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Chicago Sun-Times
It's the kind of movie that provides diversion for the idle channel-surfer but isn't worth a trip to the theater. A lot of it seems cobbled together out of spare parts.
USA Today
Glorious picture-postcard photography. [10 July 1998, p.8E]
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
This fluffy escape flick, directed by Ivan Reitman, is a TV sitcom plot grafted onto a travel brochure.
David Schwimmer, our whiny friend, is used to good effect as Heche's boyfriend.
Bright, breezy, thoroughly enjoyable while you're sitting through it yet not likely to stick around in your head for long.
Entertainment Weekly
It's no accident that portions of Six Days mildly echo some of Ford's most popular films, from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" to "Working Girl."
Action in an action comedy is supposed to be funny, too, as Jackie Chan well knows. The refitting of the crashed plane is so tedious we feel as if we're doing the work ourselves.
All that's missing from Ivan Reitman's Six Days, Seven Nights is a plot with a moment's originality.
Ford is the problem: He looks great for his age (56, to Heche's 29), but oozes a stolid gloom that snuffs out those sparks long before they can set the lush scenery on fire. In a classic screwball comedy, he'd be Ralph Bellamy.
In short, there's nothing remotely real or appealing about it.
Christian Science Monitor
Labors mightily to be a frolicsome entertainment, but the results are - well, labored. The dialogue isn't snappy, the story isn't surprising, there's little chemistry between the stars.

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