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Ms. Heche and Mr. Ford make an appealing, wisecracking team, and they look comfortable with the rugged demands of their roles.
Part of what's so entertaining about Six Days, Seven Nights is the way Reitman happily mixes all the conventions of the stranded-on-an-island motif -- unpleasant encounters with creepy-crawly nature, the building of stuff out of bamboo and found objects, the first kiss in paradise.
Chicago Reader
Mostly it's an overearnest examination of emotional and sexual fidelity.
Chicago Sun-Times
It's the kind of movie that provides diversion for the idle channel-surfer but isn't worth a trip to the theater. A lot of it seems cobbled together out of spare parts.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
This fluffy escape flick, directed by Ivan Reitman, is a TV sitcom plot grafted onto a travel brochure.
USA Today
Glorious picture-postcard photography. [10 July 1998, p.8E]
The New Yorker
Aside from Heche, who is a quick, witty actress, the film seems to reside in a bizarre time warp of bad seventies comedy, complete with retrograde ethnic stereotypes and huge, jiggling breasts.
All that's missing from Ivan Reitman's Six Days, Seven Nights is a plot with a moment's originality.
When the danger subsides and the sparkless romance returns to the foreground, the vehicle comes sputtering back to earth with a thud, weighed down by the inertia of its leaden leading lady.
In short, there's nothing remotely real or appealing about it.

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