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It's a laff riot that also contains a torrent of scathing social satire that couldn't be more timely in light of the dismantling of affirmative action.
Chicago Sun-Times
This is not great comedy, and Wayans doesn't find ways to build and improvise, as Carrey does.
The New York Times
The gags, like the plotting, have a giddy edge that can be sharp, but just as often they go nowhere.
It's made by a director who knows comedy, working from a script founded on a surefire slapstick premise.
Created as a comic vehicle for the lead actor, pic depends entirely too much on Wayans to carry the day, but at this point he is far more eager and willing than he is funny.
Entertainment Weekly
Her setups here are so witless and pedestrian that there's no imagination to the crude slapstick punchlines; we're just watching a bland jester pantomime sensory overload.
There's a surprising sweetness under its crude exterior.
Christian Science Monitor
It seems to have had the opposite effect on the director's taste, as she strives for new levels of raunchiness.
This newest laff-riot from the once and future director of The Decline of Western Civilization documentaries is a lamentable mess, chiefly made up of stale gags that went bad sometime during the Kennedy administration and a stunningly unengaging romance that has all the snap of a moist cotton swab.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Just how dumb is Senseless? So dumb it even takes the fun out of stupid.

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