but when Quin goes around the plane to talk to Robin with her face pressed against the window the plane's flaps are now in the full up position.
In the wreck of the airplane, there is a bar across the top of the wings. But, in other shots it is not there.
At the airport in the final scenes of the film, when Quinn gets out of the helicopter, his shadow is very short from the sun which is almost directly overhead. However, when he meets up with Robin again, the shadows are much longer despite only a few minutes having passed.
In the beach scene when Robin hears/sees the commercial airliner and tries to signal it with the flare gun, she struggles with Quinn for the flare gun because he was passed out. Initially there is an open bottle of liquor between Quinn's legs. After Robin gets and shoots the flare gun Quinn wakes up and rolls over and the bottle is now under his arm.
When Quinn takes the snake from Robin's shorts, his shirt shifts on/off his left shoulder as the camera changes.

Crew or equipment visible 

Crew visible in Robin's sunglasses at the airport.

Errors in geography 

While overlooking the coastline high atop a cliff, Quinn is talking to Robin and you can see a tour helicopter flying behind him. The coastline they are overlooking is the Napali Coast which is a popular destination for tour helicopters on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii
Peacocks are not found in the South Pacific.
Robin and Frank are seen arriving and departing Macatea on Aloha Airlines, but the airline never operated anywhere near Tahiti. Before ceasing passenger operations in 2008, it only flew between the Hawaiian Islands, the west coast of the US and Canada, and one weekly round trip to Christmas Island in the Gilberts.

Factual errors 

When flying in the storm the cockpit is lit inside. During poor visibility conditions and especially at night the cockpit should be kept dark.
The plane crashes on the beach and remains there for several days. Yet, there is no sign of tide in all that time, the level of the water is always the same.

Plot holes 

After discovering the Japanese float plane, Robin is awakened to the sound of Quinn sawing the floats off the plane. He is using an apparently new hacksaw, which he did not bring with him. Did he return to the crash site which was several miles away? Or did he find one inside the float plane? If indeed it was inside the float plane, the blade would have rusted through after 40 years in the jungle.

Revealing mistakes 

When Robin and Frank first arrive at Macatea there is a beautiful view down the beach. This is exactly the same shot (including the tourists, furniture, clothing) that appears in the brochure Frank showed her in the restaurant in New York.
The crashed Japanese plane they find has Chinese characters written on it.
When Robin lands Quinn's plane on the beach, the bodies shown in the cockpit as it hits the water are obviously dummies.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Quinn first sees Robin getting off the plane (at the end), the passengers in the plane in the background disembark twice.


At the end, when Quinn goes to Robin arguing with the custom agents, the passengers in the background are climbing the steps to get onto the plane. But while they are talking the passengers are seen disembarking the same plane in the background.

Crew or equipment visible 

After Quinn and Robin fly the plane back and crash into the harbor, there is camera equipment visible attached to the underside of the right wing. You can see it behind Robin out the window as she is assessing Quinn's condition and says, "We did it." It looks to be cabling of some kind, and has a bright red tag attached to it. When Robin is being helped from the cockpit a few scenes later, the equipment is gone.

Errors in geography 

When landing the plane at the end, from the cockpit it looks like the plane is about 100+ feet off shore when it crashes. However, when the fiancé runs out to get his betrothed out of the plane it is only ~20 feet off shore.

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